99Designs review

99designs review

Branding is a very important aspect of any business, you have to make sure your brand shows in all your communication so I decided to write a review about 99 Designs,a graphics company who delivers just that.

So if you’re looking for graphic designs for your business, then 99Designs is for you. The platform features over 950,000 designers. In 2008, this service was started and now has four offices in Richmond, Australia, San Francisco, U.S., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Berlin, Germany.

The platform has four pricing services for the logo designs which are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Designing Logos

If you need high quality logo designs, 99Designs can help you. They will be designed according to the plan that you choose by designers. When you work with designers from the Bronze plan, you’ll get thirty designs for the project.

By choosing Silver you’ll get 60 different designs to work with and the designers will be better. When you choose the Gold option, you work with expert designers and get 90 designs with that plan as well as an account manager to help you.

When you pick the highest tier which is Platinum, you get hand-picked exceptional designers and around 60 premium designs to work with along with your account manager.

Have Designs Created with an Easy Process

It’s very easy to have your design created. There’s just three simple steps that you need to follow to start the process. In the first step you write a design brief and pick the pricing plan that you want.

In the second step you wait for designers to send designs for the project you have created. You can give feedback in this step for designs. In the third step you’ll pick the best design after the designers working on the project provide you with their final design.

Other Services Provided by 99Designs

There are other services besides just logo designs. You can use these services to grow your business. By using the brand identity service, you can work on promoting you’re your brand with envelopes, letterhead, business cards, and have a Facebook cover page image.

The website design and logo services will make a website design which matches your business logo. The packaging design services helps you create a design for the product package which helps establish your brand.

There’s also PowerPoint design services, T-shirt design, and other services offered through 99Designs.

99Designs Special Services

There are other services available through 99Designs which you can’t get with the standard service they offer. There are special services such as ready-made logos,1-to-1 projects, and tasks.

When you use the 1-to-1 projects you get to work with just one designer and you can choose the designer yourself. The ready-made logos offer different logos that you can choose for your business which are less expensive and take less time to deliver.

99Designs also has the tasks service where you can ask designers to do smaller design tasks which take less than an hour to complete.

Logo Design Features

  • Design Contest
  • Multiple Ideas
  • Revisions
  • 4 Support Options
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 7 Day Delivery

Pros of 99Designs

99Designs provides plenty of design services to help your business. You can choose frombrand identity, logo design, packaging design, website design. PowerPoint template designs, and T-shirt design features. You get full ownership and there’s a 100% money-back guarantee.

Cons of 99Designs

The pricing plans can be expensive for a design job. If you want higher quality designs, you need to pick a higher quality plan. For many people, the lower priced plans will provide you with the designs you need.

99designs pricelist


There’s plenty of design options you get with 99Designs. The platform has many different designers and its worth checking out if you need professional looking creatives designs.

The price is a little expensive so you’ll need to determine if the platform will work for you. Despite the price, a good design can mean the world to your business so it’s still worth the investment. You also get a 100% money-back guarantee so there’s no risk to you if you decide to try this design service.

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