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My name is Joeri Van Overloop, I am passionate about business, marketing, and entrepreneurship in every aspect with more than 10 years of experience in sales & marketing as a CEO and in several senior management positions.

As a blogger and experienced marketer, my goal is to provide helpful resources to everyone on his journey to success in a digital world. That is the reason I have created this blog, to share my expertise and learn from each other’s endeavors.

Now, personally, I believe information makes the world go round and with the right information, you can make substantial progress in life in any area of your choosing. This is one major thing the internet does not lack- an abundance of information but it is also where the problem lies for most people. I intend to ensure the provision of the right information that will suit you, particularly in business oriented areas.

I have a team that I work with who share my goals and vision and together we have created this blog to meet people’s needs that are digitally-oriented. The topics I cover on this blog are mainly oriented towards achieving online visibility for your business in today's crowded web, therefore, I aim to provide useful articles and resources on Bizwebjournal in the following categories such as marketing, SEO, social media, sales, product reviews, and entrepreneurship.

Becoming successful in business in today's world is not as easy as some of us might think but it can still be achieved as long as you are persistent in your journey and want to put in the hard work, gain new knowledge on a daily basis and most importantly, never give up when you are challenged. While the journey is definitely not easy or straightforward, having the wrong information will not help your cause which is why I make it my duty to provide you with that.

There is the passion for people who access this website to have the latest information on anything digital or internet-based and how to really turn the internet into a money-making source. There is great interest in increasing the usefulness of the internet as well as sensitizing people towards the prospects that digital technology holds.

The main idea is that there will be creation and availability of opportunities for subscribers to increase the potential that the internet holds especially as an entrepreneur. This will be done by ensuring that accurate and updated information is posted from time to time on topics of interest which will contribute significantly to the generation of traffic and ultimately sales.

Now if you want to discuss any business opportunities, or if there is anything else you would like to share with me then do not hesitate to contact me. I am are here for you and my mission is to serve you, protect your interests and help you achieve your desired goal.

I wish everyone the best of luck on your path to achieving your goals whatever they might be and if I can assist you with anything you know where to find me.

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