Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Review by Kevin David

facebook ads ninja course review

I Was Curious About Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass & This Is What I Found Out!

I have been dabbling in advertising for a long time now; let’s make it 8 very long, testing and rewarding years. Prior to that time period, especially before when Facebook actually became famous and worthy of turning heads in the advertisement sectors globally, people were making most of the sales through retail marketing.

I have done that too; the old strategy was to sell physical goods both online and offline. It is a good method; you just need to put in extra hours for the profit to roll in. 8 years ago, Walmart, Best Buy and other ecommerce stores that were not as big as Amazon and eBay, they were all using the same retail sales strategy. Read on below.

Drop-Shipping was also very common; you’d create two online accounts at two ecommerce stores. Then you were able to buy low and sell high at the other e-commerce website, while pretending to be a sole supplier.

Actually, drop shipping is not too bad; people are still doing it these days with the help of different advertising platforms on the internet. However, it is more of a morally grey area.

I don’t like drop shipping because of the low profit margin, high risk and dependency on the real suppliers at the back end. Secondly, you also have to lie or misrepresent a lot when things are not going smooth. Anyhow, that’s another subject.

PS: Dropship marketing is one of the many things taught in detail in the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass course. You can end up in the small percentage of high yield business owners purely through Facebook Ads system and Kevin’s help.

facebook ads ninja masterclass

The real reason why I am here today is that I stumbled upon a very fine Facebook advertising course. This one’s called ‘Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass’ by Kevin David. Speaking of pricing, Kevin David ninja courses retail to the tune of approx. $1,400+ but they reward in ten folds.

Before I toot my own horn here, let me talk about the Ninja Courses, particularly the Facebook Ads Masterclass series in detail. I will be writing based on my own experience. So keep your socks on because this honest Kevin David Ninja Course review on Facebook Ads will probably turn your life forever!

What Is Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass?

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is one of the many infamous Kevin David Ninja Courses where ‘KD’ talks about how marketing and advertising works on Facebook. Initially, I was not that interested in buying this course – because let’s be honest; we have all seen those get-rich-quick online training programs. They all promise the sun and moon in rewards, but most of the substance is either outdated or just another big sham.

Speaking of Kevin David Ninja Courses, Facebook Ads mastery classes were probably the crux of the entire training bundle. He also has a separate and rather elaborate course on Shopify, but Facebook marketing fared well for all kinds of reasons. Since the powerful social media platform is becoming a thing of the future, everyone wants a high sale and high ROI percentage on their businesses.

Kevin realized Facebook’s marketing potential; he was ahead of his time and decided to release a Ninja Course to help people get the most value out of their advertisement dollars. The Kevin David Ninja Course is divided into different modules. You get, like, 6 different modules where each one is dedicated to explaining different aspects of the Facebook ads ninja course.

In summation, you get 60+ videos, PDF notes, ability to interact with other affiliates and direct sales peeps and many other things to keep you engrossed in the course contents. There are also Live Webinars that are exclusive to Kevin David Ninja Courses owners – and a small percentage of select first time candidates.

Let’s Take a Look at the First Two Facebook Ads Ninja Course Modules…

Module 1 – This Is Where It All Starts:

Unlike an “introductory” module, Kevin David has definitely gone beyond typical course content boundaries to talk about what works, what doesn’t work, the Lingo of Facebook advertising and various other things. The “basics” are not just the basics here; you are getting the full grasp on many different techniques which are quite powerful in the right hands.

The highlights of the first module are appended below:

  • The proper way of setting up powerful minimalistic Facebook ads – so that you don’t get too many rejections from Facebook.
  • Kevin David’s exclusive and personally tried/tested Facebook marketing sales funnel to turn in a ginormous profit. He is still using the funnel technique to this date.
kevin david facebook ads
  • However, the approach has changed due to the technology advancement. My best advice is to learn this method and feel free to improvise. Start small with a limited budget; see the result and go on from there.
  • Secret insight on Facebook Pixel Hack method. According to Kevin, this single method, alone, has changed the way how good advertisers and bad advertisers operate their businesses on Facebook.
  • How to create lead magnets and convert curious buyers into long life customers. Apart from referring to Kevin David Ninja Courses, you can learn a great deal about lead magnet pages and copywriting on the internet – i.e. should you decide to do your own research.
  • How to save money on Facebook ads and build a loyal following without losing all your advertisement budget.

The last highlight is the most important because a lot of people tend to blow their budget within the first two days of starting an advertisement campaign. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling for a client, or marketing your own small business, Facebook is such a big multi-million dollar industry that it will swallow up your advertisement dollars like it was pocket change. All of this can happen in a few days if you are not careful about spending money on the right campaigns.

kevin david with gary vaynerchuk

Speaking of wasting money, I was also carried away with the temptation to get thousands of followers for my own Facebook page. No, it was not for ‘Bizwebjournal’ actually, but for another real life business that I used to run. I spent close to $3,000 on Facebook ads, with a very small percentage of people who actually converted into customers.

I wish I had known Kevin David before and bought his Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass course earlier. Anyhow, what I learned is that setting up proper campaigns and allocating funds to them the right way is the key point in determining how the audience will react to your Facebook ads.

The most important thing that all the modules in Kevin David Ninja Courses circle around is how to set up ads with a very narrow laser-like scope. This is to help you convert a majority of the audience, their response rate and curiosity levels.

Kevin also talks about going into “Advanced” Facebook ads settings and playing around with different tabs to customize how the said campaign will impact everyone around you. If you are making the mistake of setting up the scope too broad – i.e. only selecting the age range, the ad will be displayed to irrelevant people.

You will get ‘Likes’ but they will be from people all over the world or from far away cities where it is not possible for your business to render services. As a result, you will lose a lot of money with very little hope to reach the breakeven point. This is the stark reality and the naked truth about Facebook ads misadventures.

Kevin David Ninja Courses Also Teaches About ‘The Herd Mentality’:

The herd mentality is simple; you ever seen a flock of sheep doing the same thing over and over again  just because the first sheep was stupid enough to try it? Humans also follow the same genetic code; it leads them to repeating the same mistakes in business.

Kevin’s Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass course teaches about how not to follow the typical outdated advertiser pattern and how to think out of the box. The techniques are all latest and were designed to give the most return on the dollar, but even then you can do something wrong.

Honestly speaking…

If you are in on the Kevin David Ninja Courses or the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass in hopes for setting up your next campaign and making it a huge success, you are repeating the herd mentality pattern. How so?

The program only works best for people who are dedicated to carrying out their own split tests, formulas and Facebook ads customization options “as per the specific business vs. audience types.” You will only succeed if you are not following the word-for-word instructions in the Kevin David Ninja Course.

My Main Qualm With Kevin David Facebook Ninja Course ‘Was’…

Drums rolling, that’s right, the cost factor. I’ll be honest with you and let’s not avoid making eye contact with the biggest elephant in the room right now. The ninja masterclass course will cost you around $1,000+. If you are not lucky, you will probably need to pay the full price of $1490+, which is a lot of money to be had on one online course.

I was skeptic, but I did my own research on Kevin David and his crew. I also read the fine print on all the Kevin David Ninja Courses. Here’s why you should give the course a try:

Free Webinar:

You can sign up today on a discount deal by checking out the free exclusive webinar. It puts you right there in the hot seat to help you experience how it feels to be an actual Kevin David student, and how the Facebook ads ninja masterclass course works?

kevin david

In fact, the webinar is so important because a lot of other so-called gurus are not doing it. Kevin, on the other hand, gives a detailed sneak peak on what it feels like to take the reins in your own hands and all that.

You will actually learn a lot of things from the free webinar; stuff that other online courses would have charged you a whopping $300 for!

Eligibility for a Refund:

There is a strong money back policy on all the Kevin David Ninja Courses; it’s not just the Facebook ads ninja classes anymore. You can avail the refund option, but there is a small catch. If you have watched 51% of the course videos, or accessed approx.. 51% OF THE CONTENT, you will not be eligible for a refund.

This statement is mentioned in the fine print – and I know for a fact that a lot of impulsive buyers don’t read the policies. As a result, they cry wolf and start saying Kevin David is a scam, which is entirely your own fault.

Still, if you want to play it safe, you can pay with a credit card and then go for a refund through proper bank channel. However, be careful, should you ever get any naughty ideas and try to scam the Kevin David Ninja Courses club, you will be blacklisted for life. Also, all the course contents will be locked, and you will no longer be able to access any of the instantly available online content.

Kevin’s Illustrious Background In The Advertising Sector:

I dug around into Kevin David’s work history and found out that he actually used to work a typical job at Facebook. Yes, that’s right, he was working as an Ads Accountant and a consultant at Facebook before turning over a new leaf for all to learn from.

fb advertising ninja course

Kevin used his real life experience that he gained from Facebook and applied it to his own Ninja Courses  series. That’s all I needed to know because I was actually feeling very comfortable at that point.

Buying a course from someone who shares a relative background with the subject matter is pretty much reassuring than trying an online course where the instructor doesn’t even come close to the brass tacks.

Kevin David is also a YouTube magnate, Shopify and Amazon FBA dropshipping expert and a humble self-made person. I have never seen him bragging about his lifestyle on the internet. Most of the ninja course backgrounds are in kitchens, living rooms and other real life stuff. I have seen many other “instructors” with a  swimming pool or a helicopter in the background – that’s not how things work at KD’s!

What I Didn’t Like About Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass:

  • Once again it is the price factor. The course is expensive, but considering it is a one-time investment and being able to see the results is a strong factor here.
  • The course is tightly knit around all the latest ongoing Facebook insider marketing techniques. Therefore, as much as you will feel privileged to learn all the new stuff, I strongly recommend that you do not use a cookie cutter formula. Improvise, practice and adapt to what works for your business because no one else knows is better!
  • The videos in the Facebook ads ninja courses are sometimes fast paced. A lot can be a little tough for you to absorb if you are not paying attention. You should write down everything on a physical notepad and then do some homework before jumping through all the modules.

And if that’s not enough, you can pause, rewind and replay the videos as many times as you want. Kevin is not your high school teacher and he will not punish you or anything. However, you need to carry out your own research on whatever words are coming out of his mouth.

If he is talking about a new technique and teaches it in the course, Google more research material on it afterwards. This is the best way of doubling your ROI potential in the end.

FB Ads Ninja Course Conclusion:

If you are a business owner, it doesn’t matter if it is small or big, or a digital marketer who is working a grind for his clients, the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass course is a must have. Do not think twice because you will thank me later.

I can guarantee from my personal experience, especially if you are rendering services in the Facebook marketing area for your clients, you will get the best results on the money. The course will ensure narrow ad exposure with maximum conversion to the most interested buyers on the internet. Every single time.

As an unbiased reviews website, I recommend that you engage with other people at Kevin David’s Facebook page. They will let you in on their personal struggles, experience and recommendations about whichever course you are considering enrolling in. Best of luck and don’t forget to write to me in case you have any questions.

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