Facebook Lead Ads – The Complete Guide

Facebook Lead Ads

One of the best lead generation tools all companies around the world can implement is Facebook Lead Ads. What are FB lead ads? They allow people to demonstrate their interest in a service/product by giving an advertiser a pre-filled form.

FB lead ads are a wonderful way to generate superior-quality leads via the popular social media platform. This simple process gives advertisers a great way to produce low-cost leads. With a few clicks on the lead ad, a lead’s information is recorded with no need to fill out forms. You’ll already have their email address and name, but with custom fields, you can attain even more information about the lead.

Facebook already has a plethora of data about its users – age, phone number, age, location, etc. This is information the user has manually typed in to answer surveys or custom questions.

fb lead ads data

By simple standards, lead ads allow companies to collect contact data and communicate with folks that show interest in their service/product. Rather than sending people to a landing page and having them fill out a form, the FB leads ads will prefil the information out using their Facebook information. All they need to do is click on the “submit” button, and the information is given to the advertisers.

Still, companies have very little understanding of how to use FB lead generation ads, viewing them as standard ads when they’re definitely not. Are you feeling the same way as other companies? If so, don’t fret!

10 Effective Ways To Use FB Lead Ads To Produce Leads For Your Company

Attain More Blog Subscribers

When it comes to getting FB leads are, blog signup and newsletters are seen as the most popular way to get them. Fb leads ads helps to generate subscribers for your website, newsletter and blog.

attain more blog subscribers

Get Questions and Interest For Your Service/Product

With lead generation ads, you can find people using Facebook who have an interest in your service/product. How so? They will get ahold of contact information of people who have inquired about your product/service.

get questions for your service or product

For instance, Facebook lead ads help get quotes for things like:

  • Auto quotes
  • Vehicle insurance quotes
  • Health insurance quotes

You can create custom questions to attain information like vehicle manufacturer, yearly income, etc.

Give Out Premium Content

In order to generate leads, consider giving away premium content. By giving them premium content, they’re more open to giving you their contact information. Using FB leads ads gives you the opportunity to showcase your material to people who have a desire for the material.

give out premium content

What kinds of material are ideal for giving away?

  • Handouts
  • Content templates
  • Cheat sheets
  • Case studies
  • Guides
  • Reports

Locate Folks Who Are Interested In Your Events

FB leads ads help generates people’s interest in your events/tradeshows. The ads can help attract speakers, advertisers/exhibitors and even participants to the event. Consider using the lead generation ads for:

locate folks who are interested in your event

·Attaining Webinar Participants – Leads can help register webinar attendees

attaining webinar participants

·Encourage Folks To Conference – Get speakers and attendees for conferences

encourage folks to conference

·Trade Show – Get the attention of exhibitors and visitors for a business expo or trade show

attract trade show exhibitors

Come up with a custom question that helps you to learn what kind of attendee they will be. Will they be an exhibitor? Will they be a speaker? Will they be a part of the general audience? Their answers can help you to sort attendees into lists and send out the right communications to them.

Bring People To Online Contests

When you have an online contest, you need to bring people to it. FB lead ads enable you to reach out to new folks. Make sure you recruit them, which you can do using both Facebook Lead Ads and UpViral together. Use FB lead ads and give your participants discount coupon codes or other giveaways.

bring people to online contests

Get Leads From A Certain Area

If you want to target a certain geographical location, you can tailor your FB generation lead ads to target those folks. You can set up to focus on people of a city, zip code or country. How do you use geo-targeting in FB lead ads?

get leads from a certain area

Local Lead Generation – Attain the information of folks who live in a certain part of the world. Come up with a custom question to garner their attention.

·Have People Sign Petitions – Be sure you attain votes, signatures and affirmation from people that agree with your cause.

have people sign petitions

Attain Leads For Software

Use FB lead ads to attain free trial subscriptions for software without sending people to your website. With these ads, you can:

Sign Trial Users Up – Have people sign up for a trial version of any app or software.

signup trial users

·Send Them Links To Download Software – Include software links in your email to encourage people to download the product.

send links to download software

Encourage People To Sign Up For Training Seminars

If you’re offering free or paid training, consider encouraging people to sign up using the FB lead ads.

signup for training seminar

Encourage People To Sign Up For Memberships

With FB lead ads, you can get more people to sign up for a club or association membership or service.

Volunteer Sign Up – If there’s a cause you’re working on, reach out to people to see if they’re interested in volunteering their services.

volunteer signup

·New Gym and Club Members – Reach out to people who are interested in your club or association

new gym & club members signup

Reach Out To Company Partners

As you know, FB lead ads are ideal for reaching out to new customers, members and leads. It also a great way in which to find a company partner or an affiliate.

·New Company Associate – FB lead ads can help you to attain service providers

find new company associates

·New Affiliate Partners – These ads will help you find folks recommending your service/product to their followers.

Why You Should Consider Lead Automation For Your Follow Up

It doesn’t matter if you want to add subscribers to your blog or in search of a business partner, it’s important to do a follow up immediately after you make contact. According to a Harvard Business Review study, a follow up within one hour after a sign up leads to seven times higher chance of a conversion.

With lead ads, you can easily reach out to people who have an interest in your service/product. As you see, these kinds of ads are ideal for any kind of business situation you can think up of.

How To Create Yourself Amazing, Approvable Facebook Lead Ads

If you want to build up a list of superior-quality leads using your Facebook leads, then you need to implement the Facebook Lead Ads tool. With a couple of clicks on the ad, you capture your leads’ information without them filling out a form.

What Must You Do To Ensure Your Facebook Lead Ad Is Accepted?

When it comes to the terms and policy of Facebook Lead Ads, it’s not that much different from the policies stipulated for the typical Facebook Ads. The only thing that makes it different is the way in which advertisers attain and use the information.

It’s vitally important that you understand what the Facebook Lead Ads’ terms and policy are to ensure your ad is approved and your account doesn’t get suspended.

For instance, Facebook has stringent rules when it comes to collected data from lead ads, unlike regular advertisements that collect custom data such as emails and names.

Be Sure You Follow All Facebook Policies

The social media website demands that lead ads follow the Facebook Advertising Policies it has laid out - https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads. This will include both the site’s Lead Ads Policy and Platform Policy https://developers.facebook.com/policy.

Include Disclosures

There are a number of disclosures Facebook demands advertisers to follow and make mention of including the clear, inconspicuous disclosure that users who submit their information via a Lead Ad that the information is protected by the privacy policy.

You’ll also need to provide a link to the privacy policy. Attain a copy of Free Privacy Policy for Facebook Lead Ads.

Attain and Keep Approved Information Only

Advertisers who use Facebook Lead Ads can attain information one of two ways:

·Facebook-based template information – This is already available on Facebook like name, birthdate, country and email.

·Custom information – This is information that comes from what advertisers ask for – information that’s not already included in the template information. These are typically given through questions. But, there’s policy in place for Facebook Lead ads that restricts people from getting certain kinds of information such as:

  • Race/ethnicity
  • Government-issued information – social security numbers, passport number, etc.
  • Login data – username and password
  • Financial information – debit and credit card numbers
  • Account numbers – frequently flyer card numbers, loyalty card numbers, etc.
  • Criminal background and history
  • Any information that’s already in the template

Facebook Ad Types Explained: What You Need To Do?

It’s important to know what Facebook Lead Ads’ legal guidelines are, but it’s time to consider the lead ads’ design specs. Of course, before you know what the design specs are, you need a lead ads cheatsheet to know what the four types are:

Standard Lead – This is a typical Facebook Lead Ad Banner that comes after the lead ad signup form.

Context Cards Lead Ads – These are lead ads with an extra page, message and card before the actual signup form.

Video Lead Ad – This is a lead ad that’s got a video embedded into it.

Carousel Leads Ads – These are FB leads ads that incorporate a maximum of five images.

Standard Lead Ads

A standard lead ad contains a standard lead ad headline, image and link text that follows the signup form.

Lead Ad Image – The specs and design rules for lead ads are similar to regular Facebook link ads. But, you must use high-quality images for the Lead Ads. It’s recommended that you have an image size of 1200x628 pixels. It can have text but a minute amount of it. Check out this free Facebook tool to learn how much text should be applied to your image https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay.

Lead Ad Text – Facebook stipulates that no text on the Lead Ad should surpass 20%. Therefore, your headline and link description needs to be clear and concise. Make sure you to stick within these guidelines to ensure the ad looks pleasing to the eye and can be seen on either desktop or mobile devices. Listed below are the guidelines you must follow:

·Text – 90 characters

·Headline – 25 characters

·Link description – 30 characters

Keep in mind that this 20% text policy isn’t applicable to embedded text on book covers, albums or products. It’s only applicable to text on logos, watermarks, slogans, etc.

Context Cards Lead Ads – With Facebook Lead Ad, you can include an extra page before your signup form. Here, you can add an extra marketing message and customize the text on the call to action button. The Lead Ad Text and Image stays the same, but the extras have their own specs:


·Headline – 45 characters or less

·Benefit Text – This is shown under the image and be up to 80 characters with no character limit in the paragraph

·CTA Button Text – This CTA button can be customized with no more than 30 characters

Video Lead Ads Specifications – The rules for the video design are set to ensure your video ad looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. Be sure the video and thumbnail image is set to then following rules:


·Formats - .MP4 or .MOV files

·Video resolution – minimum of 720p

·Aspect ratio – widescreen (16:9)

·Video length – maximum of 60 minutes

·Video size – maximum of 2.3GB

Carousel Lead Ads – With this format, advertisers have the option to show five images and headlines in one ad. These are not a new option, but Facebook has brought them together with a learn more lead button or the signup button. Here are the following recommendations for Carousel Lead Ad Image:


Image Size – 600x600 pixels

Image ratio – 1:1

Images per ad – up to 5 images

What Are The Acceptable Call-To-Action Buttons?

At this time, Facebook Lead Ads can support six call-to-action buttons – Sign up, apply now, download, learn more, subscribe and get quote.

What Are The Acceptable Languages For Lead Ads?

Lead Ads currently accept 29 languages including but certainly not limited to: U.S. English, British English, French, Italian, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), German, Finnish, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hindi, Hungarian and Hebrew.

How Can You Connect Your Autoresponder to Facebook Lead Ads?

With a lead ad campaign in place, you want to have your autoresponder to be linked to your Facebook Lead Ads. This ensures quicker signups and higher conversions after the sign-up.

ConnectLeads will connect those lead ads with the autoresponder of your choice like Aweber and Convertkit. This means when leads sign up through context card lead ad, video lead ad or any other method, they’ll be sent the offer they wanted when signing up.

There’s no reason to manually download the lead information and put it into your email marketing system.


Now you know what you can do with Facebook Lead Ads and which rules and specs are in place it's up to you to take action and use this strategy to grow your business.

Would you like to know more how Facebook lead ads can be integrated into your business? Check out the Free facebook Ads Masterclass today and become a Facebook advertising expert.

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