10 Great Reasons For Using Facebook Retargeting

facebook retargeting

All marketers have one dream – to establish themselves as a leader with a large online presence and to get personal with their audience. It’s why you need to create an email list which you can grow with Facebook retargeting and set up an email marketing campaign.

What you need to understand is that creating that email list is just one part of the goal. You also have to get your email subscribers to convert.

And, that’s the most important portion of all your efforts.

Think about how you’d feel if your email subscribers were only opening the emails but not doing anything about them – other than deleting them.

Wouldn’t you be slightly aggravated by knowing the investment you made in developing that email was just tossed out?

Want to boost your email marketing efforts? Of course, you do! The best way to do this is to spend time retargeting your subscribers. And, using Facebook ads retargeting efforts is the primary way you can do this.

Does it work? Should you make an effort and create Facebook retargeting ads?

Can Your Facebook Retargeting Efforts Work?

First off, it’s important to understand what retargeting is? It’s an extremely effective marketing technique that lets you follow an audience, displaying ads that are relevant to them after they visit your website. suggests that retargeting lets brands get in touch with folks that don’t convert immediately.

Retargeting Your Email Subscribers – How Do You Do It?

While retargeting can be good, it does have its limitations. If using retargeting by itself, you don’t have the ability to keep an eye on emails – are they being opened and read, are the links being clicked on, etc.

And, just displaying Facebook Ads to the public isn’t going to do much good if you don’t tailor them with how they interacted with the emails. All you’re doing is wasting money.

However, with ConnectAudience, you can change all that. What is ConnectAudience? It’s a program that will automatically synchronize your email list to Facebook Ads manager and target people based on their behavior.

ConnectAudience allows you to target folks who have:

· Opened messages and clicks on links

· Opened messages but didn’t click on the links

· Didn’t get my email

· Didn’t purchase a product

· Live in a certain country

It offers an array of retargeting options. When you’re super specific, it can offer big results and boost your sales.

Connectio did a case study and promoted UpViral to its email list. They divided the list into two Groups – Group A and Group B. They wanted to know if they did FB ads retargeting would boost their revenue from a particular group, with group B being that group.

What it learned was this: thanks to retargeting Facebook ads to the people in Group B, they saw a 50% higher revenue and a 2021% return on investment.

10 Primary Reasons To Use Facebook Ads In Your Retargeting Efforts

You Can Get In Touch With Folks When They’re Not Busy

Here’s reality – everybody is busy. They don’t have time to slow down and stop to take in life’s beauties. And, the problem with this is that they may not slow down enough to look at the valuable offers you have to show them in an email.

They may also opened the email, read a small portion of it and decided that they need to look at it later. However, they get distracted and don’t do it.

However, if you use Facebook retargeting ads, you can capture their attention with a reminder about the offer, as they’re looking through the newsfeed. This can be done while they’re on a work break or at home relaxing.

people free to engage

You Boost The Retargeting Amount

You may be wondering how many times you’ll need to send your marketing messages out before your audience will convert. The answer to the question is many, many times.

According to research, people who are shopping for technology gear review more than 10 sources of information before they purchase anything. Younger shoppers look at even more sources for information – 21 pieces of information, in fact.

amplify frequency

Based on the information from ConversionXL, most people make their decision subconsciously.

If you combine your email marketing efforts with Facebook ads, you can increase how often your message is displayed to the audience. This will get into their unconscious mind and can lead to a sale.

You Increase The Size Of Your Brand

When your message is seen everywhere, on various platforms, it becomes the company looking bigger than it actually is. When you have your ad on Facebook, it boosts the popularity of the brand.

The great thing is that subscribers have no recognition of what you’re doing – they see the ad because you retargeted them on the email list.

Your Brand Will Be Remembered

When using ConnectAudience to import your email list into the Facebook custom audience, you can target those subscribers – even people who have unsubscribed from the email list. It’s certainly disappointing to see people leave your list, but you still give them a chance to convert by showing them FB ads in their newsfeed.

brand will be remembered

You Can Develop A Lookalike Audience

How great would it be to reach more than one million audiences who have similar tastes and interests that your current subscribers have? When retargeting on Facebook, you can use the Lookalike Audiences – this will let you generate a profile of the people on the email list.

This FB feature is extremely useful, as it enables individuals and companies to target prospective customers that are similar to their current audience.

You Attain Trust and Establish Your Reputation

If you want to keep your email subscribers’ trust, you should present yourself on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get it. Today, people tend to trust only companies they can find on Facebook. If you’re in their inbox and Facebook, then they can get in touch with you when they need something from you.

If you’re on a social media platform they use, you attain free recommendations from people who see the ads you create.

Your Ad Revenue Is Spared

With a rise in clicks, the cost to run your Facebook ads drops. It also means more people are engaging with your brand, which means you can save the ad revenue for other areas. It’s also why you need to retarget your email subscribers or reach out to new audiences. These folks are more likely to convert.

save money advertising

You Create Social Leadership

Look at your current customers/clients as brand ambassadors. Use Facebook ads with testimonials from your customers to target those on the list that have yet to convert. With Facebook retargeting, you can showcase your credibility but don’t come across aggressive.

You Can Keep In Touch With Your Audience Anytime, Anywhere

No matter where your subscribers are from, you can use Facebook to stay in touch with them. Thanks to digital media, the majority of marketers are using both social media and email marketing to keep in touch with their audience.

connect audience anywhere

With Facebook Ads, retargeting your subscriber base is easier because there are no restrictions on time or location.

You See A Boost In Campaign Response Rate

When you use Facebook Ads for retargeting, it allows you to reach folks that were exposed to your messages. This is especially useful for people who’ve opened the emails and clicked on the links.

By showing ads to the subscribers you currently have, you will have a higher response rate than if you targeted the general public who have never heard of you or don’t have any interest in your product/service.

increase response rate

What Should You Do Now?

All marketers want an engaging email list, which means they need to change their marketing efforts. They need to focus on retargeting their email subscribers using Facebook ads.

And, you can do this with ConnectAudience. You can easily import your developed email list into Facebook and produce a highly-targeted Custom Audience. With Facebook retargeting, you’re going to see the number of people engaging in your brand skyrocket.

It’s time to start your retargeting efforts!

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