How Amazon Affiliate Marketing Works

Amazon's affiliate program which is also known as Amazon Associates which is the official name is a great affiliate program for people who want to build a brand around their passion.

Because Amazon sells just about everything, it works for anything and is one of the best ways to get started with affiliate marketing . One thing to consider is that while Amazon's commissions are much lower than a lot of affiliate programs, their conversion rates are much higher. So where you might see a 2% conversion with other sites, with Amazon it is not uncommon to see 10% plus.So let me explain how Amazon affiliate marketing works.

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so what you need to know is this video

is the general overview of how affiliate

marketing on Amazon really works now

first and foremost you have to get

approved as an affiliate to promote

products on Amazon the way to do that is

very simple just go to scroll

down to the bottom of the page you're

gonna see a link that says become an

affiliate where you can sign up and once

you get approved then you can promote

the products on Amazon now the amount of

money you're going to earn depends on

the product category for instance if

you're promoting electronics you can

unlike 4% of the total sale and if

you're promoting some of the other

products from other categories you can

earn as much as 8 to 10% now once you're

approved as an Amazon affiliate what you

want to do is you want to activate what

they call the site stripe so what that

is going to do it's going to give you an

opportunity to very easily generate the

shortened link to almost any product

that Amazon sells so the way this works

is very simple let's say you're in the

health and fitness niche and you create

content whether that be YouTube or a

Facebook group or a blog or wherever

you're creating content and you're

offering to help people on their fitness

journey whatever your medium is that is


but you're building an audience well

eventually there are going to be

products that can help people achieve

their goals more quickly so say for

instance you're in not only in health

and fitness niche but let's say you're

in the yoga niche and maybe you teach

beginners how to get started doing yoga

at home so you probably offer yoga

tutorials and trainings and other things

that can help you out and become a

better yogi I don't know anyway so one

thing that people are going to need our

yoga mat

so maybe you want to recommend your

favorite yoga mat what you do is go over

to Amazon and you just search for your

favorite yoga mat if you don't know

which one that is or if you didn't

actually buy from Amazon you find a page

of the yoga mat that you recommend you

go up to the side stripe which just

lifts on top of the Amazon website after

you activate it and you get the link to

that page and that's going to give you

short Amazon link that has your

affiliate tracking code your unique

affiliate tracking code is embedded in

that link so you can share that link on

your socials or in your Facebook

profiles or wherever it is that you're

building an audience you can give people

that link and say hey if you need a yoga

mat this is by far the best yoga mat

because now you're not selling anything

you're just recommending an excellent

product to the people who need it so

they say okay cool I trust this person

because they've been helping me out and

they click on your affiliate link and

they go and buy the yoga mat and then

you earn a percentage of the sale

that's your commission and that is how

affiliate marketing on Amazon works but

the cool thing is let's say they go over

there they buy the yoga mat but they

also decided they need a new laptop or

or they need some workout clothes as

well anything they buy within 24 hours

of clicking on your affiliate link

you're going to get a percentage of that

entire sale and that's what's cool about

Amazon I know me sometimes I shop at

Amazon twice in a day sometimes if I go

to Amazon to buy one thing that's 20

bucks I say whoo who needs something

from Amazon speaking to my family of

course and then before you know it I'm a

hundred and fifty dollars in the hole

well that's what can happen get people

to Amazon with your affiliate links and

you never know what can happen

let Amazon take care of the rest but

remember it's all about recommending

great products to people who are

interested and helping them out in

achieving their goals so if you're

excited to become an affiliate marketer

but you're not quite sure how to get

started I have a 100% free step-by-step

affiliate marketing blueprint

available for you just click the first

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started today thank you so much for

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see you soon

and bye for now

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