5 Key Ways To Start An Email List Before Your Product Launch

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Way too many people think that selling through a product launch is easy to do. After all, they just need to create something people will want, create a few ads, optimize the traffic and sales start to happen ones they launch the product or service.

That’s the way it goes, right?

Here’s a sobering reality for you – it doesn’t happen like that!

Instead, if you just think that’s all you have to do you won’t get any sales at all. Want to avoid that?

Of course, you do!

Product launches are not only about the product. In fact, it’s just one-half of the equation with the other half being the launch and ensuring people are interested in what you have to offer before you have it to offer.

And, to make this happen, you need to create an email list.

You must have an established email list before the product launch to boost the chances of being successful. And, even better! There’s no reason to have a huge amount of people on that list. In fact, just 50 targeted subscribers are far better than 500 people on the list who really have no care if your product launches.

5 Cheap Methods To Create Your Pre-Launch List

Guest Blogging To Bring Users To Your Website Landing Page

Many people are under the impression that guest blogging isn’t a thing anymore. While it doesn’t have the kind of value for SEO that it did previously, it’s still considered a powerful strategy to consider. If you guest blog for reliable sites that have established themselves as an industry leader, you’re also seen as such.

Guest blogging is not as hard as people make it out to be. There’s actually an easy-to-follow three-point plan.

  • Review Blogs Within Your Preferred Niche – You can do a Google search on the best blogs of the niche. What kinds of feedback have these folks gotten on their content?
  • Write and Send Custom-Tailored Emails – If you want to do a guest blog for someone, you need to send the editors a personalized email. Begin with blogs that are not as popular to find your footing.
  • Create An Amazing Blog and Add Your Author Bio To It – You want to give your readers a gateway to your landing page. Be sure you offer an amazing CTA, nice description and good-looking picture.

After people hit your landing page, you need to offer them a free guide or e-book to boost your chances of attaining their email address. You want something that relates to the guest post.

Come Up With Mini Projects For Your Product Launch

Mini projects are one amazing way to produce some buzz. If you’ve already got a product out, you can offer a mini-project for your readers. How can you get it going?

Come up with a resource that will serve a certain purpose. For instance, you offer a growth hacking course, and to ensure you collect emails, you can develop a side project where you offer your subscribers one growth hacking idea every week.

Offer mini-projects in the communities you have an interest in.

·Carry out popups and email forms where your mini-project is offered and attain email subscribers.

There are two reasons this situation works:

  • 1 – You produce something valuable for people. Every project produced has an impact on the target audience you were gearing it for.
  • 2 – With varied themed projects, you attain subscribers from every single side of the digital marketing spectrum.

Create and Establish Lead Ads On Social Media Platforms

Twitter’s leader generation cards and Facebook’s Lead Ads are new kinds of ads that are geared solely to getting email collection. It’s not like regular ads where a person clicks on the ad and are transported to your website. And, if you’re website isn’t ready, you could lose the sale before you had a chance to actually attain.


Lead ads let you attain email address from the social media platforms.

When people see your ad, they just hit a button that will add their email address to your list. For these ads to be effective, you have to give them something valuable – email course, free e-book, etc.

Make sure you optimize the ads and test out various target segments. If you notice you’re not getting enough emails, keep altering the ad content, offer, and images until you find something that works.

Attain and Recompense Your Beta Users

It’s perfectly fine to have a pre-launch before you officially launch your product. Do this to garner some feedback about the product. What are people going to say about it? Is there anything that needs to be changed? A pre-launch feature should be limited to a few folks. Offer a wait list. You can easily do this with launch page builder sites such as Thrivethemes.

Your wait list is not going to be any different than one a restaurant will use. If you’re going to jump the line, you need to offer a bribe to the person in charge or have a big group. When it comes to an Internet wait list, you could be waitlisted if users invite a bunch of their friends. Or, you can pay to jump the line.

The site “The Hustle” has an ambassador system that lets subscribers attain rewards if they invite friends. The more invited, the better the rewards. It’s ideal to give them some incentive to become an early user so they’ll let others know about the product.

Another option is to do a beta test before your product launch, which is something they can before you officially launch the product. These users will test the incomplete product, offering you feedback so that you can make it better before it’s officially launched – Think Pokémon Go! Don’t forget to reward for their time. What kind of things will bring in the well-known influencers?

Develop Amazing Posts and Utilize Content Upgrades

While guest blogging can be extremely effective alone, add it to the Skyscraper Method and you’ll be greatly rewarded.

If you don’t think so, then do a little research – look at the reviews, comments and case studies on Backlinko. The number of backlinks is amazing. And, you can garner some real value from your blog posts by doing content upgrades. How do you do this?

  • Develop a high-quality blog post The more in-depth information you can offer, the better.
  • Bring traffic to the post with the assistance of influencers – Make sure you let influencers know that you’ve mentioned them in the blog post. Send them an email.
  • Offer a free gift People who provide you with contact information should be given a free gift – email course, guide, e-book, etc.

Score An Interview On A Podcast

A real bonus to your success would be to be interviewed on popular podcasts. Podcasts are extremely popular, and the hosts are always looking for people they can interview. When you become an industry leader, more podcast hosts will want to interview you. If you’ve done some guest-blogging, you show these hosts that you have niche authority.

When the podcast interview is nearly offer, end it with the CTA. You can ask the host to publish the podcast on the day you decide to launch or ask the listeners to watch out for and use your product. You can also offer them a freebie for sharing their emails with you before you launch.

It’s All About Getting Their Emails

It doesn’t matter what method you go with; you want emails. And, doing that isn’t difficult to do nor will it cost you much. You don’t have to do anything special to use any of the above actions. Of course, the challenge comes from this: what do you do with the emails once you’ve attained them. You must regularly come up with valuable material to send the subscribers so they’ll stay subscribed and use your product/service once you’ve launched.

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