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Boost your company’s visibility through worldwide distribution. Get featured on highly authoritative news sites from Google News, Reuters , Associated Press to ABC, FOX, CBS, and many more.

Reach out to huge viewership and customer base with instant publicity to generate massive traffic. You’re just one click away from achieving the best publicity.

PRESS RELEASES have been used by numerous SEO agencies and individuals to boost their page ranks. It just works. We have been distributing and using press releases for SEO for as long as we can remember and every time it boosts rankings. In fact, our press releases are now being used as the first stage of a ranking method by dozens of SEO agencies, Affiliate marketers, E-Commerce, Amazon sellers & Corporate clients.

A Press Release is the best-kept secret of many SEO to get a site ranked. Of the many steps taken by an SEO, releasing a press release is one of the easier and fastest ways to get quick results for you and your client.

You and I know that leveraging on the main news sites to market your product and brand is mportant and doing this can also get you:

Increased Site Traffic

Massive Distribution with Contextual Anchor Text Links

Launch Jacking

White Hat Authority Builder

Improve Google Rankings + Massive Traffic for low to medium competition keywords in 24-48 hours.

Boosts your brand awareness and Top of Mind to help you convert higher.

More “Traffic,” “Sales” Attention” Conversion” and help rank your product or brand website higher.

Increase Brand affinity and recall. TOM (Top of MIND)

Builds brand perception;  Create an image of a trusted, established brand thus allowing you to compete with bigger brands in your marketplace.

Have the ability to get featured on major broadcast news outlets like FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, REUTERS (Affiliated Stations like KAIT, KATV, WAGTV) etc..

Place your order and give us some basic info and we do the rest! You don’t need a newsworthy website we’ll write something for you and get it approved and distributed through our private news syndication platform.

Ones the press release is ready we will send it to you for approval or you can send us your own if you want to. We advise you to add no more than 3 links in your release to get the maximum linkjuice.

You will receive a full report ones the press release distribution is done.

Delivery:21 days

We do not write for the following categories:Sexually explicit/adult, Gambling, Loans, Racial issues, Political opinions, Religious opinions, Sex-related/ Sex-related sickness, Escort services, Adult products, Scams or Scam related products, Health claims or product like health supplements & pharmaceuticals, Firearms, Free Movie Streaming Sites, Games hacking

Website address for us to research before we write the release
Please provide us with the following info:\nUp to 3 keywords you want in the release with the URL you want it linked to\nTopic of the release(anniversary/launch/announcement)\nContact info for submission(Full name,Organisation name & email)\nProvide Address & Phone for local citation\nAdditional information such as Youtube video URL & image URL to be inserted in your release(image max 200kb in size)
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