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Get Your Website Featured On Major News Networks

You’ve got your foundational web 2.0s built to diversify your anchor text, your social signals to let Google see that people are talking about your content, and (if you’re doing local SEO) citations and map embeds to establish NAP dominance.

What’s next?

A lot of SEOs might tell you it’s time to launch PBNs, and for some sites that might be the case. But it’s amazing how many people still overlook the power of press releases.

A well crafted press release to major world wide news sites can do so much for you or your client that PBNs just can’t:

  • Get featured on authority sites like Google News, Reuters, and Associated Press
  • Real and relevant traffic
  • Contextual backlinks from real websites
  • Increased brand awareness, affinity, and recall
  • Buzz from broadcast news outlets like FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC

For low to medium competition keywords, press releases can boost rankings and drive traffic in as little as 48 hours. As one of the best-kept secrets of many of the top SEOs, there’s no faster white hat method of boosting your authority, trust, and relevance with Google.

How it works…

All you have to do is send us a few pieces of information (see the form below), and we’ll get to work writing a highly relevant, keyword rich press release. Once it’s drafted, we’ll send it to you for final approval and then get to work putting it in front of major news outlets throughout the world.

If you prefer, you can also write your own press release, though we recommend no more than three links for maximum effect.

Delivery: 21 days. You will be provided a full report once distribution is complete.

Please note: We do not write for the following categories: Sexually explicit/adult, Gambling, Loans, Racial issues, Political opinions, Religious opinions, Sex-related/ Sex-related sickness, Escort services, Adult products, Scams or Scam related products, Health claims or products like health supplements & pharmaceuticals, Firearms, Free Movie Streaming Sites, Game hacking.

Website address for us to research before we write the release
Please provide us with the following info:\nUp to 3 keywords you want in the release with the URL you want it linked to\nTopic of the release(anniversary/launch/announcement)\nContact info for submission(Full name,Organisation name & email)\nProvide Address & Phone for local citation\nAdditional information such as Youtube video URL & image URL to be inserted in your release(image max 200kb in size)
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