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What comes to your mind when you hear about search engine optimization or optimizing your site? Webdesign SEO optimization means making the site naturally position well in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is to make a perfect website that is functional and effective as possible.

A design of a website is important for the website to function well and it merely does not mean for a site to look great and be visually appealing unless it does not guarantee you a good rank in the search engine. One of the biggest mistakes is to understand that the SEO and web design are not interlinked which is entirely wrong and there is an important connection between each other for the productivity of the business.

seo webdesign

When someone searches for a website, he or she are likely going to click the first site that appears on the search engine and not the one that is designed well. So, this makes sense? Yes, it does, it tells that the site which ranks higher is clicked above all others.

Let’s take it another way; a visitor has landed on your site because it ranked higher in the search engine, but is not necessarily to remain on your site for long if the structure of the site is not done well. So in both ways, SEO and Web design are interconnected.

The article will help you in designing and structuring your website that fits the best with the requirements of search engines. Making a website is easy but making an SEO effective site is quite difficult that requires the input of designers, SEO masters and web content writers.

What you need to do is,

Make Crawlable Visual Content:

crawlable visual content

Making crawlable visual content is not as difficult as it seems to be, it is just the way to display your web text to make it crawl in the search engine. How about spiders coming to your site, stay calm, spiders are just programmed bots which the search engine use to index the content to World Web.

How To Make The Search Spiders Crawl To Your Site?

Make Robots.Txt:

Robots.txt is a file that the webmasters create to make web bots crawl pages on their site. It is part of the robots exclusion protocol. It is a group of web standards that control how these robots crawl the web, access it and index content and serve that content up to users.

Let Search Engine Understand Your Website:

The content on your site is read by the readers and crawled by the search engines. If you need to design a website that improves the efficiency of your search engine ranking, then you need to focus on few of the categories like,

The <Heading> tag is for the bots, that includes your <title> and <description> tags. You have these tags on every page of your site, so make sure to keep them unique and different for each page of your site.

Few important terms you must know,

HTML: HTML stands for “Hypertext Markup Language” is a language used to create webpages.

Hypertext: These are the hyperlinks that an HTML page may contain.

Markup Language: It is a language that refers to the tags and how they are used to define the page layout and the other elements within the page. The markup tells the Web browser how to display a Web page's words and images for the user.

How Are H1, H2 And H3 Header Tags Important For SEO?

These header tags are important for SEO because they are used to communicate the search engines about the structure of your website as what your site is about. The copy in your header text is recognized more than other texts by the search engines. So, by now, you know how important these headings are for SEO. It starts with h1, h2, h3 and so on and it does not mean to just fill it up with words.

The Sequence of Keywords in Headings:

· The h1 heading is the most significant and the topmost heading that works well for SEO if it contains the targeted keywords.

· The next is h2, which is the subheading of h1and can also have similar keywords to your h1 tag.

· The h3 is a subheading for h2 and so on and can have target keywords in it.

Tip: You must use only one h1 tag on a page. If you use more than one h1 tag, then it would confuse the search engine.

Key Areas Of the Website:

The content that you put on your site is divided into main pages which are,

· Home Page

· About Page

· Blog

· Contact Us Page

The Body of Your Content:

quality blog content

Writing content is not filling it up with words and keywords rather it is to be drawn up in structures and easy to read manner. The search engine does not care about the design of your website, or the color of your site; it focuses more on the structure and content of your site. If you have a good and a well-structured content on your site, you are bound to get more traffic to your site. The new algorithms of all search engines focus on content and a well-structured site and not on the color, logo design and site’s theme.

Here are few things that the search engines usually looks up at a site. So, when writing content keep your focus on the below areas and use your target keywords in them.

  • Links
  • Tags
  • Code Feeds
  • Meta Titles

If you are using HTML, there would be one h1 heading tag on each page with h2 heading tags and combining them forms an outline of the entire document.

Why Keep The Content Of The Tag Different?

Maintaining the content of the tag different can help the search engine distinguish between the various content of your site. Since you are maintaining separate pages for keywords, so you need to keep the content different too.

Add A Blog Section:

blog section

There are still some webmasters who do not understand the importance of a blog section. Adding a blog section on your site let you put fresh content on your site regularly with specific keywords to make your site SEO efficient.

Not only this, the blog on a site increases customer engagements to your site with exposure to the social media world. In broader term of SEO, when a site has a good number of blogs, customers, visitors and increased number of pages then it can provide major SEO benefit with increased number of visitors, internal links and increased website authority.

Lessen Your Codes:

No matter if your site is ranked better in the search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing but does not have a good loading speed will crack your efforts down. Excessive codes impact a site’s speed a site with full codes will slower the loading speed and would also increase the probability of coding errors.

Do Not Miss The Footer Links To Every Page:

Footer provides the users the information they are looking. Putting in the links of your services, products, contact page and other relevant pages would help the users to navigate quickly. Along with the links in the body copy, links in sidebar or footer also adds value and tell the search engines about which pages are relevant.

Look at the below image; the highlighted part shows the footer links for each page of the site.

footer links

Keep Separate Pages For Different Keywords:

An SEO specialist does not play with a single keyword, in fact, they have a list of keywords which they put in the content. What are the search engines looking for? The spiders crawl a single page on the site with a particular keyword either it is a long tail keyword or a short tail keyword. So, segregate your keywords and use specific ones for each page of your site.

You Need To Build A Sitemap:

website sitemap

Creating a sitemap helps search engines discover every page in your website. The finest sitemaps list the pages in your site along with brief descriptions rich with keywords on each page.

Tip: If you have many pages on your site, create as many sitemaps as you need and make sure they are linked together.

Wrapping up

So wrapping it up, SEO and website design are deeply connected to each other. Building up great content and keeping it regularly updated is the key to SEO.

Ranking up a site on a search engine is all that you need to do at the start, but the story does not end here. Track your progress with web analytics program as it is free, easy to use, tells how much traffic the search engines are transferring and how interactive is your site.

Take time to identify the keywords by looking up for search patterns like what words are used by people to search for your site. With a clear site map, use these keywords in your web content to boost up your search engine ranking.


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