Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review by Kevin David

shopify ninja masterclass review

Kevin David’s Shopify Ninja Course Changed My Life For Ever – Here’s an Honest Sneak Peak

TL:DR I have previously reviewed Kevin David Facebook Ninja Masterclass Course – so much so that I wanted to try his Shopify Ninja Masterclass as well. Be warned that both courses are different and lead to an entirely separate field of expertise. Rest assured, whichever course you choose, you will be able to easily reach the breakeven point. Read on below.

Shopify Ninja Course Master Class – How It All Started For Me?

To be honest, I was not aware of this course, or when exactly it made its breakthrough until doing my own research afterwards. It just happened a couple of months ago for me.

kevin david with russel brunson

I was Googling some search terms such as; ‘How to target audience for Shopify store?’ and something along the lines of ‘Drop shipping techniques for Shopify store owners.’

Long story short, some of the first page results lead me to Kevin David’s Shopify Ninja course. On the other hand, if you are not even familiar with how keywords work and the respective keyword tools, you can download them, or access them directly through Google. I personally use Google Adwords Free Keywords tool; it helps out a lot.

However, if you are looking for something along the lines of a fully-fledged paid service; AHREFs is the best. The latter supplies SEO warriors with an array of real time data and tools to help them rank their pages in due course of time.

Coming back to Shopify Drop shipping, it is an age-old concept. Drop shipping started a long time ago. The idea is simple; you are marketing something from one or various online stores without having any physical inventory.

Whenever someone places an order, the payment goes to your online or whatever account, then you buy that item from your trusted e-commerce store, while keeping your profit on the side. Afterwards you ship it to your respective buyers.

I’d also like to mention that Kevin David Shopify Ninja Course is not the only course available on the subject of Shopify dropshipping. There are plenty of others out there in the market, but KD’s teaching material is one of a kind.

Each and every module in his course goes from a general to specific pattern in no time. Therefore, I ended up with a lot of stuff on my hands. It took me weeks to apply those techniques and see any results. The basics start from some introductory stuff and then it goes all the way to making your first sale.

shopify ninja course content

Beware that it can take anywhere from a week to a couple of “weeks” to be able to see any Shopify Sale liquidate into confirmed payment transfer. Anyhow, I will talk about it later, but the point is that you really need to exhibit and demonstrate patience.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Is Not an Easy Pill To Swallow:

There are a lot of things associated with Shopify – basically it is drop shipping that you need to worry about. Although the best news is that you do not have to invest an ‘X’ amount of money into buying products’ stock, but there are a couple of dynamics playing in the background.

Let me make this simple for you: drop shipping, whether it is done on Shopify, Amazon or eBay, is always going to be a risky venture if you are not careful about the following:

shopify dropshipping course
  1. Working with a shady supplier
  2. Working with a brand new supplier
  3. Not making sure whether the thing being sold is as described
  4. Customer mishandling
  5. Misrepresenting product description
  6. Not speculating a sudden drop or increase in the products price

Scroll down to read what I am talking about. For now, let’s see what the Shopify Ninjacourse modules are going to help you out with.

Module 1 and 2 Are All About Laying Down The Brass Tacks!

Since I mentioned earlier, the first module is where you will learn about Shopify drop shipping. Kevin’s videos explain the magnitude of Shopify, how big of an online company they are and how much money you could possibly make.

Later on, the modules take you through some exclusive techniques, which were personally tried, tested and proven by KD. You will learn something what Kevin likes to call the ‘80/20’ rule in detail. I cannot spill more info on this, but it has a lot to do with suppliers and stock availability vs. pricing.

Some other highlights of the first two Shopify Ninja Masterclass are:

Choosing the Right Products For Your Store:

This means you need to be aware of what’s going on around you on the internet. Some products sell bad, while others sell like cupcakes. The key is to identify the trend and then place your bets on hot selling products.

For instance, if you are going to be dealing with the PC hardware niche, then the Holiday periods are going to come with hundreds of opportunities for you to sell. I know for a fact that new GPUs with RTX architecture have been released.

Every other gamer is saving up for some gaming graphics card because they are not cheap these days. With Santa Claus right around the corner, you could list some of the next gen GPUs on your Shopify store while following Kevin David’s methods. He basically talks about ongoing trends in the products industry and how you could squeeze the most juice out of it.

Using Ali Express Price Model To Your Advantage:

I mentioned Ali Express specifically, but there are many others that Kevin David ninjacourse mentions in the content. The guy will walk you through some basic elements where he ensures risk minimization, inventory purchase and vice versa.

Ali Express is a massive Chinese e-commerce hub. While they have an abundance of products available at competitive rates, you need to beware of scammers. Some low quality typical ‘Made in China’ stuff is going to land your brand new squeaky-clean Shopify business in hot water. Keep an eye out for those guys.

Kevin will fill you in on the details on how to secure yourself and your store from such sellers.

Dealing with customs, taxes and duty charges

You should know that there are specific customs clearance charges and delivery duties on different goods.  These charges are different than ‘Shipping Charges’, so don’t get them mixed up. Also, Kevin highlights the fact how these customs duties effect the market.

He specifically talks about why such charges are important and how not to mess them up. Some new Shopify drop shipping sellers do not take such overhead expenses into account, which leads them to losing a lot of money before they can even process such information.

kevin david shopify

On a personal note, do not take customs charges on Face value as long as you are dealing with Chinese, Indians and Pakistani customs. The officers can charge you a lot more or a lot less than the original value of the item. It is not your fault whether your buyer ends up paying more than the mentioned price of the product.

But to be on the safe side, always mention something such as; ‘Please consult with your country/ area specific air aviation custom clearing company’ before shopping online. This will prevent your store from gaining any negative reputation in the long run.

How Not to Suck At Shopify Drop Shipping According to Kevin David

Kevin strongly recommends setting aside at least $500 - $1,000 as a collateral expense. You should know that this is an online business with real people on the other side. If your buyers are not happy with a product, or they are of the scamming type, they will file for refund.

PayPal mostly rules in favor of the buyer, for as long as you are not careful with keeping delivery receipts, box package pictures and other stuff that accounts for proof of delivery. You will lose money that way. But don’t sweat it, Kevin talks about such aspects of running an online business and lets you in on certain white hat ‘mitigation’ techniques.

Another reason for keeping some money as a reserve is because of how payment policies work. For instance, if you are buying from Amazon, or eBay and dealing with financial transactions through PayPal etc., the incoming payments will be kept on hold for 30 – 60 days! I bet you didn’t see that coming. It’s okay; when I started drop shipping I was also under the same impression.

This policy was not always there, but PayPal and other online payment institutes decided to implement it for buyer safety purpose. You need to play by the rules here because the first few weeks/ months of drop shipping will involve buying the items from your own pocket and then having them shipped right away in the same fashion.

By the time the money starts rollin’ in, your buyers will already have their items at their doorstep. Once this cycle starts, there’s no denying that making a lavish lifestyle out of Shopify dropshipping could be quite enjoyable.

Buying Premium Themes, Plugins Etc.

More than half of so-called entrepreneurs fail at Shopify drop shipping because they are not willing to go an extra mile. Those days are long done when you could jump-start an online business without any investment.

Since competition is on the high streak these days, Kevin David Shopify Ninjacourse talks a lot about using premium themes & plugins. These themes will give your store a very professional look; it’s as if the items are literally shopping right off their shelves.

dropshipping course

The Shopify Ninjacourse comes with some freebie bundles, but it’s better to buy a couple of themes to be on the safe side. Once you have finally decided whether you’re going to be selling electronics, garments or shoes, you can go with one specific theme and call it a day. Plugins, on the other hand make it easier for you to manage price charts, customer experience, contact information etc.

If you are on a shoestring budget, you can also play along with free Shopify themes and plugins. The ninja course master class comes with a bundle of free tools and other bonus material, depending on which day you purchase it. If you are lucky, and the course is exclusively offered by Kevin as a limited time special deal, go ahead and grab it without thinking twice. You will be thanking me later.

Don’t Quit Early:

The good thing about Kevin David Shopify Ninjacourse is how it convinces new students to remain motivated and work hard through thick and thin. A lot of people give up due to initial store launch failures, or just because how they couldn’t become an “overnight” success like the next big name in the Dot Com industry.

It doesn’t always play easy n’ simple. Kevin failed numerous times before he was able to come up with different specific methods that scored him a gold mine’s worth of income through Shopify drop shipping alone. He has other online businesses too, which means he worked his butt off before influencing others to do so.

Reserve some budget for online marketing through Facebook Ads (highly recommended), YouTube video marketing and vice versa. Facebook Ads are highly recommended because it is the next big social media sensation.

Plus, there is Kevin David Facebook Ninja Ads course out there; it’ll make a lot of things easy for you. Just check out his Facebook ninja ads webinar to hear Kevin talk about why it is important to transition from real life marketing to FB marketing immediately.


Kevin Teaches What Others Don’t:

shopify ninja review

Kevin David ninja course stresses on why domain name, brand name and such other things are important. I have blown some serious cash on other Shopify drop shipping courses but none of them talk about selecting a domain and why it’s important in the first place.

By the way, domain age also plays a very important role in your Shopify store’s positioning in the SERPs. Google likes to favor old domains over new ones because of recent changes in the algorithm. Don’t blame me or Kevin for it; that’s how things role with store and brand names these days.

It also means that you are not supposed to choose a funky non-serious domain name. Once you set a domain name, it’s going to be permanent; think about it before jumping the hoop.

Kevin’s Secret Sauce – Driving Customers to Your Shopify Store:

That’s where the Shopify ninja course takes an interesting turn; how you can drive more customers to your store, and how to convert them eventually. He talks about setting up Facebook Ads, marketing through YouTube, Press Releases, Instagram and etc.

Out of all marketing channels, Facebook ads are the most important. You can set up campaigns without any crash course on Facebook marketing, but I strongly advice against it. Hold your horses and check out Kevin David’s exclusive Facebook Ninja Masterclass Webinar.

Just like the Shopify Ninja Course webinar, Facebook ninjacourse live webinar is all about understanding how the Facebook marketing system is designed, why it’s so damn important and how to get the most profitable experience out of it.

But that’s not all!!!

Kevin doesn’t leave you high and dry on the marketing forefront. He also teaches a lot about writing compelling ad copy, creating sales pages on your own and content creation in general. If writing is not your forte’, you can hire a content writer from any freelancing website.

However, you can also use KD’s exclusive sales page templates, ad copy templates and bonus material. Just make sure you are making the necessary changes to make it all look original, compelling and a personalized piece for your audience. Otherwise, it is going to make you look stupid if you are gonna’ copy and paste word for word.

What I Didn’t Like About Kevin David Shopify Ninja Course?

My only issue with this course is the price factor. It is expensive, considering that you need to spend over a thousand dollars. But then again, if you are skeptic like me, you should enroll in Kevin’s Shopify Ninja Course Webinar right away.

The seats are limited, so there’s no guarantee if Kevin will be hosting another webinar anytime soon.

The course is fast paced, so you may need to rewind a lot of videos. Just keep a pen and paper handy before beginning your training sessions. I can assure you that Kevin’s way of teaching stuff about Shopify drop shipping is so interesting that it gets impossible for viewers to leave there seats for a pen and paper.

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