Super Affiliate System Review by John Crestani

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Super Affiliate System Review – A Realistic Approach to Making Money Online

I’ve had my share of the fill with internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Mind it! Both of them are different subjects which is why a lot of aspiring online entrepreneurs fail and end up calling the said system a scam.

I know this for a fact that if you are not working your butt off, which means carrying your own research, educating yourself and all that, you will not be able to make a single dime from any online marketing course.

Enter ‘Super Affiliate System’ – A One Time Upsell of The Infamous ‘Internet JetSet’ Program:

super affiliate system

It is okay if you are not familiar with ‘Internet JetSet’ or the Super Affiliate System. Both of these programs are one of many which their founder: John Crestani released a while back – and has since assisted many people to make money online “relatively” easy.

The emphasis on the “relatively” notion is because since the release of ‘Internet JetSet’ that was soon followed by the Super Affiliate System, many people tried to color John’s effort in a negative way. This isn’t the first time that an affiliate marketing know-how system has become famous and has received a small percentage of so-called John Crestani scam reviews before. I will get to that later during the foot notes; therefore DO read this review entirely.

What’s rather intriguing is the fact that Crestani has made ‘Internet JetSet’ available for free – i.e. as long as you are buying the Super Affiliate System directly. The base bundle is added as a bonus to everyone out there. You can also Sign Up for a free training session that will redirect you to Super Affiliate System by the end. Here’s the link:

Let’s Get to the Basics First – Who Is ‘John Crestani’ & Why Does He Matter So Much?

Prior to 2011, no one on the internet knew about John or any of his associates. He ‘used’ to be an ordinary person who worked a typical 9 – 5 Hrs. robotic office job. John admits in numerous video reviews that he was bored to death of his monotonous work routine, while helping his boss make money. He wanted a change and needed to live life on his own terms.

john crestani

However, to become the next big internet sensation, John went through countless failures while working in the ‘trenches’. Eventually, he came up with a foolproof affiliate marketing system where he not only made a name for himself, but he’s also helping others to get back on their feet.

That’s where the ‘Internet JetSet’ and ‘Super Affiliate System’ come in; they are specifically designed to cater to the needs of absolute beginners.

What is ‘Internet JetSet’ & ‘Super Affiliate System’?

‘Internet JetSet’ is a linear affiliate marketing training course. Whereas ‘Super Affiliate System’ is a onetime payment upsell program; it is the more detailed, updated and advanced version of ‘Internet JetSet’, where John has not only revised his old teaching methodologies, but has also gone through the pains of adding extra material/ bonus content for the new buyer.

At its core, Super Affiliate System and ‘Internet JetSet’, both, maintain the same approach – i.e. the training programs are meant for beginners. If you are the kind of person who is aspired to build your own affiliate marketing network, but you have no idea about how to get started, then the SAS program is purrfect for you.

As I mentioned earlier, since its most recent update, you only have to pay for Super Affiliate System – and Internet JetSet will be available to you for free. John has upped the deal by offering a free access training webinar session for all those who have no clue about Affiliate marketing and its basics. Just click the link below to get the free training.

What About Slightly Experienced Users? Do They Get Any Real Value from John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System?

Of course, they do. I am just laying it all out flat to you in terms of what those people with relatively advanced know-how of internet marketing will learn. I.e. if you are the kind of person who has been doing affiliate marketing, there’s definitely more value to be had from the Super Affiliate System.

The program is divided into many sub categories. I am not able to get into too many details because that’d be like revealing privileged information, but let’s just take the ‘Build Your Own Website’ chapter as an example.

I have been learning about affiliate marketing for many years now. What I can say from experience is that when the point comes where John Crestani’s course leads you to build a website, he doesn’t simply provide you some trashy content and typical copy-pasted templates. These templates are usually mass marketed by low life affiliate marketing gurus, who try to con people into buying their online video tutorial courses.

What happens next is that Google Bot detects the templates as identical and labels your brand new website as a duplicate. It results in a couple of penalties, where your website content is always ranked it 7th or 8th page in the SERPs. Such kind of affiliate marketers do it intentionally to cut down the competition.

Remember that phrase: ‘the student becomes the master at one point’? That is exactly why you  should never spend money to buy substandard ‘How to Make Money Online’ courses. Their founders do touch the basics, but they never reveal the true elements that will indeed help you notch up your skills to the big boys league level.

affiliate marketing ninja

Anyhow, coming back to ‘Internet JetSet’ and the Super Affiliate System. Both of these programs follow a 12 week approach, where each week is dedicated to teaching one specific aspect of affiliate marketing. Eventually, all the effort and 80+ hours of John’s tutorials lead you to creating your own website and selling whatever products in the first week. More about that later in this review

But First…

Don’t Fall For ‘Make Your First Affiliate Sale In First Two Hours’!

john crestani scam

Okay, this is the part where John Crestani in his Super Affiliate System literally claims that you can make your first grand income in the first two hours of launching your very own website.

Technically, it can happen, if you know how to properly set things up and where to market your affiliate products, but it is still a far-fetched shot for newbies.

You can definitely make a few bucks – and I will consider you lucky to make a few hundred dollars from a high-ticket expensive item, but totally relying on this particular claim would not be the right thing. I am not blaming John for making that statement, but perhaps he could have toned it in a slightly different manner so as not to create such a hype.

John Crestani Course: Super Affiliate System Is a 12-Week Grueling Training Regime:

Okay, so unlike other get rich quick affiliate marketing programs where they promise you your very own lavish lifestyle, helicopters and sports cars in like 4 weeks, John Crestani his course follows a very long trail. In 12 weeks, you are supposed to follow his tutorials to get more than just acquainted with each and every aspect of internet marketing, and how to make your own affiliate website.

This affiliate website, or your very own marketing model could be based on anything.

  • Clickbank Product Marketing
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Ebay Affiliate Marketing
  • Anything Else or Popular Online Worth Reselling For a Commission

Like I was saying, the Super Affiliate System and ‘Internet JetSet’ both leave it all up to you in the end. The program will teach you about Amazon affiliate marketing, where in the end you will choose a product to sell and people will buy it. Granted that you have done what John has taught you and you have done it with great effort and skill.

You will be expected to practice copywriting, making sales letters and presell pages. If you are not a hard working person, the program cannot make you to create your own templates. Although John does outline how to write compelling content like a pro, he is eventually not going to force you to practice copywriting. You’re going to have to do it on your own terms and time later.

Likewise, there are tons of presell page templates that are specifically designed for funnel marketing purposes. These templates are made to be integrated into your own presell page, but while you are doing it, don’t copy word for word. Change the text to your audience’s liking and age group. Be honest with your online buyers about whatever you’re marketing and they will convert into loyal customers.

Tons of Modules Served On a Platter:

The main highlight of the Super Affiliate System is that John Crestani has already done the hard work for you. He did his research, painted whatever works and whatever doesn’t right and wrong to save you time.

john crestani course

Image from John Crestani’s Free Webinar on Internet JetSet.

The training modules, are integrated into the course to help you save time and effort. You can, however, find training videos and tids n’ bits of different affiliate marketing programs at YouTube, but why make all this effort when John Crestani Course is offering everything on one platform?

The only uptake is to dedicate yourself to the method and that’s about it. Talking about modules, they cover different sections; like for instance, there’s a detailed part about Google – Free Traffic Module. This is one of the earliest modules for you to go through in the Super Affiliate System. You will learn about basics of SEO, how the SERPs take place, how Google Bot actually sees and reads your website, keywords research and placement etc.

John encourages you to do your own keywords research because some high-ticket popular words are very competitive. Their SEO can take ages and multiples of 5-figure expense plan to even rank your website for those keywords. However, you can start with low competition words to make your first set of income within the first month of starting an affiliate-marketing website.

From then on, you can move towards advanced techniques where John Crestani has actually applied extra effort to teach beginners about Google Adwords, Facebook Ads buying, placement and marketing – so on and so forth.

Taboola is also one of the online ads network where the Super Affiliate System teaches you about setting up proper keyword campaigns, but at Taboola, entry level advertisers have a tenacity to overspend and actually end up in loss rather than making any profit.

Is ‘ Super Affiliate System’ Worth Buying?

To best answer this question, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this wonderful affiliate marketing course.


Super Affiliate System Is a Direct Upsell:

It means that this is the latest and the most up to date version of the basic ‘Internet JetSet’ program. The old program is very rich in format and does teach you a lot of things, but the techniques are mundane by comparison.

We have reached the end of 2018. The original John Crestani course was released back 3 – 4 years ago, which is like “ages” in internet lingo. Since things are changing so fast online, you have to learn the newest methods to ensure that whatever you are paying for the training course is actually well worth it.

You Can Practically Get Internet JetSet For Free!!!

Yes, that’s right. As long as you are signing up as a Super Affiliate System user by purchasing the program, Internet JetSet and all of its associated training material is going to be available free of cost. The best way to get acquainted with John’s crash course on affiliate marketing is by following this link:

Beginner Friendly Online Course:

As a beginner, expect to get the most value out of the entire bundle. Especially, if you have bought the Super Affiliate System, you will get the most value for the money because all of the basic training contents plus the extra ones are added as a bonus. There’s no hidden fee for the extra bonus content.

Room For Improvisation:

John Crestani course does not follow a cookie cutter approach. You are not force or subjected to apply specific internet marketing techniques to become the next big affiliate marketing guru. Since the Super Affiliate System and the Internet JetSet programs are so rich in content, there are limitless possibilities, which encourage you to devise your own techniques.

For instance, you can make your own presell pages, you can customize the Facebook ads templates, you can do email marketing with a personalized touch – should all of it assure that your audience will convert. Do it!

Live Webinars With John Crestani:

internet jetset

Live webinars are the best thing that give ultimate value to Super Affiliate System course. As a reviewer and self taught affiliate marketer myself, I have blown a lot of money on many training courses. All of this has been going on since 2008.

Since that time, I have seen that many affiliate marketing JVs and training platforms do not set any possibilities for Q&A sessions, or repeat customers. Students always run into questions and if the teacher is not there to assist them, what’s the point of enrolling in such program?

​​​​John Crestani’s course encourages online visitors, explicitly those who have bought his Super Affiliate System, to come and join him in his scheduled webinars. This way, you can get an insider glimpse on what other people are asking, your own questions will be answered regarding subject matter expertise on affiliate marketing and what not.

Even if you have missed the webinar by some unfortunate chance, you can get a link to the recorded session afterwards. The availability of the webinar is like having the opportunity to speak with John and other participants to help share knowledge about the future of affiliate marketing and how the latest changes apply to your website.


‘Super Affiliate System’ Is Not Cheap

By ‘not cheap’, you are to make a one-time payment of $997 to get full access to the course’s contents. This is definitely a high price for many struggling affiliate marketers who are looking to make ends meet in their respective lives.

However, seeing that this is a 12 week course, where John and his associate: Ashley, have done a tremendous job of teaching each and everything in a very beginner friendly format, it is fair to pay $997 as one-time payment.

If, by any chance, you still don’t feel confident or you are looking for a discount, use my affiliate link for some percentage off:

And if that doesn’t do the trick for you, you can watch an exclusive free training webinar. It will give you an introductory insight on the basics, and all there is to it to help you get started on buying the Super Affiliate System easily.

This program used to have a members only access model, where you were required to pay a monthly subscription. However, since the most recent update of the Super Affiliate System, Internet JetSet is free of cost.

The First Sale In Two Hour Claim Is Kinda’ Unrealistic:

That’s the part where I was talking about earlier. You can make your first sale in two hours of launching your affiliate-marketing network website, but it is unrealistic. A realistic approach would have been the first week or maybe the first 48 hours.

super affiliate network

Maybe John aggressively marketed his own affiliate marketing website back when he was going through the hoops, and indeed end up making his mega sale in the first two hours. However, beginners are slow learners and a lot of things can go wrong when you are trying to set things up on the internet for the first time.

Other than that, there are no major setbacks concerning the Super Affiliate System. At least, I didn’t find anything. Oh, and yes, once you have bought the Super Affiliate System course, you have a lifetime access to all the contents. There is no 6-month course renewal fee or anything; everything can be viewed, downloaded and followed for the life of the program.

Good luck out there, and don’t forget to write to us after rejoicing in the spirit of buying the Super Affiliate System today!

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