5 Key Ways To Start An Email List Before Your Product Launch
Way too many people think that selling a product is easy to do. After all, they just need to create something people will want, create a few ads, optimize the traffic and sales start to happen.That’s the way it goes, right? Here’s a sobering reality for you – it doesn’t happen like that! Instead, if you just think that’s all you have to do you won’t get any sales at all. Want to avoid that? Of course, you do!
How to Make Your Sales Funnel More Powerful with Video Marketing
Digital marketing moves so hard, now and then it can get close to impossible to keep going.As soon as you’ve made your website optimized for the search engines and you’ve done some blogging you’ve got to plan a vibrant and engaging email strategy. Once you believe you’ve got a grip on your email list, it’s time to turn to all those social media channels.And don’t even get me started on landing pages, lead magnets, and conversion rates.
A Detailed Look Inside the Content Marketing Ecosystem [Infographic]
How much content should your brand post? Many companies try to publish content daily, but others feel lucky if they can get a post up once a week. To learn more about companies’ content demands, CopyPress surveyed more than 300 in-house marketers, agencies, and freelancers to understand how they determine publishing schedules. You can check out the full white paper or read the following infographic for a few highlights.
Avoid These 4 Big Monetization Mistakes On Your Blog
Many Internet marketers complain about their list size. In fact, one Internet marketer complained via Facebook that they had nearly 2,000 people on their blog email list. The problem, they said, was that their mailing service would begin charging them $30 a month even though their blog doesn’t generate that much. This Internet marketer has 2,000 loyal readers that provided their email addresses, but don’t have an understanding of how to establish a relationship and monetize a blog.
625 Amazing Online Marketing Tools That Will Boost Your Results
If you want to stand any chance of running a succesfull blog you will need a lot of different online marketing tools to help you achieve your goal. It can be a daunting task finding the right online marketing tools that will do the job for your website. For this reason I wrote this article so you have every tool you need to build and grow your website in one place.
16 Best WordPress plugins every blogger should use
While WordPress is the best platform for your blog it needs the best WordPress plugins to give it the extra functionality it needs as the core software lacks quite a bit of customization options.The best way to make your blog top notch is by installing a few plugins that will make your website customized to your needs.
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