How To Skyrocket Your Video Advertising Results
Video advertising offers marketers a great way in which to expand their reach and connect with their target audience. And, they can do it in all kinds of ways. How so? More consumers have turned their heads away from traditional media and are using digital video to get their entertainment, to become aware of brands and learn about the world.
The 11 Best Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel
When a video has been posted to YouTube, and it doesn’t get any views, is the video even really there? That’s the burning question video marketers often have. Here’s a sobering fact: 300 hours of video is uploaded to the popular social media video site every minute.How can someone get their message out when they need to compete with numbers like that?If you haven’t heard this before or if you had, it needs to be reiterated – 2016 is video’s year.
10 Great Reasons For Using Facebook Retargeting
All marketers have one dream – to establish themselves as a leader with a large online presence and to get personal with their audience. It’s why you need to create an email list and set up an email marketing campaign.What you need to understand is that creating that email list is just one part of the goal. You also have to get your email subscribers to convert.And, that’s the most important portion of all your efforts.
How To Attract More Consumers With Viral Marketing
All marketers have the same goal – to let people know –far and wide – about their brand. They hope that the content they produce will go viral. Of course, people in the industry know that’s easy to say something will go viral than to actually see it go viral. Marketers have to use social media to make people aware of their message, but taking it to the viral level is something totally different?
Re-Using Your Content Magnet To Rank In SERPs
Magnetic content is content that’s good, seeks user’s attention, content that users wish to share and engage themselves. The marketer's dream is to make popular content that compels your customer to buy your offer. Not all marketers are a pro at it, requires some significant efforts and tactics.
5 Key Ways To Start An Email List Before Your Product Launch
Way too many people think that selling a product is easy to do. After all, they just need to create something people will want, create a few ads, optimize the traffic and sales start to happen.That’s the way it goes, right? Here’s a sobering reality for you – it doesn’t happen like that! Instead, if you just think that’s all you have to do you won’t get any sales at all. Want to avoid that? Of course, you do!
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