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How to make a Succesful Social Media Marketing Campaign
Have you ever felt you have gotten ahead of yourself on something and failed? Don’t feel too bad! That’s a part of human nature. And, it’s something that marketers often do without even realizing it. It’s no big surprise as to why it happens. The market is constantly moving forward. What works today may not work tomorrow or shortly. This also holds up for a succesful social media marketing campaign.
8 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid
Consider this: Your business' new email marketing campaign was just sent out. The content is amazing, the call to action is irresistible and the subject headline can't miss... or so you believe. You eagerly check your analytics, but it is evident that your email campaign is falling way short of your expectations.
Quick SEO Wins for Personal Branding
There are typically two types of clients I encounter: the ones who know they need personal branding on behalf of their business, and the ones who barely understand branding in even a general perspective.Of course a business (whether it’s a product or service) should have its own branding strategy – as you may know this includes an integrated marketing and PR approach compromised of traditional and digital promotional methods.
Complete guide how to launch your perfect webinar
Webinars are an effective way to market content, especially static content like research papers or case studies. Think of an engaging perfect webinar like a great radio show that is well produced and includes images. You can break it down into a small theater show with 5 acts.A perfect webinar that is well produced will take your visitors from "just looking" to "I want it right now".
How To Effectively Use Hashtags And Not Be Annoying
By now in 2016 we are all familiar with hashtags, but do you know how to effectively use hashtags properly? Once the hashtags (# sign used to group content on social media) are used correctly, finding relevant content becomes much simpler. They can increase your social shares as well as helping your message get more visibility. If you use them the wrong way they can adversely influence your reputation on social media and as a result have a negative impact on your social media engagement.
All you need to know on B2B Mid Funnel Content
Have you ever wondered what makes a business transaction an absolute success? Is it what happens at the beginning and the end of that transaction that determines success? A buyer sees the success of a transaction as not what only happens at the beginning and end but what goes on during it. And, what the buyer sees going in the middle of the transaction ends up laying out two things for a company
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