625 Amazing Online Marketing Tools That Will Boost Your Results
If you want to stand any chance of running a succesfull blog you will need a lot of different online marketing tools to help you achieve your goal. It can be a daunting task finding the right online marketing tools that will do the job for your website. For this reason I wrote this article so you have every tool you need to build and grow your website in one place.
5 Key Ways To Start An Email List Before Your Product Launch
Way too many people think that selling a product is easy to do. After all, they just need to create something people will want, create a few ads, optimize the traffic and sales start to happen.That’s the way it goes, right? Here’s a sobering reality for you – it doesn’t happen like that! Instead, if you just think that’s all you have to do you won’t get any sales at all. Want to avoid that? Of course, you do!
5 Tips On Facebook Advertising for Service Based Businesses
If you’re a service-based business, you may be struggling with the right approach to online advertising. Unless you have an emergency-based service, you may not be getting the calls and leads you want from a PPC campaign. Facebook advertising can be an effective platform that can help you generate the results you want. Let’s dive into why this is the case and some best practices for advertising your service business on Facebook.
How to Create a Great Daily Writing Routine
Whether you are an acclaimed novelist with several awards on your shelve or an up and coming freelancer, writing can be difficult. All writers struggle with actually sitting down and being able to get some ideas down on paper. Who can blame them? With constant distractions and the general commotion of our daily lives, actually being able to focus for a while can be very difficult.
Facebook Lead Ads – The Complete Guide
One of the best lead generation tools all companies around the world can implement is Facebook Lead Ads. What are FB lead ads? They allow people to demonstrate their interest in a service/product by giving an advertiser a pre-filled form. FB lead ads are a wonderful way to generate superior-quality leads via the popular social media platform. This simple process gives advertisers a great way to produce low-cost leads. With a few clicks on the lead ad, a lead’s information is recorded with no need to fill out forms.
How to Create and Maintain Evergreen Content [Video]
In this video I want to talk about creating and maintaining evergreen content on your website.We all know most blog posts are annuals. You publish them, they generate some views and shares for a while, and then they basically go dormant. Your readers might land on your old content occasionally. But think of it this way: When was the last time you went through your blog’s archives? Or clicked on a search result that was over a year old?