11 Best Amazon Keyword Tools For Amazon FBA Sellers

Here are 11 of the best Amazon keyword tools for FBA sellers in 2021 that you didn’t know about. Most of these keyword tools have free plans while others are low-cost. With so many Amazon FBA keyword tools out there, choosing what to use can be tough. This video should help you answer which are the best Amazon keyword tools to use in 2021 and make more money as an FBA seller.

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11 Best Amazon Keyword Tools For Amazon FBA Sellers - Video transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel. In this video I would like to go over the best Amazon keyword tools for FBA sellers , so be sure to watch all the way through so you don't miss any of the important details as we do have a lot to cover.

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So please consider subscribing and turning on your post notifications if you like channels that don’t waste your valuable time, with that said let's get right into this video.

Your sales are only as strong as their searches, and most of it starts with having the right keywords. But instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, take a data-driven approach that fits with Amazon’s A10 search algorithm.

So let’s go over the eleven best Amazon keyword tools for FBA sellers. The first one up and my personal favorite is Jungle Scout. There are so many reasons why I love Jungle Scout, with their Keyword Scout tool being one of the main ones.

You can collect high-ranking keywords based on crucial data points showing both precise and broad search volumes. Plus, they have a reverse product search so you can see exactly what buyers are searching for.

You can analyze past keyword performance for up to two years and view monthly and quarterly trend data. Then you can use this information to generate a full picture of a product’s seasonality and popularity over time, adjust pay per click campaigns and optimize listings.

Plans are really affordable with the basic plan for $39 per month, the Suite plan for $69, and the Professional plan for $129 a month, you can save up to 55% on a yearly subscription with a 7-day money-back guarantee. I left a link for you in the description if you want to check it out.

The next Amazon keyword tool I want to mention is Helium 10. You might have noticed Helium 10 is frequently mentioned, and for good reason. It’s a turbo-powered Amazon tool that knocks keyword research out of the park. Start by entering in a keyword, then click around on the many features to get a really deep and involved look at the best keywords.

For those tight on money, stick to the free plan with limited features. Or you can splurge on the Platinum for $97 a month, the Diamond plan for $197 a month or go all in with the Elite plan for $397 a month, you also get 2 months free when subscribing annually.

Moving on to the third tool on my list which is the Google Keyword Planner. It’s tough to beat Google’s depth and simplicity, especially when it comes to their Keyword Planner.

All you have to do is type in a keyword and Google will respond with its rough average monthly searches, level of competition and top of page bid.

You can broaden your search with the related keywords it suggests, expand related keywords in the right sidebar, get historical metrics and forecasts, and use Google’s tips for more ideas. It’s a free tool, but watch that you’re matching keywords to Amazon’s A10 algorithm and not Google’s.

Now, if you prefer a native tool for your keyword research, give the Amazon Keyword Tool ago. Like Google, all you have to do is type in a keyword and press enter and you’ll get results for search volume, trend, cost per click and competition, as well as the same results for related keywords.

However, there’s a catch: it costs money to view the full results. Plans are $89 a month for Pro Basic, $99 per month for Pro Plus and $199 per month for Pro Business with a 30-day money-back guarantee on each plan, but you can save up to 20% with annual billing.

For roughly the same price as the previous keyword research tool, Ahrefs offers just as many features, if not more. They boast a database of 7 billion plus keywords that are refreshed monthly, with data for 171 countries. And if you want to dive in deeper, you can get into their advanced metrics or serp metrics.

The Lite plan is $99 a month, with plans going up to $999 per month for agency use. But if you sign up for annual billing, you get two months free. Give it a try free for 7 days and make sure to take advantage of their 24 7 customer support and private Facebook community for all the resources and help you’ll need.

SellerApp is number 6 on my list. If you’re looking for some accurate and updated keyword results, SellerApp is your go-to keyword tool.

Using its free keyword research tool, you can find relevant and high-converting keywords that are within the scope of Amazon SEO. Besides, you will get insights into keyword metrics such as search volume, cost per click and estimated orders.

If you want to use their data-backed tools with accurate results, you can sign up for their free trial. You will get an extra 25% off on the yearly subscriptions and will get to choose from a Pro-Lite plan at $89 a month and a Professional plan for $149 per month.

Next one up is Keyword Inspector. With more than 600 million keywords and the ability to perform reverse product searches, Keyword Inspector can assist you in cutting through all the fluff and getting only the profitable keywords that work for you.

They’ve also got databases and reports that are country-specific so you can use what works best in each country you sell in.

Pricing is quite affordable, with their usual $59.95 fee on a limited time offer for just $39.95 with a free 3-day trial. But once you’re in, you can access a plethora of great research tools. If you only want to dip your toes in before committing, check out their free suggestions tool or free search terms tool.

Number 8 is AMZ One. While you can use AMZ One for just about all of your Amazon needs, one of its crown jewels is everything involved with keyword research, from simple ranks to sophisticated rank tracking.

You can track, analyze and optimize keywords and then update your product listings, knowing you’re on your way to outmuscling your competitors.

The Basic Plan is only $20 a month and goes up to $180 per month for the Professional Plan, with savings if you subscribe annually. They also have a free trial, but it’s not time-based. Instead, you can test out one keyword, one sales tracking, one negative review tracking and one product for free.

For a well-rounded and highly affordable tool, Merchant Words should be near the top of your list. They’ve been building their database for the 7 years they’ve been around, and have expanded to include keywords for almost every Amazon marketplace.

Even better, they’ll give you suggestions for longtail keywords, which is something too many Amazon sellers ignore.

If you’re keeping things small and local, their Silver Plan at $29 a month should do you just fine, with Amazon data for one country. But if you need more, their Gold Plan at $79 or the Platinum Plan at $149 a month gets you more features and reach, with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Now, if you’re an Amazon seller who’s just getting started and don’t have a ton of money to invest on tools, then bookmark Sonar. It’s completely free to use and will give you a great starting point for what keywords to use.

The main search returns your keyword and thousands of related keywords, with 0 to 3 bars indicating the search volume. There’s also a pool of frequent words on the right side you can use to expand your search.

The last one on my list and another free Amazon keyword research tool is WordTree. It lets you see what keywords your product does and doesn’t index for. Just enter in the product, site and keyword and you’ll get the results, and you can also do this for your competitors’ listings.

If you want to upgrade a bit, they offer reports at $20 each, which we recommend using about once a month or so.

Now, before we wrap this up. As you can see, there are a lot of steps involved in building an Amazon business. And I wouldn't recommend piecing together everything by simply watching videos on YouTube. This is why I suggest investing your time in a great free training that can guide you through this process.

I recommend this training because this is the best training on the market and one that I have personally gone through. They walk you through every aspect of what it takes to start, grow and scale your Amazon business.

This training will build off of what I talk about inside my videos so I left a link for you in the description and if you're serious about selling on Amazon I encourage you to check it out!

Now, although most of these Amazon keyword research tools have priced plans, remember that you sometimes have to spend money to make money. Luckily, there’s an option out there that’s really affordable and powerful in its breadth and scope which is Jungle Scout.

It’ll help you set custom pricing rules so you never have to worry about a buyer skipping over to a competitor’s more attractive listing, staying on yours instead. And when you sign up now, your 7 day free trial gives you plenty of time to get the edge on other sellers.

Thanks for watching and please make sure to watch the next videos with more Amazon FBA tips that will show up right about now.

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