Let Me Personally Work With You To Build, Market  & Scale Your Very Own 

High Ticket Coaching Program

The Business Wealth Accelerator mentorship and coaching program is designed from the ground up to help business owners and entrepreneurs take the ideas they have in their heads and make them a reality.

An immersive, streamlined, 60 day experience where my team and I will work with you, from planning your offer, building your sales funnel, launching your marketing campaigns and optimizing for sales.

We will work with you every step of the way and help you scale your idea into a multiple 6 figure business.

The Ultimate Business Coaching Program

Business Wealth Accelerator is a business transformation program that provides simple, individualised strategies, step-by-step execution plans, powered by trainings, coaching and accountability to help you turn your coaching business into a profit-making machine.

  • Tailored strategy for your business goals
  • Step-by-step implementation plans
  • Track progress and build healthy habits & culture
  • Coaching, training, and non-stop support
  • Guaranteed results

Your goals turned into strategy, steps and results

Up to 95% of entrepreneurs never reach their goals because they fail to execute the right strategy (What to do) and take the right action (How to do it). We work with you to create a step-by-step execution, provide tracking and non-stop accountability and support.

Standing Out From Your Competition

One of the biggest mistakes you'll likely have already made is worrying about your competition. Looking around the online world and seeing other people doing what you want to and you feel like there isn't any room for you...

See that's where this process comes in. We're going to work with you to create space for yourself. You need to cut out the noise and stand out from the crowd.

With our help, you'll be able to produce a specific marketing message that connects with your ideal customer more deeply and effectively than your competitors.

The 3 Pillars that ALL successful coaching businesses are built around

Once you've attained this, you may never want to go back. It's the combination of these three vital factors forming the ultimate "bliss zone" ...

#1: Expert Positioning And Its Benefits - highly underrated

Right now you might be wasting valuable time chasing down low-quality clients and negotiating deals you’ll end up regretting later. Clients want you to be available 24/7, but are only willing to pay you peanuts. What you don’t know: There’s a whole different world out there. A world where clients listen to industry experts and pay whatever it costs. They’re grateful and a joy to work with. It’s an upward spiral, once you transition into expert positioning, because the more money you earn the better service you can provide.

#2: A Predictable System For Getting Leads And Making Sales

Almost every consultant, service provider or coach that I get to know has the same problem. They’re depending on referrals. Yes, making sure your clients are happy so they refer you is good, but you shouldn't rely on it. If you do, you’re at the mercy of your clients and you’re one step away from going bankrupt. Without a consistent and predictable influx of new clients you don’t have a real business, but most importantly: your income is based on luck, fluctuates heavily and you can’t scale.

#3: Premium Pricing - not only higher income for you, but also better service for your clients! 

Without being in a position that allows you to charge premium prices you’re very likely to work way more and way harder than you actually have to.  But here’s the kicker: What about your clients? To tell the truth, you're doing them a disservice by charging lower prices! Think about it, lower prices means more work per client. That means less attention for each client and less time for you to think about improving your services. In short, your client work becomes less profitable AND less fun.

What if there was a way that allowed you to charge $2k+ per client? With this type of pay you can happily go the extra mile for every single one of your clients, maybe hire an assistant to provide additional support and have all the time in the world to get a better understanding of what your clients really need.

What Makes Our Clients So Successful?

Proper System & Guidance

It all starts with the foundation – faulty system, faulty results. Starting with a proven game plan that thousands of our customers have already successfully executed and gotten results with makes a big difference. Especially when you're just starting out in the high-ticket world.

Speed of Implementation

Instead of wasting weeks for the "perfect time to start", we make sure our clients take action. Gaining momentum takes energy. Knowing that there's an early "phase of inertia" when you start something new, the key is to get the ball rolling fast, and keep the momentum.

Developing Lifetime Skills

People who are able to achieve long-lasting changes in their lives, do so because they have developed a tangible skill set above mere step-by-step-instructions that stop at any given stage. They can self-reliantly adjust to immediate changes in their environments.

Winner Community

You're going to be influenced by the people you spend the most time with. This is why it's much easier to make leaps and bounds when there's an active community of fellow successful business owners. Meeting like-minded people and getting help from a smart coaching team is another plus.

Mental Shifts & Breakthroughs

We often deal with old, archaic thought patterns and limiting beliefs in ourselves that don't suit us as we're growing. Part of our job is to also deliver mental transformation and get you to the next level. Within a short amount of time, our students learn to think differently about the world, their business, and themselves.

Continuous Improvement

We don't leave things "as is". The status quo is to be challenged. New methods are to be tested and observed in the real world before we present it to our clients. New findings and better procedures are quickly implemented in order to be most up-to-date, so all of our trainings are continuously improved. 

We've seen it time and time again, entrepreneurs with a good idea and the right attitude, can build and scale beyond what they thought capable.

Jenny Roberts

I had always thought to myself if I were to start over again with my business I would get some advice or coaching. Then I realized that I was not reaching my full potential and was really just limping along with 1-2 weak prospects in my pipeline at any given time. Within 6 weeks of working with the Business Wealth Accelerator team my pipeline was full and the first new clients were in place. Most importantly I have learned to focus more on the unique value I can deliver and that has increased my own sense of satisfaction with what I do. Not knowing I thought it was a risk to invest 4 figures in coaching, now I view it not as a risk but a necessity."


I'm excited to share another win today! After persistent follow up, I just finished signing up another coaching client which is my 7th client so far since working closely with the Business Wealth Accelerator team. Of course I still have a long way to go but revenue is coming in, people are saying yes to my offers and I'm so much more clear on my business model including my pricing, packages, marketing strategy, sales process, and so much more."


I wanted to find a better way to package my expertise and services to convey greater value. That's exactly what I've done as part of the Business Wealth Accelerator Coaching program. I have stronger and better defined packaged offerings, my pipeline is growing and my revenue is up 80% year over year. I recommend working with Business Wealth Accelerator to any coach who wants to grow, improve and take their business to a higher level."


I was heading into new territory and wanted to achieve growth fast. It felt like a big investment, committing several thousand dollars into the coaching program. I have to say, it was the right decision. From day one I got the support I wanted and needed including clear guidance on how to present my offerings, approach my marketing and win more proposals. In a matter of weeks, with help re-structuring my offerings so I can serve multiple clients at once, I added $20k/mo to my business. This has been a very positive investment!"


I was very skeptical before joining the Business Wealth Accelerator because of bad past experiences in other coaching programs. I'm so glad I took the leap of faith and joined. This is the most organized and structured coaching program I've ever been part of. It's so powerful because it's focused strictly on coaches, and their talented team of coaches deliver massive value! I am more clear and confident on my plan for greater growth, who I'm able to best serve, and my offerings and business model are now optimized. I'm excited for what's coming next!"


I've landed 11 new clients during the program. I didn't know what I was getting into when I jumped on a call to learn more about the program, but I'm so glad I did. There are a lot of key learnings I've got working with you guys. I sincerely appreciate everything that I've received in terms of support, but also in terms of my own business and the amount of business that I've been on to write and increased my billings exponentially."



Finding The Diamonds

This is where we'll be finding the right people for your offer. But not only that, this module is all about learning how to speak their language, trigger their buying receptors and nail the sale.

Social Media Mastery

For most offers, social media traffic is the perfect sales vehicle. The problem is that most people starting out have no idea how to make it work. It seems daunting. To date, I've made about $1,000,000 with social media marketing, so there is no better team out there to help you to leverage the power of social media to grow your business.

The Irresistible Offer

Whatever you are selling, a course, a program, consultancy, whatever. We'll make sure that you can package it up in a way that it is irresistible to your audience. We'll make your offer become an absolute no-brainer in the minds of your ideal customers.

Bridge Funnel Mastery

If you're selling a lower ticket offer, then we've got a dedicated track for you. We'll take you through the exact funnel setup you'll need to build a high-converting bridge funnel. Perfect for anything from $5 to $300.

The Magnetic Messaging

We'll be learning not only who our audience is but the most important things you need to know about how to communicate with them. How to make them feel heard and how to bring them to a place that they want what you are selling, before you've even told them what it is!

Unstoppable Traffic

By now, your audience is identified, your message is enticing and your funnel is ready, it's time to open the floodgates. You'll have everything you need to start crushing it with a predictable paid ads strategy, which will become the life-blood of your business.

Let Me Personally Work With You To Build, Market & Scale Your Very Own 

High Ticket Coaching Program



Weekly Coaching Calls With Me

We've seen countless training courses out there that promise the world but fail to deliver.

Here's the thing, with most courses if you get stuck, you've got nowhere to turn! Maybe you could send an email to the creator and hope they reply within the month, if ever.

This is different, several times a week you can jump online and have me answer your question LIVE on a call.


I'll go through your funnels, watch your ads and critique your messaging.

No stone will be left unturned as we work to turn your idea into a profitable reality.

You will get answers to your personal questions, feedback on your work and expert guidance on how to overcome your individual roadblocks and challenges.


Download Our Done For You Fast Start Templates

We have provided our very best checklists, email swipes, blueprints and templates, ready for you to download and use.

All you need to do is fill in the blanks.

This realy is an unfair advantage and ready for you inside the program

We have packed the Business Wealth Accelerator with many useful tools, worksheets, to help you grow your coaching business with ease and clarity.

So we can support you in your journey & help you in truly improving all-important skill sets and areas of your coaching business, we’re giving these epic bonuses as a gift to you.

Let Me Personally Work With You To Build, Market & Scale Your Very Own 

High Ticket Coaching Program

Real Results Guaranteed

We offer the only coaching program exclusively for coaches that guarantees specific results.

The Business Wealth Accelerator Coaching Program is for coaches who want an effective way to market their services, attract more leads and clients, earn higher fees and win more business.

As long as you take consistent action and follow our recommendations within 8 weeks of enrolling in the program you will:


  • Know how to effectively identify and target your ideal clients with your message and marketing.
  • Develop a marketing message that will get the attention and interest of your ideal client so they start to respond to your messages and want to speak with you about your expertise and how you can help them.
  • You will have effective clear packaging, positioning and pricing of your services that allow you to earn premium fees.
  • You will have identified and begun building a repeatable and efficient marketing system that allows you to generate qualified leads, get in front of your ideal clients, and build a real pipeline of business.

If you haven’t achieved these specific results by the end of the 8 week coaching program we will continue to work with you, on our dime and at no additional cost to you, for as long as it takes and until you achieve these results.

Should You Invest in Business Wealth Accelerator?

A good way to decide is to ask this question...

What is it worth to you to achieve your coaching goals?

For example, what is your income goal? Is it $300,000? $750,000? $1.5 million? Whatever the number is, imagine you could achieve that goal in 12 months. If you could do that, how would your life change?

  • Would you spend more time at home with your kids?
  • Would you take more vacations and travel the world more?
  • Would you pay off your mortgage or credit card debt?
  • Would you fire some bad clients because you no longer NEED them to pay the bills?
  • Would you experience more joy in your work doing more of what you WANT to do and less of what you HAVE to do?
  • Would you be able hire employees and improve someone else’s life?
  • Would you be able to give to the charitable causes that are close to your heart and help others less fortunate?
  • The investment in the Business Wealth Accelerator Coaching Program is an investment in yourself and your business. 

    Start right now and fill out your application and book your call to get full access to everything in our program. All the video trainings, proven scripts, templates and step by step action plans. Plus all the bonuses & weekly coaching calls with me.

    Let Me Personally Work With You To Build, Market & Scale Your Very Own 

    High Ticket Coaching Program

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