Why I Think SerpBook Is The Best Keyword Ranck Tracker?

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Accurate Keyword Ranck Tracker


With Serpbook you can track regional keywords, local keywords, Google Maps and YouTube rankings.

User Friendly

The Serpbook interface is very simple to use. It runs very fast and you can quickly access the data you need.


The very reasonable pricing starts at only $9.95 a month which makes this product excellent value for money .

Summary: The best keyword rank tracker that's out there.. It’s simple, cheap, and fast. This is what I personally recommend to keep track of all of your keyword rankings across all of your personal and niche sites. Local keyword tracking, Mobile, YouTube, and Google Maps. Plans start under $10!.

  • Mobile Keyword Tracking.
  • Simle & effective solution.
  • Sophisticated charts & Powerful notes.
  • Very fast user interface.
  • Google Analytics integration.

Starting at $9.95/month

If you need to measure, evaluate, and rank for keywords as well as improve your website, then SERP Book is for you. This tool helps you find keywords that you will be able to rank for, which will improve your page rank.

The end result is that your SEO strategy is more effective and you get the traffic that you need to your website as you have a higher page rank in the search engines. You’ll have a competitive edge over your rivals in whatever industry you are in.

With the software, you can track your rank in Bing, Yahoo, and Google. You want to rank high in Google for example, as they only rank for the first 300 results for keywords.

SERP Book collects keyword ranking which you can then share with your clients. The results are quick and very reliable and will work on any device. You also don’t have to manually manage proxies as the tool will do this automatically for you.

The Plans

There are plans available to meet any need you have include Basic, Essential, Professional, Extreme, Ultimate, Enterprise and finally, Enterprise+. Then plans differ in the number of domains and keywords supported as well as in price.

They all offer daily Yahoo, Alexa, Backlink updates, PageRank, and Bing updates and bihourly Google updates so you’ll know where you stand. You get e-mail alerts, Excel reporting, white label PDF, and category link sharing.

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On-demand updates







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The Dashboard and Setup

It’s easy to setup as you do this via the web. The dashboard is easy to navigate and organized well. You can add domains, create a category, and submit your keywords to get started with SERP Book. To manage and monitor your keywords, you create a category. You can view keywords across many categories with the tool.

If you sell cameras, for example, you’ll be able to monitor and group the keywords across the major brands like Toshiba, Canon, and Sony. You can delete a keyword category if you no longer need it.

Charts allow you to view tracking details so you can view all the information you need in one location. You can view tracking easily for the Bing, Yahoo, and Google search engines.

serpbook dashboard

Sharing Categories

You can share a category with a client if you wish. You can provide a link to a category so your client knows what you’re doing to check and improve their rankings. You can also share the live results of the positions of keywords which helps you with your SEO strategy and planning.

Serpbook categories

Using Notes

With the SERP Book software, you can write notes related to keywords and campaigns in the charts. When you combine this with historical graphs, you can view what works and what doesn’t for that campaign. This helps you improve the ranking of the site.

Serpbook notes

Using Reports

With SERP book, you can create Excel ranking reports which provide you with important information such as week, day, page rank, month ranking, monthly search volume on Google, and backlinks. You can create PDF reports which can contain your own logo if you wish or name.

Instant Notifications

When a keyword submitted changed in rank, you get a notification via SERP Book by e-mail. This happens instantly so you don’t have to wait days or weeks to know your ranks which by then, would have changed again. The notification tells you if a specific keyword leaves the top ten or 100 ranking which you can set yourself.

API Access for Developers

You can use a custom application to access your tracking details if you wish. You can a build your own backend or dashboard or extend it with your own SEO applications.

Search Engine Rank Tracker Features

  • Email Alerts
  • Country Based
  • Whitelabel reports
  • Whitelabel Solution
  • Daily Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Developer API
  • 3 Search Engines
  • 2 Report Options
  • 14 Day Free Trial

Pros of SERPbook

The interface is fast, accurate, and mobile friendly. You get real-time updates, the ability to add notes, as well as e-mail alerts. You can view local ranking and share categories. There’s trial and error testing, integration with Google Analytics, custom white label reporting, full support, third-party API access, and the program is very affordable.

Cons of SERP Book

There're fewer domains and fewer keywords supported when compared with other programs. There’s less development as the program is still new. Despite the drawbacks, this program offers a lot for the price you pay. New features and more support will be added.


SERP Book is an amazing tool for improving and tracking your SEO efforts so you can stay ahead of your competition.

Starting at only $9.95 per month!

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