Amazon Buy Box – How To Win The Amazon Buy Box ( 9 Tips To Get Started)

Winning the Amazon Buy box is what all Amazon sellers want as who wins the buy box has 90% of all listing's sales! In this video, I will discuss with you, what is the Amazon Buy Box and give you 9 tips on how to win the buy box on Amazon.

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Amazon Buy Box - How To Win The Amazon Buy Box ( 9 Tips To Get Started)-Video transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel. In this video I would like to go over how to win the Amazon buy box, so be sure to watch all the way through so you don't miss any of the important details as we do have a lot to cover.

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Now, statistics show that the Amazon buy box counts for up to 90% of Amazon sales. So millions of Amazon sellers are scrambling to win the buy box. They are looking for all possible ways to be the Amazon Buy Box winner. In their eyes, if you have no Buy Box, it means you have no sales.

Now, what is the Amazon buy box? The Amazon Buy Box is the white box on the top right-hand side of the Amazon product page that includes the most important call-to-action message: Add to cart” or “Buy Now.”

This feature makes it very easy for shoppers to add the item to their cart. This buy box is a great way to get more sales for your business. As there is only one seller who can win the buy box. The Amazon algorithm determines the winner according to various factors such as pricing, availability, fulfillment, and customer service..

The buy box is also important for Amazon advertising campaigns and other promotions. Losing the buy box means that you are losing a powerful marketing channel as it offers great product visibility and exposure.

Now, let’s go over 9 tips to help you win the buy box. Tip number 1 is to become buy box eligible. To win the Amazon buy box, you have to create a professional seller account on the Amazon platform.

There are two types of seller accounts, individual accounts and professional accounts. The former is free of subscription cost, while the latter costs $39.99 per month.  But the latter will come with many privileges. One of the privileges is the access to the buy box. With a professional seller account, you have to engage in selling for at least 90 days to be eligible.

The algorithm determines which seller wins the Buy Box for a particular product. The product you are selling must be new and available in stock. It will assess the seller’s feedback and ratings. As a seller you must emphasize your brand reputations and customer reviews.

According to past data, only sellers with a great reputation and many positive customer feedback have a chance to win the Amazon Buy Box. Trusted by online shoppers,  Amazon tends to give customers the best purchasing experiences. So it’s in Amazon’s best interest to deliver high-quality sellers to its customers.

Normally, these sellers will enjoy a lot of positive testimonials. They will offer affordable prices and a great purchasing experience to online shoppers. If you meet these basic requirements, you are eligible to become the Amazon Buy Box winner.

Tip 2 is to get more positive feedback. As we know, Amazon always puts the customer first. The customer’s’ feedback for their buying experience greatly impacts the seller’s ratings. As a result, what customers say about your sales performance and your products goes a long way in determining your success on Amazon.

Seller feedback ratings have a great impact on whether you win the Buy Box or not. Negative feedback will undermine your feedback rating and lower down your score. While positive feedback will help boost your sales and gain an advantage over the competition.

Here you will see the power of positive seller feedback. Amazon is most likely to give the Buy Box to the seller who always makes their customer happy.

Normally, the most recent feedback will have the greatest impact on your score in the Amazon algorithm. The number of seller feedback or customer reviews will also matter for the Amazon Buy Box holder. A feedback scoring over 90 percent is essential for obtaining the Amazon Buy Box share.

The third tip is to choose the right fulfillment method. The Amazon algorithm rates order fulfillment as one of the most important factors that determine the winner of the Amazon Buy Box. The best way to win the buy box is to use Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA means Amazon is responsible for your order fulfillment. It will help product inventory, package, and shipping to the customer. On the sellers’ side, they only have to send their items to an Amazon warehouse.

This is because these products are Prime eligible. Amazon has “Perfect Seller Rating” for product shipping time and on-time delivery which means your score will be higher too. What’s more, any problems during the Amazon fulfillment will not affect your scores.

Tip number 4 is to optimize your pricing. The product price is the second most important factor considered by Amazon. As we know, the price plays a vital role in customers’ buying decisions. To get more sales, you have to create an excellent pricing strategy.

Generally, if your price is lower compared to your competitors you have a better chance to win the Buy Box. As we know, Amazon is customer-obsessed. It always favors a business that offers the lowest price with the best customer service.

The Amazon algorithm will definitely take your product price into account during the selection. If you are planning to win the Amazon Buy Box, remember to research your competitor’s price first. And then set your price and determine if you can match or beat that price.

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Now, tip number 5 is to minimize your shipping time. On Amazon, the faster your items are shipped, the better chances of winning the Buy Box. Usually, the shipping time depends on your order fulfillment method and your product.

If your actual shipping time is longer than advertised, it will undermine your performance metrics. To note, here we are talking about the FBM sellers. As we know, Amazon FBA will take you little time to think about speedy shipping service.

Shipping time has a big impact on winning the Amazon Buy Box.  Particularly for perishable products such as birthday cakes and flowers. Usually, shipping time can be broken down to different brackets, zero to 2 working days, 3 to 7 working days, 8 to 13 working days, and 14 days or more. 

Try to offer a fast shipping service and get the product to your customer as fast as possible to win the Buy Box.

The sixth tip on our list is to offer great customer service; You need to optimize your customer service to give customers the best purchasing experience possible. It’s a given that great customer service enables you to stand out among your competitors.

The problem lies in a different definition of customer service from the Amazon perspective. It is called Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate from the Amazon algorithm.

It is a system that calculates your response rate. This rating currently has nothing to do with the Buy Box. How quickly you reply to all messages, otherwise known as the customer response time, is very important to Amazon.

To gain the Buy Box, remember to keep your response time within 12 hours, or you will lose the chance to be the winner. If your late response rate exceeds 10%, you definitely won’t win the Buy Box even if you offer FBA and a relatively lower price.

Make sure you reply to every message. If you think that there is no need to respond, mark it as ‘no response needed’ to excludes the message from the metric calculation.

On the whole, better customer service will increase your conversion rate and boost your sales. This will entice them to leave a positive feedback. All this will increase your rankings as well.

Moving on to tip number 7 which is to keep your inventory stocked. Stock availability can be easily neglected, but it is another factor that may impact your efforts to win the Amazon Buy Box.

Amazon favors sellers that always strive to maintain a minimal inventory threshold. It would be impossible for Amazon to offer a direct link to a product that is running out of stock because that threatens the customer experience.

Remember to keep your stock consistent for your Buy Box promotions. FBA sellers get updated info about their inventory level. They can use multiple shipping options to increase the chance of being the buy box winner.

This process gives Amazon sellers higher control of the number of their stocked items. You can be updated on your inventory level at any time and be able to keep your products stocked to a higher threshold. This policy will increase your rankings and the chance to win the buy box.

Now, tip number 8 is to reduce the cancellation & refund rate. The cancellation rate is the number of orders canceled before being shipped by the seller. How often a seller cancels an order will impact his chances to get the product on the Buy Box.

The best situation for a potential buy box winner is to have 0% cancellation rate. The standard is less than 2.5% in the last 90 days. Most of the time, sellers will cancel their customer’s order due to a low inventory level.

What about the refund rate? This is the number of orders refunded after being shipped. Check your products, find possible causes, and address them quickly. If there isn’t an easy way to do this, you should consider removing it from your product listings.

Both of these two factors greatly affect your ranking. Try to reduce these to stand a higher chance of being the Buy Box winner.

The last tip is to keep the order defect rate as low as possible. The combination of the negative feedback rate, the A to Z Guarantee Claim Rate, and the Service Chargeback Rate defines the order defect rate.

These three things are areas that you have to avoid as much as possible. They will impact your chance to win the buy box. They measure how well you take care of the buyer after the order is placed, and how the shopper feels at the end of the day.

The percentage over the last 90 days is taken into account to calculate your order defect rate. The best situation is to maintain it at 0%, the standard to win the Buy Box is less than 1%.

If you find your return rate is high, you may change to a freight forwarder to ship your item. If it is the defect rate that is high, you may consider a different supplier or manufacturer. Make sure to offer the best customer experience to reduce negative feedback.

By now you should have a good idea how to win the Amazon Buy Box. It is there for you to win. If you want to get the most out of Amazon, always remember to optimize for the buy box.

Thanks for watching and please make sure to watch the next videos with more Amazon FBA tips that will show up right about now.

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