Amazon Reviews – How To Get Reviews On Amazon in 2021 (10 Pro Tips To Get Started)

Amazon Reviews - What's the best way to get authentic, positive reviews for your Amazon FBA products? In this video I want to share with you the best long-term strategy that will get your customers to want to leave you a positive Amazon review.

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Amazon Reviews - How To Get Reviews On Amazon in 2021- Video transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel. In this video I want to give you 10 ways to get more Amazon reviews on your product listings, so be sure to watch all the way through so you don't miss any of the important details as we do have a lot to cover.

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Now, reviews are one of the most important metrics for businesses selling on Amazon. While reviews are vital for any online business, they are 10 times as important and 10 times harder to get on Amazon.

On Amazon, reviews have a direct impact on conversion rate, rankings and sales, which means your ability to generate reviews will make the difference between your product’s success or failure.

So this question, how to get reviews on Amazon is the most important to answer for anyone looking to launch and rank a product.

So here are 10 proven and safe methods to get reviews from your Amazon customers. These are all legitimate methods, which do not go against Amazons terms, and which you can be confident will lead to reviews that don’t get removed.

The most important thing if you want to get more reviews, is your product. All the outreach strategies in the world won’t make a difference if your product is boring and unreviewable. So if your product is low-quality, any reviews you do get are unlikely to be five-star reviews.

You need to put the work in to create and sell a product that people naturally want to review. This will make it so much easier to get results when you ask for reviews. You’ll also get more organic verified reviews, without asking.

Before you launch your product, search competitors’ reviews and look for common complaints or negative issues. Fix these complaints with your product, and you’ll see a lot of positive reviews from customers who were looking for a solution you have now provided.

Combine this with high-quality and engaging product photos to create a positive feeling for your customers well before it’s time to ask for a review, which will greatly increase your chances of success.

The second way is to use product inserts. Product inserts are one of the easiest things you can do to get more reviews on Amazon. The best thing about product inserts is that you can reach every single customer with a request for a review.

A product insert is a little card you put in your product packaging. On the card, you write a small “thank you” message, and kindly ask if the customer will leave a review.

You might want to include a QR code on your product insert with a link to the product review page, or to a landing page that then goes on to ask for a review. Try to have something nice designed. A product insert that looks and feels nice works better than a flimsy piece of paper.

Be careful to follow Amazon’s rules in regards to product inserts. While it’s unlikely Amazon will open your package and check your insert, your competitors might buy your product and report you if you’re doing anything against the rules.

Don’t specifically ask for 5-star reviews or positive reviews and don’t offer an incentive for a review such as an Amazon gift card or cash back for example.

The third way to get more reviews is to follow up with email. The one online marketing channel that’s stood the test of time is email. Emails are cheap to send, take minimal effort to set up and automate, making them a great way to communicate with your customers.

For the same reason, they’re an effective way to ask for reviews. A well-written follow-up email, sent out after someone buys your product, is sure to generate a steady increase in reviews. The only difficult part is getting your customer’s email address.

Amazon doesn’t give you access to customer emails. So the only way to contact a customer via email is to get their email before they get to Amazon.

The best way to get emails from your customers is with Facebook or Google Ads. Send people to a landing page for your product, and ask them to give you their email in exchange for a small discount.

After they click through to your Amazon product, send them an email to say “thank you” and ask for a review. If you want to capture emails to get reviews, be careful not to offer too big a discount. Discounts of more than 30-50% make the purchase ineligible for verified reviews, while extremely high discounts may not be able to leave one at all.

Method number 4 is to follow up in Messenger or ManyChat. Facebook Messenger is a powerful communication and marketing channel, when used right, making it a good way to ask for reviews.

Compared to email, Messenger is a more personal form of communication, with higher average open rates and engagement rates. That means a higher percentage of people see your messages.

You’ll need to use the same methods as with email to be able to contact people through Messenger in the first place. A Facebook Ads funnel is a good way, as is a Messenger link on your product insert.

Once a customer engages with you in Messenger, you can get back to them manually to ask for a review, or set up an automated sequence of messages with Many Chat.

The issue with Messenger is that Facebook controls the platform, and has become increasingly strict with what you can message users. Currently, you can only message users within 24 hours of their last message to you, which makes it a little more difficult to ask for reviews.

You may want to experiment with other messaging channels such as WhatsApp. You can effectively use these channels the same way as you would with Messenger, just put in an incentive for the customer to give you their contact details, and take it from there.

The fifth way is to use Facebook retargeting. Facebook ads can be a way to directly ask for product reviews. If you have a list of previous buyers, and enough information to create a custom audience on Facebook, you can run ads asking for people to leave a product review.

It may end up being a little expensive, so this method is best if you really need reviews to compete in a competitive category.

The wording in your ad should be thanking your customer for buying, asking if everything is ok with the product, and then asking the customer to leave a review on Amazon. If you create a short video for this, which will make your ad more personal, you are likely to get better results.

Tip number 6 is to follow up on Amazon. You can use Buyer-Seller Messaging on Amazon to automatically ask each person who buys from you for a review, and seller feedback.

Using a software tool, you’ve got the ability to send personalized review requests, as well as other communications such as shipping updates and thank you messages that contribute to positive reviews.

If you do this, make sure you know what Amazon allows in Buyer-Seller messages. Make sure you only ask for a review once, and don’t do any things that violate terms like putting the word important in the subject line, or including marketing material of any kind.

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This training will build off of what I talk about inside my videos so I left a link for you in the description and if you're serious about selling on Amazon I encourage you to check it out!

Now, way number 7 is to use the “Request a Review” button. While Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging is less effective than it was a few years ago, there is a new way to reach out to customers within Amazon’s system.

When you view your orders in Seller Central, you’ll see a button that says “Request a Review”. Clicking this button will trigger a standardized email, sent by Amazon, asking the customer to review your product.

You won’t be able to personalize this email at all. The text is the same in every email, except for the product details and seller name.

The best part about this is that the customer doesn’t actually need to write a review. They can simply click the stars in the email to give a rating from 1-5 stars. This leads to a lot more ratings, since customers don’t have to actually go through the effort of writing something.

There’s little reason not to use this feature for every sale, as its 100% within Amazon’s terms, and is probably the easiest way for someone to rate your product.

Unless you have very low sales volume, it’s best to use a tool that automatically hits this button for every purchase, such as Feedback Whiz or Jungle Scout.

Method number 8 is to check your seller feedback. A lot of customers give feedback about products in the seller feedback section of your seller profile. You can ask these customers to leave their feedback on the product listing as well.

You’ll want to check your seller feedback regularly to look for any cases like this. It’s important to reach out soon after the customer leaves feedback, so the experience is fresh in their mind.

If you find anything that fits as a product review, reach out to the customer, thank them, and kindly ask if they can write the same thing as an Amazon product review.

The next way is to use the Amazon Vine program. Amazon offers the Vine Program to help connect sellers with reviewers. Vine is open to Brand Registered sellers and Vendors.

How Vine works: you provide 30 units of your product, and a selection of top reviewers known as “Vine Voices” will be offered these products for free to test and review.

To enroll an Amazon product in the Vine Program, the product must have fewer than 30 reviews. You’ll also need enough inventory on hand to provide to reviewers. You can expect honest reviews, so identify and fix any issues with your product first.

The last and best way to consistently get positive reviews is to build relationships with your customers, and create a brand persona that resonates with your target audience.

This is not a quick, push-button way to get reviews. That’s why it’s the best method, because it’s not easy for your competitors to copy.

If you build a brand that your customers love, they’ll reciprocate the love by helping you out. Your loyal fans will write reviews on their own accord. Even better, they’ll be quality reviews that help you get a higher conversion rate.

The best way to consistently get reviews is by selling a quality product, exceeding your customers’ expectations in terms of quality and customer service, and putting the work into building a brand with a following. Combine this with several touch points to ask for reviews, such as a product insert and the Request a Review button.

Reviews for Amazon products are so important. They help you get more conversions, as well as making your product rank higher and attract more clicks in Amazon search.

In the old days, getting reviews on Amazon was easy. Sign up for a review service, give away some free products, and watch the reviews come in.

With each new year it’s getting harder. The best strategy for 2021 is to have multiple touch points, a strong product, and nothing that breaks Amazon’s product review guidelines.

Even better, if you combine a great product, awesome customer experience and likable brand persona, you’ll get Amazon reviews without even trying.

Thanks for watching and please make sure to watch the next videos with more Amazon FBA tips that will show up right about now.

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