Best Selling Products on Amazon in 2021

In this video I will cover the best products to sell on Amazon. This should give you an idea on how to identify the bestselling products on Amazon. Some products on Amazon may not necessarily be the best categories to choose from. Sometimes they are too tough to crack because of the competition. So, if you are just beginning to sell on Amazon, go with something unique whose demand is also growing.

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Best Selling Products on Amazon in 2021- Audio file

Best Selling Products on Amazon in 2021 - Video transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I would like to go over the best-selling products on Amazon in 2021, so be sure to watch all the way through so you don't miss any of the important details as we do have a lot to cover.

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With more than 12 million products live, Amazon is the world’s largest online retail store which sells almost everything. Have you ever wondered that among a pool of so many products, which are the best selling items on Amazon in 2021.

According to a report by eMarketer, Amazon has successfully captured 49% of the entire eCommerce marketplace of the US pushing down competitors like eBay and Walmart.

With the evolution of the eCommerce industry, the product categories are also increasing like wildfire. Among these, it becomes a challenge to search for a perfect product category to sell on Amazon. So the challenge here is to choose a niche and products that fit the market and reach out to big audiences.

Now, if you take a look at the list of the best-selling products on Amazon, you’ll notice that in their block “Amazon Best Sellers” they write, “Our most popular products based on sales, updated hourly”.

This means if you want to come up with a long-term strategy on what to sell in a month or even a year, these lists of top sellers is not the most solid and practical method to rely on.

In one hour from now goods from one category can be sold in huge amounts, and at the same time in a week from today it could be a completely different category! Meaning, if you want to plan your long-term sales, you need to follow the trends and collect data on statistics yourself.

Pinpointing top selling products is more complicated than simply looking at Amazon’s best seller list. It’s just the first step and a way to gather ideas. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find all the relevant information there.

The fact is that you need a more scientific approach. You need to know the stats behind each product before you decide to invest. What are its average monthly sales? How many other people are selling it? What is its average price, average reviews or sales history? What kind of sales margins can you expect? Are its sales trending up or down?

So what I did was, I used a third party product research tool that can show you this information, called Jungle Scout. And I left a link for you in the description if you want to check it out.

I’ve also been watching the top products and categories on Amazon throughout the year, I’ve been communicating with the inveterate sellers who are logged in Amazon 24/7 and this way I’ve come up with a list of best-selling product categories on Amazon in 2021. So let’s get started with the first product category on my list which is clothing, shoes & jewelry

In 2019, global retail sales of apparel and footwear reached 1.9 trillion U.S. dollars, and were expected to rise to above three trillion US dollars by 2030.

Most of the sellers choose to sell clothing, shoes, and jewelry on Amazon. This product category also has different subcategories. Clothing can be vintage, handmade, resale, and so on.

This type of product is always in demand, but at the same time very competitive. As a seller you should also monitor seasonal specific sales, as well as trends. For instance, if you are selling sunglasses or t-shirts, you should be aware of the season, as sunglasses sell better close to summer.

Some of the most popular items sold in the clothing, shoes & jewelry category are underwear, dresses, accessories, athletic wear, casual tops & bottoms and shoes.

In recent years, Amazon has kept its focus on capturing the maximum share of the clothing category. Amazon increased its web apparel sales by 22.6% which is faster than the 250 top online apparel-focused merchants, which collectively grew 13.7%.

Now you must be wondering, which are the top selling products under this category? Well, the answer to your question is athletic wear. As per the Intelligence node, In the past 2 years, Active wear sales accounted for $33.7 billion, which makes up to 16 percent of the total apparel market. The most popular athletic wears are yoga pants, fleece sweatshirts and socks

The next product within this category is Crocs, Comfy footwear for home is what every human desire and there’s nothing more comfy than Crocs. Crocs are the undisputed first-choice footwear for shoppers on Amazon. I mean I don’t even have to explain why. So a seller can easily notch up their customer’s interest towards their products by throwing a few crocs in their catalog.

Another product that makes up the list of top selling products in the clothing category is innerwear. Customers prefer buying innerwear in bulk, so selling a combo pack is more profitable than to sell singles.

The next most popular product category I want to cover is toys & games. Not only toys are bought for kids. Women adore toys, animals love toys, a lot of us love toys.

No surprise that kids are one of the most excessive categories of market consumers. And this product category constantly reaches top sales on Amazon. The trend on movies and Disney obsession and movie-themed educational and generic games tend to place these products in high demand for parents.

The most popular products under this category are memory games, multicolored toys, card games, wooden play sets, outdoor kits, Lego blocks, table games & puzzles.

Sellers can use this list to analyze the types of toys and games popular with children and their families. Currently, Steam toys are the most popular, including science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. This year, there is a high demand for water toys.

The next product category I found to be popular is books. Over 850 million books are purchased in the United States each year. According to Nielson, a global information, data, and measurement company, 47% of the American population purchases books. If you do the math, 151 million people bought these books.

As per The Book Seller, Amazon controls more than 50% of the entire book sales throughout the US, and 83% of all the e-book sales. Amazon marketplace made its name by selling books and even today there are no marketplaces that sell a more wide range of books online. Last year more than 675 million books were sold on Amazon. So for a seller dealing in books, Amazon provides you with an ample opportunity to sell.

The best-selling books this year are fictional books, suspense and thriller books, biographies and memoirs, comics, cookbooks, diet books, and recipe books and of course children’s books.

So let’s move on to the next popular category which is electronic accessories & gadgets. Some people just love to buy the latest gadget as soon as it is invented. Electronics & Accessories is an evergreen product category on Amazon. Sellers selling under this category can never feel empty-handed as this product category is sold throughout the year.

Talking about the future scope, Zion Market Research shows that the Global Consumer Electronics Market Will Reach USD 1,787 Billion by 2024. In fact, the Electronics and Accessories category comprises 10.8% of the total sales on Amazon’s marketplace

The best-selling products under this category include smart devices, headphones, Bluetooth devices, memory cards, USB devices, TV & Video and Audio & Home Theater. Some other popular products that fall under this category are computers, camera & photo, wearable technology, office electronics, musical Instruments and Amazon Devices.

Now, don’t forget most states have e-waste laws that protect the environment and local communities. Therefore, manufacturers or sellers on Amazon are responsible for the registration of their electronics in a state before it is legally sold to any customers in this particular area, that is, even if you are in California, if you sell a product to someone in New York City, you will have to register your item also for New York.

There are also some branding restrictions, as a number of electronics companies such as Apple and Sony control their brand. They set the limits for all who sell their products, unless authorized.

Amazon also has specific restrictions on electronics. On the Internet there are a lot of electronic duplicates. But Amazon has taken every step to prevent these from being sold on their site, to ensure that all of their sellers and products are legitimate.

So, the last product category I want to cover is beauty and personal care. The Global Beauty and Personal Care product market is expected to reach USD 756.63 Billion by 2026. Cosmetics and beauty products are in high demand.

Products that go well under this category are branded cosmetics or beauty products, cosmetics with natural ingredients and cosmetic tools and accessories. To sell better in this category. Beauty items should be of good quality, in the original packaging of the manufacturer. Also ensure the products are correctly described and labelled, and while talking about health, your items must show trust.

Top-selling products on Amazon change regularly and there’s no fool-proof recipe for getting it right every time. However, the criteria for deciding what to sell on the platform remain the same.

Offering products of value is more important than ever. So offer unique, budget-friendly products with minimal competition to truly succeed on Amazon.

Now, before we wrap this up. As you can see, there are a lot of steps involved in picking the right products to sell on Amazon. And I wouldn't recommend piecing together everything by simply watching videos on YouTube. This is why I suggest investing your time in a great free training that can guide you through this process.

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Thanks for watching and please make sure to watch the next videos with more Amazon FBA tips that will show up right about now.

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