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If you want to learn how to make money on YouTube without recording videos then watch this video reviewing the bye 9 to 5 Tube Monetization and Automation Program. I'll be going over what's covered in the course and methods for you to kick start your YouTube career. It can be difficult to find the best way to make money online and make passive income online, but with the right training and mentorship you can achieve these things. Believe in yourself and put in the work! Because making money on YouTube is the best way to make money online in 2020 and beyond. The catch is you have to do it the right way, which is something a lot of people struggle with.


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Bye 9 To 5 Transcript

hi guys this is Joerii from the bizwebjournal and welcome to my review from the bye 9 to 5 course

today i'm going to give you a complete walkthrough of what this course is all about

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now in a nutshell this course is made for newbies for beginners for people who want to make money on youtube

but don't know where to get started this course was designed by jordan mackey

he did this course i believe it was a year and a half ago but last month he revamped the whole


and made it up to date for this for this year so i loved it i went through it and I must say

it's a lot of a lot of videos a lot of things but i still learned a lot

even though i've been doing youtube videos for the past two years

this course is also great because you don't need to show your face

you don't need to to use your own voice if you don't want to

you don't need an expensive camera microphone or any prior experience

most of my videos i don't show my face and sometimes I even don't use my own voice

so this is very very great course for beginners

so let's get started and see what's in the course

there's i believe there are 14 modules and let's go over each and every one

the first module is the welcome and overview

he will tell you a little bit about himself his name is jordan mackey

i believe he has three or four youtube channels

and he's making a lot of money with adsense

but he has been focusing a lot more on on affiliate marketing the last few months

that's why he redid the course to include all the other ways of monetization of the course

that's module one in the second module

he'll help he'll tell you how to choose your perfect niche so how much you get paid

depending on the niche if you use adsense

and which available affiliate marketing programs there are

so in module number three he'll discuss the youtube basics

he will show you around youtube how to create an account how to create a channel

this is very easy if if you're just starting out and you have no idea how to

do all this stuff

then the module number four is passing monetization review

you how to get monetized and to get accepted into the adsense program which is very

important if you want to focus on adsense mostly

he will also show you how to get monetized instantly

for some people it can take a long time because you need the four thousand watch hours

in a year and you need a thousand subscribers

but if you're only starting out this can take a long time and in this module he will

show you how to do it immediately

in the next module he'll show you what kind of topics you you can do he'll give you like 40 to 60

videos ideas and this way you know what kind of topics and what kind of content to create

and in module 7 he'll tell you how to create and edit your videos

so that's if you're not used to using an editor you can get very overwhelmed very fast so he will give you the way how to how to create and edit the videos

he'll talk about your scripts he'll give you templates for personal branding and stuff like that

and then module 8 is about the seo secrets for truly going viral

so there's some seo involved if you want to do just like you do with a blog article there's google seo but this is seo for youtube

so there are a few things that are important if you want to show up in search like your title your description the tags you're using all that kind of stuff is quite important so he'll tell you how to set all this up so you people will find your video much easier than if you don't

you also talk about how to create a thumbnail and what makes a good click through thumbnail because click through and watch time are the most important factors to get a lot of views on youtube

and in module 9 he'll go over some advanced monetization topics how to place your ads on your videos

how many also he'll talk about other monetization for your channels such as sponsorships website memberships print on demand and a lot of other things

he will talk about translating the content of your channel so you can also be discovered in other

languages because only 25 percent of the search volume on youtube is in english so there's a lot of potential if you can reach people in other countries who speak other languages

and search in other languages like in spanish italian portuguese german french

you see there are so many other languages and they're also on youtube and not everybody is using english

then he'll give you three niche case studies

i already told you he has three other youtube channels

so he's going to show you how how he made them so successful and how he's making so much money

he'll show you the channels the tags he uses the titles thumbnails and the research process for each niche

so this is a very valuable module to give you an idea how he does this and the next module

number 11 is outsourcing and automation if you want to if you don't have much time if you go to work during the day and you have to do all this stuff

it can take quite some time to record a video and you want to get as many videos out as possible it's not like quantity over quality but still you want to get at least one or two videos each week

if possible if you have the time but he shows you how to outsource a lot of the things and how to automate it so you have a lot of time to publish the videos without having to do all the work behind each video

you can ask have other people create the content create your thumbnails all that stuff

even publish for you if you want to this way you can scale one channel or even go into two three different channels in multiple niches if you want

but i advise you if you're new to this start with one channel and once you get the hang of it you might want to scale your income

and or or you're interested in another niche and you want to have a second or a third channel maybe i don't know

then he's going to talk in module 12 affiliate marketing i think this is very important if you really want to scale your income because only depending on the adsense revenue

i don't do that or you don't even want to use adsense this is in my opinion still the easiest and best way to scale your income as a beginner

because affiliate marketing all you have to do is create great content and get traffic

all the other stuff is done by the the vendor customer support and building and everything

you don't have to worry about that you only have to focus on creating great content for the right audience and the right offer and that's it

you don't even need that much traffic to make an income

as long as it's the right traffic that converts that you're attracting with your content

so this module i think is the most important one

i make all my money from adsense and affiliate marketing

i don't have my own software i don't have my own courses

i don't have any of the things because I don't want to have the hassle of dealing with customers directly

i've i had my own offline business and i've done that for many years and that's why i switched to affiliate marketing

because i don't want to go into all that the billing getting paid and then people who are not satisfied and all that stuff

you don't have to worry about it if you stick to affiliate marketing

in module 13 he'll talk about all the different networks there are many different networks

you've got if you want physical products the most famous one is amazon but you

can also promote software products or or training or courses

you can even do coaching if you want so that's not affiliate marketing but that's another way of making money

there's so many things you can do and he's gonna introduce you to the good affiliate marketing networks

and how to find the right products to promote for your channel

how to get into the network some are easy to get into others are more difficult

it all depends on what type of product what type of niche you want to go into

then he'll show you the strategies how to target the niches rank your videos

which niche is better for affiliate marketing that one niche is better than the others

he'll tell you how to use and create product review videos just like i'm doing right now

and if you want to go for low ticket products or high ticket products

he'll even show you key studies for high ticket products which i believe are the best to go into because it takes just as much effort and time to get a high ticket sale as it does to gather a sale that only makes a few dollars

so you might as well target high ticket offers because it's easier to scale your income

in module 15 he'll do he'll talk about how to do this on your channel how to create affiliate marketing

videos how to create the link shorteners like bitly

where to put your links to get a high click through and conversions

to how to place the call to actions into your videos because you have to have a cta tell people what they need to do

because people will buy from you but you have to tell them that they have the opportunity to buy from you

he also tell you how to collect emails to explode your affiliate commissions

because not many people buy immediately but many of them buy afterwards

after they receive your emails from your autoresponder sequences

so he will explain how to make people want to click on your links and and want to purchase your products you promote

so it's very important that you learn all this stuff

in module 16 he'll talk about the high ticket offers like i said it's best to focus on high ticket offers and he'll also show you the offers that have a monthly recurring commission

like if you promote software people pay every month for the software

and you get a commission ever month they are harder to sell to convert but this way you can create a stable income for years to come

if you have a hundred customers who each pay thirty dollars a month

that's three thousand dollars if you get fifty percent of that that's fifteen 1500 each month that you're sure of before the month has even started

so if you have a base income for which you're sure you're gonna get it will make you feel much more comfortable to go after another another source of income

and it will make it much easier to quit your job and do this full-time because you know

this money is coming in every month no matter what because it's recurring commission

then he'll talk about affiliate marketing strategies in module 17 which are not related to youtube

he'll talk about how to create a website and a blog

or do affiliate marketing on social media like facebook or and using facebook ads or on instagram

all this kind of stuff which can bring in extra income without using youtube

or which you can combine with your youtube content

so very interesting and then in my opinion the most important module is number 18 which is

called affiliate marketing mindset

it's all about the mindset because if you get in to make money online

no matter what if it's youtube or a blog it's all about the mindset because it's not instant gratification

it takes time to build and to accumulate you need to have patience you need to be

focused you need to have a lot some time because it's it takes time before you start making money

it's not like if you go to a job and you work for eight hours they will pay you eight hours

but with this it takes time in the beginning you might be working on it for six to eight weeks without making a dime

but suddenly it will start to take off and it's a roller coaster and then it goes faster and faster

and this will bring you income maybe for one to three years to come

and you only have to create the video once

i have videos on my channel that bring in five hundred dollars each month for the past two years

and it took me three hours to create two hours two years ago

but that video has made me over fifteen thousand dollars and it's still doing so today

so it's all about the mindset

if you can't get your mindset straight you'll never succeed in making money online

no matter what type of strategy you're using

so this is a module you need to spend a lot of time on

then he'll also give you a helpful affiliate marketing resources and affiliate marketing videos

special resources which are not so easy to find and are not the ones everybody's using

in module 20 there's a conclusion he'll which is not very important by then you'll know what you'll have to know

and but he will go over it you also will have access to future updates because things change on the internet

the algorithms youtube algorithms and google algorithms they change once in a while

so you have to adapt and this is what he does in his course

if he finds that something isn't working anymore he updates the content regularly

and then when you go back once in a while or he will also let you know if there's some new modules in the course or new videos

he'll send you an email you can go through them and you can adapt your strategy also

so this way you will stay successful and you will be covered if there are any changes

without having ever having to figure it out yourself

so what you get you get 20 hours of strategies over 100 videos in 20 different models

so that's a lot to go through but take it step by step go from module one two

because he has put them in an order that you need to learn everything

so he also has a few great bonuses  first of all he has a facebook group and in this this facebook group he has a big community a few thousand people

who help each other out it's very interesting to be a part of and you can see other people's results

with which they share he also did 20 hours of live q a masterminds

you can have the replays for free some great stuff he did

then he has a personal branding program that's another bonus

his shopify drop shipping program that's another course he had

he's giving them all away for free in this one

oh and bonus five 200 plus list of profitable niches and example channels

so there's something for everyone over 200 different niches

i'm sure you will find one two or three niches which are of interest to you

because i always tell people choose something that you're interested in because you're going to be doing content in it for a long time

but also choose something where you have a good ability to monetize and to make a good bundle of money

because that's not possible in every niche so those are two things you have to consider

it has to interest you and you have to be able to monetize it

but he's giving you over 200 examples so i'm sure you will find one

he's also giving you video script templates so how to create the scripts for your videos i don't do that i do it raw

i just say what's on my mind and what i think I should tell everybody

i don't use scripting i used to in the beginning but i didn't feel comfortable

felt like a robot i just speak out of my my mind and i hope you you like what i'm saying and

you can't attract everybody but that's why how i work

he also gave you personal brand and list channel scripts

all that stuff so in the end but with all his bonuses it's over 50 hours over 200 videos in 70 modules so that's that's a lot of stuff and

that's about all if you buy this course and if you don't like it he's giving you a 60 day money back guarantee

so that's crazy right so there's not much risk in getting this course because if you don't like it

you can always get your money back like he says it's a no-brainer

it's hosted on digi store 24. hat's the platform it's a platform for digital products like you have amazon for physical products

that's not really that important but this way you are also protected to get your money back if you don't happen to like it

so that's all i have to say about this course

so remember if you want to pick this up and you also want to get my extra bonuses

make sure to go to the first link in the description which will take you to my bonus page

and from there all you have to do is clear your cookies if you want to get my bonus

so my affiliate this web journal will show up on your receipt when you buy and all you have to do is send me your receipt to this email address and once i get it i will send you an email back with the download links for your bonuses

so i hope you enjoyed this video thank you for watching

and i'll see you in the next one take care

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