Thumbnail Blaster Review & Demo – Thumbnail Blaster Walk-Through + Custom Bonuses

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In this video, I'm going to be going through a detailed Thumbnail Blaster review, and demo for you. You can buy Thumbnail Blaster discounted through the link above plus get custom bonuses.

With Thumbnail Blaster, you can integrate with your YT channel to quickly change your video thumbnails and even split test! Another huge feature if you grab the first upsell is the ability to check the quality of your YouTube thumbnail against Google AI Vision system which can determine if your video gets shown in the search results.


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Thanks for watching my Thumbnail Blaster review!


hey what's going on everyone this is Joeri from the bziwebjournal and welcome to my thumbnail blaster review.

Now before we dive into the review if you decide by the end of this video that you want

to grab a copy of this Thumbnail blaster software, I left a link down below in the description

of this video which will take you to my Thumbnail blaster bonus page. I've created these bonuses

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Here if you click any of these black buttons it will take you to the sales page so this

way you will also be getting my custom made bonuses, just send me an email with your receipt

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if you do choose to buy via my link as you can see I've gone over and above by offering

you all of these custom bonuses all of which have been made by myself and they're not gonna

be available through anybody else's link but with that said feel free to shop around and

see what other people are offering in terms of bonuses for thumbnail blaster

because remember you can always come back to my bonus page once you realize that my

bonuses are way better and more useful than what anybody else is going to offer to you for this product

So in a nutshell thumbnail blaster is gonna allow you to create really nice-looking thumbnails for your YouTube videos

and not only that but it also comes with a ton of artificial intelligence capability

so it's going to be able to make you viral clickbaity type thumbnails that pass all of

YouTube's standards so they're not gonna get flagged or anything like that

and probably the best part about this thumbnail blaster software is that it comes with this

split testing element which is something nobody has ever created anything like this before

this is a first deal-breaker, this is a game changer if you like, it allows you to create

multiple thumbnails for one video and then it will split test these different thumbnails

over time to find out which thumbnail is getting you the best click-through rate

and then it will analyze all of those clicks and it will give you the answer that you're

looking for, so it will tell you which is the best thumbnail to be using for that particular video

so it’s really robust software, I really love this, it comes with a ton of training

as well showing exactly how to do it and this is going to allow you to get lots of views,

I mean even if you can't rank your videos to the top of YouTube if you have a good converting thumbnail

you don't need to be at the top of YouTube

you could be at the bottom of the first page or towards the top of the second page or the

middle of the second page and people are scrolling through and if they find a thumbnail that

catches their eye they're gonna click on it and they're gonna watch your video versus

somebody else who doesn't have a very good thumbnail at the top of YouTube who doesn't

get the clicks so it's just as good as being able to rank your videos

It is not difficult and complex to operate like Photoshop and other software available

out there in the market. You just pick one of your videos and it will create a thumbnail

based on your content, you can the edit the thumbnail if you want and hit publish, that’s it.

It will automate the thumbnail making process by using its artificial intelligence feature

and it also supports “drag and drop” features that let you quickly add images to the software to design your thumbnail.

It contains a lot of unique templates for different niches ,there are I believe thirty

templates available in the software. And you can publish your work or thumbnail for your

YouTube video directly from the Thumbnail Blaster software

You can even design your thumbnails in any size you want like landscape or portrait,

it works for Youtube, Vimeo and facebook and with this software you will never have to

outsource your designs ever again and save a bundle on design

This software is also cloud based so there is nothing to install on your computer

Look, I know there are many thumbnail designer software solutions out there but they don’t

come with these 2 unique features, the artificial intelligence and the split testing feature.

It can mean such a big difference between getting like a 2-3% click through rate and

a few hundred views or a 6% click through rate and your video going viral and getting hundreds of thousands of views.

Now the software has 4 upsells I believe, with the first upsell you get multiple account

support, you can save your own images and do image analysis, the second upsell is an

agency upgrade where you will get agency rights, an agency website and an outsource cheat sheet

With upsell number 3 you get an extra 40 new templates each month and the 4th uspell is

the Lingo Blastersoftware which I also use, it lets you translate your titles and descriptions

in 100+ different languages so you can target lots of people who are not searching in English

It’s up to you if you want to get any of these upsells, so if you want to try out Thumbnail

Blaster just click the first link in the description and get all my custom bonuses that go with

this software. That’s all I have got for you right now. Thanks for watching my thumbnail

blaster review, take care and see you in the next video.

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