Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass Review by Kevin David

amazon fba ninja course review

Here’s Why Kevin David Amazon FBA Masterclass Is a Big Deal Right Now

What’s up everyone? I hope, you all had a wonderful Christmas, followed by some new year celebrations with friends and family. As part of my way of giving something to our website loyalists, I decided to help people struggling with real life business exposure.

So, here I am, reviewing the Amazon FBA Masterclass by Kevin David after thoroughly spending over two weeks with the course contents. By far, this is the best Amazon FBA Masterclass course out there on the internet. There are others too, but the way Kevin has out done the competition is phenomenal.

What Is Amazon FBA Masterclass?

Amazon FBA Masterclass, right now, is being served as an online course among many others that serial entrepreneur: Kevin David has showcased on his social network. The course is also available at Kevin’s dedicated website, but since the release of the Amazon FBA Masterclass program back in 2017, the social networks are where most of the community members hangout.

amazon fba ninja masterclass

So, anyway, this isn’t the first time that I am reviewing Kevin David’s courses. If you are new around at ‘Bizwebjournal’, you should checkout my Kevin David Shopify and other Ninja series masterclass reviews.

They are well worth the time and effort on your part. It is only because I had a delightful, and rather “rewarding” experience – not only in terms of finances, but also emotions, is why I decided to give an honest  Amazon FBA Masterclass review.

Amazon FBA is the abbreviated form of ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’. Some people call it: Forwarded by Amazon, but the basic meaning is that you are holding Amazon.Com as an intermediary business supplier to send your products all across the globe.

Amazon’s outreach is in billions right now. From the way how things are looking at the start of 2019, I can say for sure that Amazon will continue to grow above all other competitor e-commerce networks. This is one reason why Kevin David foresaw the growth and immediately created a detailed course where everyone could benefit from it.

In this context, Kevin David Amazon FBA Masterclass explains how the Amazon fulfillment business works to your business advantage. You serve your clients as a real life or an online supplier who is registered as a seller at Amazon Seller Central network. You, then, contact Amazon and ship them your products in batches and the e commerce network helps you to sell those products through the company’s website to millions of potential customers.

That's all there is to it!

However, things work very differently in reality. There are thousands of people just like you, who are struggling to dominate Amazon seller market. Everyone wants to rank their products on the top whenever someone writes its name in Amazon products search bar.

Think about it.

You’re selling computer electronics? Oh wow, that's cheesy. Other sellers in your niche market are doing the same thing. What is it so “different” about your business that online customers should only prefer you and no one else over others?

Is it quality? No, I don't think so. I know for a fact that Amazon is super strict about product description, packaging and quality, so you have to do something entirely unique to outsmart the competition. That's where  Amazon FBA Masterclass comes in!

amazon fba course content

Kevin David teaches everything you need to know about how to survive on Amazon as a seller, but also as an entrepreneur in the e commerce sector. By “everything” I mean that the course content is so detailed that you will learn exactly how to list your products, sponsor them, get more customers from adjoining networks, marketing and many other things.

It is only then that Amazon’s search engine will start to favor your product for keywords that people enter to look for it. Amazon FBA Masterclass by Kevin David is broken down into various modules. Each module is dedicated to offering a combination of videos and text documents for you to go through.

Let’s see what the first three modules are about. I could have covered all eight of em’, but you’re going to have to find out the rest of the details on your own. You can follow my special link to catch Kevin’s course highlights through a Webinar.

Module 1 – Product Research

The first and the most important module of all is about researching products. Take it as one of the most detailed chapter where Kevin David explains why it is so damn important to find the right products and all.

This is a foundational stone where a lot of misguided people make many a common mistakes. For instance they might start by selling a wrong product which is not “hot” anymore, or they could be barking up the same tree by selling the right product with outdated marketing techniques.

Likewise,  Amazon FBA Masterclass’ first module gives an insight on exclusive Kevin David products where he easily pulls off approx. $10,000 a month in sales. I thought it was profit, but I found out that 10K is the number of sales, where he makes a decent profit out of it.

Anyhow, coming back to product research, there is an alternative strategy thats not mainly focuses on in the  Amazon FBA Masterclass – and that’s called outsourcing through dropshipping.

Now, I am not the one in favor of dropshipping for my own reasons and some other arguments that I highlighted in my Shopify Masterclass review, but it’s a rewarding method that comes with its own benefits in the Amazon FBA Masterclass strategies.

With dropshipping, if you really want to succeed, you can incorporate Kevin’s strategies in this course into your business model. However, make sure that you are getting your stock from a highly trusted supplier who has no qualms with returns, replacements and vice versa. Since Amazon acts as a middleman with strong policies, you should be prepared to face the “music” in case of customer complaints.

In reality, this course best works with people who have their own businesses and a readily available stock to keep the orders streamlined. Amazon will forward your products to concerned parties with proper labels, packaging and all the stars and stripes. You just have to work hard at the back end.

Module 2 – Supplies and Shipping:

That's the part where Kevin talks about maintaining strong relationship with trusted sellers. Most of the contents and strategies are applicable if you are getting your items from someone else. Just to be on the safe side, I’d rather count on my own stock or purchase whatever products I have listed from trusted real life stores.

Module 3 – Product Listing, Ranking and Optimization:

This is where the fun begins after you have gone through the hoops of getting your Amazon FBA products listed at the official Amazon website. Many people fail when their products dont show up in top results at the first page.

Most of the “failure” is attributed to spelling mistakes, keyword stuffing and over optimization of product in the description highlights. Keep it subtle and to the point, but in a way that appeals to your audience.


To learn more about this module, I urge you to checkout the official  Amazon FBA Masterclass limited time webinar through the link below.


The seats are already reserved and there’s a very limited number of spots available. The webinar is free of cost, and it’ll only take an hour or so of your time to fill you in on how Kevin engages with his students.

Is Amazon FBA Masterclass Course For You?

Let me be honest with you; this course is not mandatory. You can learn everything about  Amazon FBA business on your own through:

* Research

* YouTube Videos

* Different Weblogs at Different Websites

* Free eBooks

I personally find YouTube to be an amazing learning hub, but with all the aforementioned “research”, there’s one major problem. What could that be? You need to invest a lot of effort n’ time into filtering what’s applicable, outdated and the right stuff for the exact business you have in mind.

Plus, some of the methods explained at so and so online portals are general in nature. The techniques may be old and you will probably end up losing your investment in near future. With ​Kevin David  Amazon FBA course, the ball is in your court. Kevin has weeded out outdated, redundant and boring stuff and brought forth what’s matters the most.

The course is laser targeted and premeditated to showcase the maximum number of on-point methodologies that are bound to work throughout year 2019. Also, Kevin David  Amazon FBA Masterclass course is supported by his official social network where Sub-Affiliates and other students are willing to help newcomers through personal messages and tips. In this context, you are going to be making a very sound decision at the cost of $997. Krrrchinggggg!!!

Okay, Let’s Talk About Pricing and Refunds:

Right now, the course is available for a limited time at $997. You can see the link below and checkout the entire list of modules and value added free bonuses which come as part of the bundle.

I understand that $997 is not easy to spend in one go. But, look at it this way: it is my third time that I am personally reviewing Kevin David’s courses. There is definitely value in them, otherwise I wouldnt have spent my time on trying everything out on my own first.

amazon course pricing

Secondly, you can pay the course fee in installments. There are many payment options available at the checkout screen. Some of my online friends signed up for the  Amazon FBA Masterclass and AZon FBA Amazon Masterclass by opting in through the installment plan. This method is user friendly and favors us easily.

Still, if you are not satisfied, or you’re feeling skeptic, checkout  Amazon FBA Masterclass in action through the Webinar link below. The webinar is free to join; there are no hidden payment portals and you will be walking away with exactly how it feels to learn from Kevin from the convenience of your computer seat.

As far as refunds go, you can get all your money back without any questions or whatsoever. But, there is a policy here which makes you either eligible for  Amazon FBA Masterclass refund, or renders you ineligible for that.

kevin david amazon fba masterclass

If you have viewed more than 50% of the course content over whatever number of days, you will not get any refund. I’d personally, lower this percentage to 30% to be one the safe side. A lot of people have no intention of paying hard working instructors on the internet.

These people willingly make full payment and then quickly skim through the course in a day or two. Afterwards, they file for a refund because they feel like cheating the system. You should know that not only Kevin, but his associates put in a lot of time and money by creating these videos, setting up the atmosphere and bringing up the entire setup together. That’s why there’s a refund policy which works to protect Kevin and his students in a justified manner.

What If I Fail Despite of Learning From Amazon FBA Masterclass Ninja Course?

It is a very valid concern because at the end of the day, you will either fail of succeed. While  Amazon FBA Masterclass overlays a deep focus on how to succeed with this business model, there is a fat chance of landing face first into the mud.

There won’t be any constellation; no one will issue you any refunds, you will also loose a majority of your investment. Despite of the risks involved in Shopify and Amazon FBA, a lot of people are doing well these days.

How so?

One word: “Persistence”. Be very humble, patient and willing to adapt to changes on the internet. I know for a fact that only those people succeed with online businesses who are in there for the long haul.

kevin david amazon fba course

People get stuck with Amazon, Shopify and  other drop-shipping businesses because of their  inability to improve online presence of products. No matter how good your products are, your competitor might be getting more clicks/ sales at Amazon despite of poor stock quality. The reason is simple: the other guy is doing something which causes the Amazon search engine to rank the said product over yours.

Therefore, be prepared to wait for several months to see the results climb up. Other strategies to mitigate financial losses is by not investing too much in real life stock inventory and vice versa. Rely on a bunch of products which you narrowed down on after learning the tricks from Amazon FBA Masterclass’s first and second modules.

Amazon FBA ninja course teaches a lot about minimizing the risk and safeguarding your business against potential financial injury. You also need to set aside a fixed portion of your investment from collateral point of view. Things always change on the internet, and if you are only following Kevin’s method like a cookie cutter formula, then you will not be able to make it all the way.

Get ready to improvise and re-learn same techniques with the addition of new ones. The best thing about Amazon FBA Masterclass ninja course is the addition of bonus content and new stuff that goes into the online repository. Kevin and his associates keep adding more stuff to the course after set time intervals to keep the community engaged in the spirit of healthy learning.

If Kevin chooses to abandon the course and leave things as they are, Amazon FBA Masterclass will definitely not benefit you or anyone who is looking to join as a newcomer.


Dont leave your stones unturned. By that, I mean that you are going to be relying on local lead generation and online business presence 24/7. If people in your local community know about your business – and granted that you are already ranking well in local Google business listings, you will make genuine progress over very little time.

Likewise, Amazon can only be virtually dominated by following SEO guidelines explained in Amazon FBA Masterclass course, and applying the methods as you see fit. Once your presence is there, you will definitely see a steady cash flow for a very long time.

For such reasons, I’d prioritize Amazon FBA Ninja Course and your local business in an equal manner. Many opportunities come by if you have a strong local presence. You can ask your customers to review your products and refer friends at Amazon to your sales pages. This way, the online exposure percentage can continue to grow.

All in all, Amazon FBA Masterclass is a great course that leaves very little to be desired for. It is a solid compilation of both old and new techniques that online entrepreneurs need to succeed on the internet these days.

Good luck out there, and don’t forget to share your experiences through the comments section below.

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