Best Amazon Landing Page Builders To Grow Your FBA Business

In this video I will cover the best Amazon landing page builders to grow you FBA business. Watch this in depth review with all the pros & cons of the best suited Amazon page builders to offer discounts & coupons. 

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Best Amazon Landing Page Builders To Grow Your FBA Business - Audio file

Best Amazon Landing Page Builders To Grow Your FBA Business - Video transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I would like to cover the best Amazon landing page builders to grow your FBA business, so be sure to watch all the way through so you don't miss any of the important details as we do have a lot to cover.

Now, before I hop into this video, if you are new to this channel you're going to want to subscribe as I talk about the best ways to make a full time income with Amazon FBA and always get straight to the point, with that said let's get right into this video.

Now, there might be a few reasons why you are not seeing enough traffic for all your products. One potential reason is, you are not properly using the resources to drive traffic. You need to showcase your products to your target audience. So it’s important to optimize every part of your sales funnel to reach those customers and generate more sales.

As part of sales funnel optimization, having a landing page for your Amazon business is crucial to driving external traffic. If you are a brand-registered seller who wants to try out Amazon landing pages, I have got a few options for you.

But before we dive into the details, let’s see why you need a landing page generator for your Amazon business in the first place.

A customized landing page with your product listings is extremely helpful for promotional activities such as social media ads. And along with that, you have a few notable benefits like expanding your customer base.

If you are a seller with a huge assortment of products, using a custom landing page makes it easy for your audience to find similar products on your landing page. They will no longer get lost on your store page, so this boosts your conversions.

It will also be easier to monitor your traffic. With a landing page it will be easy to track the audience and their behavior within the landing page.

Having said all that, how do you settle on the right Amazon landing page generator? So here are the best ones currently out there.

First up we have Landing Cube. Landing Cube is one of the most well-known landing page builders for sellers and is trying to position itself as a market leader in this field. It does everything you would want from a landing page generator and a little more.

Not only do they have a range of interesting templates for your landing pages, Landing Cube also integrates well with well-known email providers and Facebook chatbots. This allows you to manage your customer details and follow ups in one convenient place.

Landing Cube is priced to sell with a $29 a month beginner level a $47 a month full time seller level and a $119 a month large business plan. There is also a 21 day free trial to help you decide if it is the right software for you before committing to an annual plan.

The $29 plan is quite limiting, offering only 3 active campaigns and no advanced features, meaning anyone who is serious really needs to fork out for one of the higher level plans to get any real use from the software.

The pros of this software are the generous 21 day free trial. Also the landing page builder is very easy to use and even those with no experience or flair for design can create a good looking landing page in minutes, using the newly added templates.

There is a big discount on yearly plans which is great for those willing to commit long term. Landingcube has a simple method for capturing emails in exchange for coupon codes and integrates with well-known email marketing tools like MailChimp.

Some other perks are good integration with Google Ads and the Facebook Pixel Tracker. It helps you easily create and track single use promotional codes. It comes with a 2-step URL generator to replicate organic traffic to your Amazon listing. And the Landing Cube Academy is a great resource for beginners and pros alike and has some great strategies for converting paid traffic.

Now, more advanced users will find the options in the landing page templates limiting.  And it only offers promo codes as a lead magnet for customers, which does limit your avenues for engagement.

Landing Cube does what it says on the box and gives you an easy introduction to building landing pages and managing Amazon coupon promotions.

The features and price are great for beginners and it is a leading choice for someone with limited experience in this space cause of the educational materials also available to subscribers.

In particular, the Landing Cube Academy is a great resource for those with no experience in converting paid traffic and will really help you make the most of your advertising spend and new landing page.

However, those who learn quickly or are already advanced will find the limitations of Landing Cube problematic. Also, while the basic plan is a great price and product for beginners, the higher level plans needed by bigger sellers are not as competitively priced. I would like to see Landing Cube offer a much cheaper monthly option on their low level monthly plans to help out those starting out on a low budget.

Next one up is Landingpage Promoter; If you visit the website directly after visiting Landing Cube then you will be struck by the similarity in their sites and this similarity extends to their product offering as well.

Landingpage Promoter gives you templates for your landing pages, that make them easy to design and then give you a variety of options for capturing customer emails and then exporting them to your email system of choice.

Where it differs slightly to other offerings at this price point is the ability to integrate with your Amazon seller account with the Amazon API, potentially streamlining your workflow.

Landingpage Promoter is priced slightly lower than its close competitors, with a $19 a month basic plan, $37 ‘essential’ plan and a $74 professional plan. The 14 day free trial is also a little limiting though so they could do with being more generous with this.

These are less expensive than other options and offer more functionality in the lower level plans, with the basic plan notably offering 3 campaigns and access to a lot of the other functionality not offered by other platforms at this price point, such as email integration.

What I like about this software is that it allows customized code to be used if you don’t like the landing page template options, or are an advanced user. It also comes without branding on your landing pages, giving a much more professional feel. The software also has an easy to use analytics dashboard to help you keep track of your customers and give insight into their behaviours.

Now, the number of templates available are quite limited, meaning you will need to learn some code to customize them if you are serious, and it is also limited to only coupon codes as a lead magnet. The 14 day free trial requires your credit card details and is potentially not long enough to fully evaluate the software, or fully run a test campaign.

Landingpage Promoter definitely makes custom landing pages more accessible for Amazon sellers and is particularly appealing to moderate to advanced users due to the advanced feature set targeting larger, more experienced sellers.

Due to the ability to use your own code, there is more headroom for more advanced users to make use of this tool, which means that you can grow into this software more than other options out there. Those that plan to, or already run, paid ads or employ an ads specialist will be the ones to get the most from this builder.

The third landing page builder I want to cover is ZonPages. ZonPages is a relative newcomer to this space and there is not yet a lot of hype around it. It is clear that the developers have big ambitions and they are very active in responding to feedback and making improvements to the service, which is a positive sign.

Although it offers a lot of integrated services, the biggest strength of ZonPages is the ease of creating a page. You can simply use your ASIN number to import all of the information for the landing page from your existing Amazon listing. There are also some great little additions not found in other comparable software, such as the ability to A/B test landing pages.

On the surface, ZonPages appears to be priced similarly to Landing Cube, with $19.95, $49.95 and $99.95 plans. The biggest difference comes in at the lowest price point as ZonPages has made the bold move of including unlimited landing pages, unlike others who place low limits.

There are some other restrictions in the basic plan, but by and large you get close to the full functionality of the software at the $19.95 price point, which is great value. It does call into question the value of the higher price points though.

Another key difference is the inclusion of additional marketplaces, which are not included in the plans by default. To access them, you must be on at least the $49.95 plan, where they can be had for $14.95 per marketplace, or on the $99.95 plan for $9.99 per marketplace. This could be a dealbreaker for those operating on multiple international marketplaces, as these costs will quickly add up.

What I like most is that it has one of the easiest ways of making a landing page, with your product ASIN used to import all of your relevant listing details into attractive templates. I also like the ability to A/B test landing pages to test conversion techniques, and the ability to run coupon and giveaway pages.

Unfortunately, there is no ability to alter the standard landing page templates with your own code, which could be a problem for power users. And the integration with non-US marketplaces comes at a not-insignificant extra price.

Now, I really liked ZonPages and think this is a rising star worth keeping a close eye on. The creation of a landing page using this software is about as easy as it gets, which is great for beginners and pros alike. With all the inclusions in the basic package, it is hard to look past ZonPages for value.

Although it is simple enough for beginners, this software is also great for anyone wanting a large number of landing pages for the lowest price, due to the unlimited pages inclusion on all ZonPages plans.

Moving on to builder number four which is Amzlead. Traffic doesn’t count for much if it doesn’t convert, and this is where Amzlead really shines. Their base features lean heavily on communication with users, starting with email or direct coupons, and going the distance with follow-up emails.

Good communication is also not limited to just the users, as Amzlead has excellent support in place for you, with professional plan members getting priority email support. But landing pages are really easy to set up and generate so that you’ll likely be flying on your own.

Top features include social media integration, basic pages with the ability to customize without needing to know HTML, detailed stats on campaigns and advertising in local marketplaces with local language used.

The base plan that offers you one active campaign without the premium features like custom domains goes for the princely sum of $0. Yes, absolutely free and no, it is not a trial period! Two campaigns plus the ‘pro features’ is a comparatively pricey 19 euros a month, while the unlimited option is 39 euro per month.

This software works well on all international Amazon stores and does everything it says on the box with no fuss. And if you are on a budget, it’s absolutely free to use indefinitely, as long as you don’t exceed one active campaign.

Now, a lot of the software defaults to German and though it can be switched back it is a little annoying and shows in which market their priorities lie.

If  you only need one campaign at a time, this is the software for you. The price of nothing is absolutely unbeatable. If you need more than that, it is best to look elsewhere as the price for more campaigns is just not competitive.

However if you are in Europe, especially German speaking markets and would prefer to access local customer support and be billed in Euros, it could be just the software you have been looking for.

Now, all of the software tools covered in this video have a particular strength and there is no clear overall ‘winner’ simply because different sellers are looking for different things from a landing page software package. So let’s break it down by user type.

If you are a beginner to landing pages, then Landing Cube is a winning choice. It combines an easy user interface with a massive amount of training resources to help you get up and running fast.

For those who are a bit more savvy and already have a good budget for paid ads should consider Landingpage Promoter, as the advanced features are perfect for more demanding users.

And budget users who still want some control should look into ZonPages which includes all the features you would expect from a solid landing page builder, but also allows you to use your own code to really customize the look and functionality.

If you haven’t been using landing pages to distribute your coupons, then you have been missing a key strategy that could give you an edge on the competition. Ranking for profitable keywords gets harder every month and to stay ahead of the competition you really need a clear strategy for promotions.

With the enhanced customer tracking and engagement offered by a landing page tool, you can get that edge for yourself and increase your listing profitability. With a landing page as the focus of your social campaigns, you will get more sales, more reviews, increase your rankings and as a consequence see your business grow.

Thanks for watching and please make sure to watch the next videos with more Amazon FBA tips that will show up right about now.

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