How To Use Amazon Posts To Grow Your FBA Business

Amazon Posts is a new feature that enables sellers to promote their brands and products in the Amazon news feed for free. What are Amazon posts? How do Amazon posts work? All this and more covered in this video tutorial! You will learn everything you need to know about Amazon Posts and how to use Amazon Posts to increase conversions.

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How To Use Amazon Posts To Grow Your FBA Business - Video transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I would like to go over how to use Amazon posts to build brand awareness & grow your FBA business, so be sure to watch all the way through so you don't miss any of the important details as we do have a lot to cover.

Now, before I hop into this video, if you are new to this channel you're going to want to subscribe as I talk about the best ways to make a full time income with Amazon FBA and always get straight to the point, with that said let's get right into this video.

So, is Amazon Posts the next big social media platform for ecommerce sellers? Well, kind of.  On popular social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, you can use unique branding to promote your entire product line within your profile, so customers can easily discover your brand all in one place. On Amazon, it’s not always that simple.

A customer who purchases one of your products on Amazon may have no idea that you sell other items they may be interested in. Amazon Posts seeks to solve this issue by allowing you as a seller to post social media content to Amazon.

Now, first let me explain what is the Amazon Posts program? Amazon Posts allows brand-registered sellers to share unique lifestyle images and product-related content through a “feed” that looks similar to other social media platforms.

Customers will be able to scroll through your feed and click through directly to your product detail pages. In this way, the program is designed not only to show customers how to use your products, but also to encourage them to browse and discover your brand story.

Posts lets brands seamlessly maintain a consistent brand identity across other social platforms, as a seller you can repurpose your content from Instagram and Facebook posts for your Amazon feed. But as of now, customers can only view Posts while using the Amazon mobile app or while viewing Amazon’s site on a mobile browser.

So, who is eligible for Amazon Posts? Currently, the tool is still in beta and is only available for sellers who are either registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry or Vendors within the US. You also must have an Amazon Store for your brand in order to use Posts.

Now, let’s go over the benefits of Amazon posts. Consumers are increasingly responsive to social media content when shopping online. In fact, 54% of US shoppers say they’ve bought something they first learned about on social media, and 21% start their product searches on Instagram.

Social media’s knack for displaying products in attractive, relatable settings resonates with customers. Posts evoke the look and feel of traditional social channels, while going a step beyond by allowing customers to view the product behind the compelling content in one click. That alone makes using Posts a no-brainer.

Here are some other great benefits of using Amazon posts. First, it’s free to use. Brands can post as little or as much as they want. Unlike Pay Per Click or other types of advertising, there is no associated cost per click.

Second, it drives brand awareness. With Amazon Posts, as a seller you can show off how your products work and share unique content that tells your brand story. This is also a great opportunity to share real-life customer photos and build social proof.

Amazon posts will also increase your product discoverability. As I mentioned before, some customers may not realize the extent of your product line, especially if they’re new to your brand. As a customer scrolls through your listing detail page on the Amazon app, they can discover more about your brand through Posts picturing your other products.

Now, while you can’t choose exactly where your posts end up, there is a chance that they’ll end up on your competitors’ listings. In that case, customers can scroll down the listing detail page to a section called “Related Posts,” where your brand could be featured. Similarly to Sponsored Display Ads, Posts give you the opportunity to draw customers away from your competitors.

Customers can also “follow” your brand. Just like any other social media platform, users will be able to “Follow” your brand on Amazon to stay up-to-date with your content. And as with any other Advertising tool on Amazon, you can measure your content’s performance.

Brands will be able to review metrics tracking impressions, engagement, and engagement rates for each of your Amazon posts.

So where do Amazon Posts appear? Amazon makes the call on where your Posts show up, based on relevance and customer engagement. There are four places where your Posts may be displayed.

First we have the Brand feed. The brand feed is exactly what it sounds like, it’s your brand’s unique feed, where you can post content about your entire product line.

Second there is the Product page carousel. A “carousel” is a series of Posts that appear on a product detail page, which customers can scroll horizontally. Carousels appear on your product detail page and may contain your competitors’ Posts as well.

The third location where your posts could appear is the related brands feed. Clicking on a Post within a product page carousel will bring you to the related brand feed, where customers can discover more of your products, as well as other brands.

The fourth and last place where your posts can show up is the category-based feed. Amazon assigns relevant category tags to individual Posts.

That way, customers can explore content for complementary items within a specific category. For example, customers scrolling through the “Wheel & Tire Accessories” category feed may see Posts about tire traction pads next to RV covers.

Now, let me show you how to set up and use Amazon Posts; As I already mentioned, only brands enrolled in Brand Registry with an active Amazon store are eligible for Amazon Posts. Here’s how you as a seller with these qualifications can get started.

Step 1 is to visit and sign in using your existing Amazon account credentials.

Step 2 is to Click on “Get Started.”

Step 3 is to choose the brand you want to promote.

The fourth step is to upload your brand’s logo. This will appear on your Posts as a thumbnail next to your brand’s name, like a profile picture on Instagram or Facebook. Once your upload is complete, choose “Submit and continue.”

The fifth and last step is to create a post; Be sure to upload a lifestyle image of your product, add an engaging caption, and list some ASINs for related products in your product line, that’s how Amazon will figure out which category tags to assign your Post. You can either publish your Post immediately or schedule it for later.

Amazon also provides tips on what makes for an effective Post like this. Amazon says you should aim to inspire customers with attractive, compelling imagery showing your product in action.

Keep your images simple and avoid using collages or overlaid text, buttons or icons. The more crowded or complicated your image is, the more likely it’ll be ignored

Use high-quality and high-resolution images and let your caption tell a story about why your products are valuable and unique. Avoid repeating your product description or using snippets from customer reviews

Now, if you needed another reason to enroll in Brand Registry on Amazon, this is it. While Posts is still in its beta testing phase, it’s a great, not to mention free way to promote your brand and products on Amazon.

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That’s all I have got for this video, hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching and please make sure to watch the next videos with more Amazon FBA tips that will show up right about now.

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