7 Important Tips To Create A Highly-Effective Call-To-Action

highly effective call to action

When traffic comes to your website, your desire is that they’ll become a regular visitor. How can you do this? Well, a way for visitors to become regulars is to get them to take some type of action – join your mailing list, purchase a product, etc.

The problem with turning traffic into regular visitors is the engagement. Without it, it doesn’t happen. How can you engage with them to entice and stimulate their thought process to carry out the action you want them to do?

This is when you need a call-to-action on your website!

Call-To-Action: What’s It Set Up To Do?

The premise behind a call-to-action is to entice customers to do what you want them to do. With an effective call-to-action, website visitors can become customers. There are three elements to an effective call-to-action:

  • Thought-provoking, actionable words
  • Proper call-to-action design
  • Actions people take when visiting website

An effective call-to-action produces the feeling of urgency within the customer, telling them what they should be doing and what actions they need to take. In fact, adding colors to a design is less effective than a thought-provoking call-to-action.

When you develop a marketing campaign, you need to look at your call-to-action. If you’re not clear in what action your visitors need to take, your marketing campaign, even if it’s the best, won’t work like you want it to. With an effective call-to-action, you can ensure your visitors come back to what you’re offering them.

7 Key Ways To Ensure Your Call-To-Action Is Effective

Get To The Point and Appeal To Your Visitors’ Senses

In order to ensure your website is working to create a business, you must be sure that your call-to-action gets to the point of what you want and appeals to your visitors’ senses. You need to want to come across as someone they can benefit from. The last thing you need to do is play guessing games with visitors. Do that, and they’ll leave and never come back.

Be Precise

When coming up with your call-to-action, don’t use long, windy sentences and words. This only confuses your visitors. Instead, be precise and to the point. Use action words to show the urgency of your message. Short phrases and sentences quickly capture their attention, which makes them take action sooner… rather than later.

Pay Attention To Dimensions

Yes, even the dimensions of your call-to-action can make or break your marketing campaign. Therefore, use round-edged buttons instead of sharp edges. Ensure the action buttons are large enough to be easily seen on a smartphone, tablet or another device so visitors can click on it then and there. Your visitors may not remember to follow through on the action later on. An effective call-to-action is set apart from the website design and page. You want it to stand out – in a positive way – so that your visitors can easily see it.

Avoid Complex Tasks

If you want visitors to take action, you must ensure the task isn’t complicated for them. The more complex a task is, the higher the chance for them to leave. Give them everything they need to know to carry out the task you want them to.

Show Off Your Call-To-Action

In order to receive additional clicks, you want to ensure your call-to-action can be clearly seen. You don’t want it buried deep within the page’s content where it may be “accidentally” overlooked. Make sure it’s noticeable for your visitors to see.

call to action

pop up call to action

Have Multiple Places The Offer Can Be Seen

When it comes to the number of times to show your call-to-action message, you need to find the line between too little and too much. You don’t want it just once on a page – you can include in the toolbar for easy access or throughout the website. If you’ve created content about a product, include the call-to-action at the top and bottom of the page. Your first button will engage the customer and the second one ensures they take action.

Test and Re-Test

In order to be successful, you must learn from what works and what doesn’t work. You’ll need to test an array of combinations to ensure your call-to-action button is working like you want it to. And remember, even if it is working, you’ll need to continually test it to ensure it stays that way!

In order to have a highly-effective call-to-action, you must spend a considerate amount of time and money on it. You want to make sure that your message is coming across to visitors clearly – you don’t want them to have to read between the lines. Clearly describe what you want them to do, and constantly test your call-to-action campaign to ensure it’s working like you want it.

Your business’ success is dependent upon the effectiveness of your call-to-action. Don’t leave it to chance!

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