Twitter Tools:The Complete List (180 Free and Paid Tools)

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I don't know about you but Twitter is my favourite social media channel and I love it. There are a lot of Twitter tools out there and I use a lot of them.

The last few years I tried as many Twitter tools and apps I could find. Some of them were just OK, others were great. Many of them I still use today and others have faded.

Still today new ones keep popping up and the market is so saturated with Twitter tools that it's really hard these days to find the good ones that are reliable.

That's why I have decided to put together a fresh list of top Twitter tools. There is something here for everyone.From dashboards to very specific tools for analytics and hashtags.

Click on the category below and it will take you straight to the tools of your choice


The dashboard is the most important Twitter tool we all use as this is where it usually starts. A good Twitter management tool will help you achieve a better strategy, get better results, and generally make your life easier by putting everything in one place. There are quite a few dashboards available, so I’ve put together a list of all the dashboards I know of:

coschedule marketing calendar


This is my favorite Twitter tool. It let's you schedule your posts. Follow/unfollow based on hashtags or influencer following and many more things all within the same tool.

Pricing: 5 day trial & $9.95/month


Agorapulse being a social media management tool that allows you to manage all social activity from one place, lets you publish and schedule updates, and allows you to run contests, quizzes and even promotions. This tool also has a social media inbox, and PowerPoint analytics reports that look great.

Pricing:Free Trial & paid plans start at $49/month


This Twitter dashboard probably needs no further introduction since I think it's the most wide used Twitter management tool available.

Pricing:Free version available & paid plans start at $10/month


Sprout Social is a social media management tool to allows you to easily manage your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts from within one place. Monitor your social networks to find conversations, engage with other users, publish new updates, and also get analytics reports. All in one place.

Pricing:30 day Trial & paid plans start at $59/month


CoSchedule can be used to make your social media posting go faster and more efficiently. Share blog posts as well as other updates. You can also  create an editorial calendar to become a more productive blogger and manage all your social accounts from one place.

Pricing:7 day Trial and paid plans start at $15/month


If you need an all-in-one dashboard for all your social media accounts Hootsuite is the tool for you. You can use Hootsuite to manage several accounts, engage with followers and friends, schedule your updates, monitor your conversations and keywords, and get analytics to see how you’re doing online.

Pricing:Free version available & paid plans start at $8/month


With you can manage both your Twitter and your Facebook accounts, find new friends, and you can also plug into your favourite news sources to find content to share on your social media channels. They also have a 24/7 automation tool that assures you never go silent online, and a scheduling feature is available.

Pricing:Free version available & paid plans start at $12.95/month

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TweetDeck can be used to manage multiple Twitter accounts from one dashboard, keep track of any lists, or searches and create searches to monitor whatever you are interested in. See your home page updates, notifications, DMs, and anything else you want, all in one screen. Great tool to monitor your brand and it's free.



You can monitor all of your engagement and mentions from one dashboard with MavSocial for many of the most popular social networks. What makes MavSocial stand out is their attention to the visual aspects. Check out their visual content library, find digital stock photos and edit them with their built-in editing software. MavSocial also offers analytics and they have a social inbox where you receive all your social media notifications.

Pricing:Free version available & paid plans start at $59/month


Sendible lets you manage your social media from one place, you can publish and schedule posts to multiple social accounts, engage with other people and generate leads with their Social CRM. Sendible also provides in-depth analytics, and you can track your results daily, weekly or monthly, whichever you want.

Pricing:30 day trial & paid plans start at $59/month


Find Twitter influencers in your niche and reach out to them to build a relationship. This tool will allow you to build brand exposure via influencer marketing and outreach.

Pricing: Plans start at $49/month


Audiense is a nearly all-in-one platform for all things Twitter concerned. The free plan comes with analytics, best time to tweet, follow/unfollow tools, and community segmentation.

Pricing:Free Trial & pricing upon request


Publish your Tweets,monitor your brand and grow your audience all within Statusbrew.



Setup your Twitter campaign and connect with Twitter lists, RSS feeds & video channels.


This Twitter dashoard allows you to schedule tweets, track keywords, track your clicks and send DM's.

Pricing:7 day trial & paid plans start at $36/month


With a lifetime span of only 18 minutes per tweet getting organic results is not always the easiest thing – it takes a lot of work and effort and it can also take a long time to get to the stage you’re aspiring to be. But if you have something great you want to promote, or simply speed things up a bit, there’s always Twitter advertising. Here are some of my favourite Twitter advertising tools.

Adstage Twitter tool


Wordstream offers PPC software for Googel Adwords, Facebook and Twitter. They also have managed services if you rather have a specialist handle your advertising needs.


If you want to easily run Twitter advertising campaigns, and get them published in just three easy steps then Meetsoda is your advertising tool. The Meetsoda analytics are available in real time, so you can adjust your campaign for maximum reach on the spot. You’ll also get a full campaign report when it’s over – huge time and money saver!

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Adstage is perfect for those running ads on different networks at the same time, as it’s an all-in-one ad management platform. Adstage lets you easily manage all of your ads, whether they’re on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. A great feature is that you can create multiple ad variations in just seconds.


They also have software available to setup your advertising campaings on social media.The software will even give you suggestions on how to optimize for a better conversion with a lower CPC.


If you want a social and video advertising platform that works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, all manageable in one dashboard, you should use Adparlor. Their precision targeting is pretty impressive, as it goes beyond basic demographics.


Keeping track of your results is extremely important. A good analytics tool will help you see what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly. Here are the best Twitter tools to monitor your accounts 24/7.

Simply Measured Twitter tool


If you want amazing analysis of all your social media channels then Simply Measured is a great tool. Not only are their reports beautiful, but they are also very comprehensive. You can listen in on conversations, observe competitors across all social networks, and get amazing reports directly on the website, even in Excel reports, or as PowerPoint presentations. They also offer a free trial, as well as a few free tools that you can try right now to see if this is the right tool for you.


If you are a statistics freak than TweetStats is a simple, free tool that allows you to graph your Twitter stats. Simply enter the Twitter handle you want, click the button and take a look at your past tweets.


You can monitor and measure tweets about anything you want with TweetReach, whether it be a hashtag or a particular brand, in real time. You can use TweetReach to get free snapshot reports, and for more detailed analytics they have a paid option available.


Check what's trending, find influencers, track your marketing and see what your competition is up to all within this one tool.


TwitterCounter will help you optimize your tweets so that you can get the most out of them. Twittercounter analytics will help you figure out when the best times to send tweets are and what types of content your followers respond to best. You can study your followers, and even unfollowers with this amazing tool.


The key to beating the competition is to know the competition you are up against – and Rivaliq is the perfect tool to assist you with this. You can use Rivaliq to not only analyse your social media performance, but also the performance of your competitors’, and how you stack up against them.


Twitonomy is another  great free Twitter analytics tool that you can try out. Twitonomy provides detailed visual analytics on your Twitter activity as well as your competitors’.

FOLLER.ME is another Twitter analytics tool, but with a different spin. is a free tool to search for any public Twitter name and get an analysis on their profile and latest tweets, it displays in the form of ‘tag clouds’, so you can see the most popular used words. You will also be able to see when they’re most likely to be online, and even all about their friends, followers and lists.

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Crowdbooster works with both Twitter and Facebook to give real time analytics reports on your pages. One of the best parts of Crowdbooster is that they give you recommendations based on the data they gather – for example, if an influencer mentions you, you’ll get a notification so that you know that you should try to engage with them. They also offer scheduling, and team management, where each team member can have a different access level.


Tweetchup is a free Twitter analytics tool that allows you to monitor tweets, hashtags and keywords, as well as analyse your own Twitter activity and that of your competitors – or any other user.


If you’re running a campaign on Twitter and want to monitor an event or maybe simply your brand, TweetArchivist will monitor and archive it for you. The tool can also analyse the results for you in order to find the top users and influencers, the hashtags and links used, and much more.


Sumall is an analytics tool that you can use for as many Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Analytics accounts as you want. They create amazing reports that are ready-to-go and you can even add your own branding to the reports if you want to.


When is the best time to send out your tweets in order to get the most out of your updates? Tweriod looks at both your tweets as well as your followers to give you the best times to tweet – and hopefully increase your engagement.


This browser plugin reveals vast insights into any Twitter user you choose. Discover statistics, popular hashtags, most shared links, connected profiles, and much more.


Ones you are logged in with your Twitter account you can find anyones top 10 tweets and they are ordered by engagement.


Get your best followers, most influential followers and most engaged followers delivered to you in a list.Very useful if you want to track the important people on twitter to enegage with.


Mokumax gives you a score (1-100) based on your daily tweets, retweets and replies.It will show you how engaged you are on Twitter.


This is a Twitter search tool. It will let you search keywords, usernames, locations, interests. With all this info you can analyze your tweets and following and find new ones.


Twitter automated scheduling is a very debated subject. Does it take all humanity out of tweeting or can it be done in such a way that followers will respond to you positively, and bring in results? But let’s not get into all that now and go through some of the best tools – some are for manually scheduling tweets, others for automated updates, all for helping you save a lot of valuable time.

Meet Edgar Twitter too


If you need a smart automation tool that monitors all of your news feeds and automatically shares relevant content to your social networks is it. You can also use their browser extension to add content as you find it on the net. It also shares your blog posts, adds relevant hashtags to your updates, and allows you to integrate Google Analytics, among many other useful features.


With Social Oomph you can boost your productivity online by allowing you to schedule all types of content updates across different social networks, such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook. The Social Oomph  tool can be a huge time-saver for those who have numerous accounts to manage.


Schedule any RSS feed to Twitter and become a Twitter authority with this tool.


Schedule your Tweets for sepecific hours and days and this tool takes care of the rest.


The Bufferapp is arguably one of the most popular scheduling tools on the market right now. Use Buffer to easily schedule posts across multiple accounts and social networks, as well as to analyse your posts.


PostPlanner is a tool that aims to help you increase your engagement by assisting you in finding great content to share. All you have to do is select what you want to share, decide on a time and you’re done. PostPlanner also lets you get the analytics on anything you posted so that you can see what works and what doesn’t work.


If you have a blog that is updated regularly , you can use TwitterFeed to easily share your blog feed to all of your social networks, helping you save a lot of valuable time.You can also automate the sharing of posts from other blogs and add a suffix to let the other blog know you shared their content.

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MeetEdgar is a tool that allows you to easily schedule posts to your social media accounts in a very organized manner. MeedEdgar lets you create the updates you want to, publish and organize them into categories, easily add them to a calendar and let MeetEdgar queue them up for you to be shared.


IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a very cool tool that aims to make your life easier. When it comes to social media, it allows you to do share content between your networks, such as automatically tweeting your Instagram photos, or posting Facebook updates to Twitter, and even pin Instagrams to your Pinterest boards.


Does the same as IFTTT but it doesn't have as many free options.


If you have a blog, then you’re probably also using social media to promote each new posting. Missinlett_r helps you speed up the process, by automatically creating social media updates with quotes from your article, every time you publish something new. Not only does it create cool tweets using your own words, but it also helps you save time, and increase your exposure and hopefully your traffic.



Send your direct mesage(DM) to Tweet4Me and schedule it to let the tool send it out for you.


Automated retweets and favorites based on preselected tweets and your rules.


There are some great tools out there that can help you start conversations with people all over the world, help you boost your engagement, and also help you find some great people on Twitter. There are a few great tools that allow you to start Twitter chats, and I’ve also included one that allows you to live blog events as a team.

Beatstrap Twitter tool


Twchat is similar to Twubs,  it also allows you to create real time chat rooms, as well as search for chats to participate in. You can also add people to help you moderate your chat.


Using TweetChat is very easy – simply login with your Twitter account, enter a hashtag, and join the conversation! You can also favourite tweets and see what others have favourited. They are also currently working on adding more features.


With BeatStrap you can cover any event and live-blog it as a team, while also promoting your own brand. Simply add the people you want, give them a hashtag, and start live-blogging! You can even display it on any web page, and increase your reach.

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Nurph is great for planning and organizing your chat complete with follow-up stats and replays.


Twubs Twitter Chat is a pretty straightforward tool that allows you to schedule and start Twitter chats. You can also search for hashtags to see what people are saying.


Here you can find a list of all the upcoming chats and their hashtags so you can follow along.


This is a list of really cool Twitter tools that I’ve tried and tested – basically anything that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories you will find here .

clicktotweet Twitter tool


If you can’t always stick to the 140 character limit on Twitter, try TwitLonger. It’s very easy to use, all you have to do is sign in with your Twitter account and start writing.


If you have a group Twitter account, such as a school, charity or a sports team, you can use GroupTweet to make sure everyone has a say. You can add as many contributors as you like, as well as remove them, without having to share your password. Grouptweet can also be used for private group conversations on Twitter – much faster than with email!


If you want make shares on clicks back to your website, ClickToTweet is a great option. Simply write the tweet that you want others to share, and your readers will be able to just click on the message to share it along with a custom link back to your website.


If you want to create surveys on multiple social platforms you should use Twtpoll. They offer several types of surveys that you can add filters too. I also like their skip-logic feature, which allows for personalized surveys, where users can get different questions based on previews answers.


TweetyMail is an email-based Twitter app that allows you to tweet, reply, direct message and follow other users, all via your email account. You can also get automatic, customized email alerts for mentions, Twitter searches and others, and respond to them directly from your email.


If you’re planning an event, you can use Vite to invite people, get them to RSVP with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Instagram and to send announcements about your event.


Find out what kind of personality you have based on the analysis of  the words you use in your Tweets.


Vellum is a simple reading list with the links your friends are currently sharing in your Twitter feed. This puts a light on your content and makes it easy to find what you should read next. The links are ranked based on shared counts by those you follow. This way you can stay up to date wth the topics people are discussing.


If you like to give away coupons on social mediaTwtqpon allows you to create coupons on various social media platforms, and email. Easily create your coupons with your own branding, add QR codes and barcodes, and choose how the coupons will be redeemed – offline or online.


If you want to increase your Twitter engagement, you have to stay in the loop with what is trending at the moment. Use Trends24 to see what is trending, which hashtags are the most used, and start tweeting!


Snapbird is a Twitter search tool You can search your tweets, DM's and friends. 


This app lets you see tweets from this exact day in history. Cool tool.


If you are looking for a really cool tool that allows you to mobilize your fans to help share your message on social media you should use Thunderclap. Anyone can use it, from authors to musicians, and from marketing agencies to event organizers.

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Twbirthday allows you to easily search for a Twitter username and find out when they joined Twitter on their very own Twitter birth certificate.


Find out when you’re friends (or competitors!) made any changes to their profile, such as a new bio or new profile picture. You can choose to get email alerts or see it directly in your timeline.


Are you replying fast enough on social media? Sprout Social’s Must Be Present tool gives you reports on your response rate on social media, and your average response time. It’s a simple thing, but very useful. If you’re not replying in real time, you stand to lose a lot of engagement.


TheHerdLocker is a free service that filters out retweets & requotes. It ignores thousands of tweets so you don't have to.


Twibbon makes it very easy to manage your campaign, and it can even help you take it viral! Twibbon allows you to create campaigns where users can support you in various ways, such as by adding to their social media, changing their Twitter background or emailing their friends. 


Twibes allows you to browse through the numerous Twitter group topics and lists and see who the members are, and any other relevant information for the specific group.


If you are a music artists who is using Twitter than Twitmusic is a tool for you. You can use it to create amazing, engaging campaigns, create photo and audio contests, get people to act in order to listen to your music or see your upcoming cover art, and many more cool features.


Use Tweetiebyte to get a thorough analysis of your tweet history. All you have to do is enter the username you want to study and the tool will generate a personalized infographic.


Try WhatTheTrend to see what is trending worldwide in real time, what else has been trending during that day, and also to add trends to the list.


Whenever you’re away from the Internet, you can use Vacatweet to send out “out-of-office” messages on your behalf whenever someone wants to talk to you on Twitter. Simply write your auto-response and choose whether to reply to people or direct message them, and you can leave for your much-awaited vacation without worries.

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Are you a user? You can now use Tweekly to automatically post your stats to your Twitter and Facebook profiles. You can also find out who else shares your taste in music, and find new people to connect with online.


Tweepsmap helps you publish “intelligently” with the insight you gain from their follower location map that shows you trending topics and hashtags based on location. They also tell you when the best time to tweet is, specific to your followers and their activity.


Local Tweeps is a tool that helps you search for Twitter friends and followers that are close to you. It’s a great tool for anyone organizing an event.


FollowerFly is a social media content aggregator. Search Twitter users and find their best content on Twitter and beyond.Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud Youtube and Reddit are currently supported.


Grab any number of tweets and media elements and turn them into a story you can put on Storify or embed and share anywhere you want.


Find the most used words from any user, including you.


Turn your or any tweets into blog posts. Very cool.


Besed on the keyword you type in you will hear an audio track with the sentiment of the tweets with that keyword.


Electoral is a great tool to manage all your twitter lists. Create,bulk add or remove and automate your lists all within this Twitter tool.


Live stream video on Twitter with whatever you are up to.


With this tool you can copy a Twitter list from someone else and make it your own.


With this Rich Text Editor you can create tweets with great fonts and styles.


If you want to find out who tweeted something first. Enter a keyword or URL and you will find out with this Twitter tool.


Write a tweet longer then 140 characters and Little Pork Chop will cut it into pieces and send it out in a stream one after the other.


Hashtags are the bread and butter of Twitter. How do you know which ones to use? What do some of them even mean? Which hashtags are trending day-by-day, or even hour-by-hour? Thankfully there are plenty of tools that can help you:

Hashtagify Twitter tool


Hashtagify is a great tool for discovering hashtags, and seeing which ones are the most popular. Find hashtags related to certain events, the top influencers, and access usage patterns data. They’ve also recently introduced an Instagram hashtag tracking tool that you can try out for free.


Keyhole allows you to search for hashtags, keywords or URLs and track them in real time on Twitter and/or Instagram. They also provide account tracking and reporting, and can find the top influencers that are engaging with your hashtag or keywords.


If you’re ever confused about what a hashtag might mean, use Tagdef and simply enter the hashtag you want to look up to find a definition. You can also add your own definitions.


RiteForge is a very useful and timesaving tool that helps you ‘beddazle’ your updates automatically with hashtags and visuals. You can integrate RiteForge with other tools, such as Buffer and Hootsuite, to make your life easier, and automate posts in order to save time.

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Use Hashtracking to quickly get reports on Twitter and Instagram hashtags, or try the paid version to monitor your social media activity in real time and stream your social media activity live, as a presentation, whether at the office or at an event.


The TweetBinder tool can be used to search for hashtags, mentions and keywords on Twitter and Instagram, get real time reports, and other, more in depth reports.


Tagboard allows you to search for public social media data within seconds after they were published, and then select the posts you want to feature on TV, on your website and on large displays.


Use Twubs to search for and follow hashtags so that you can discover conversations. You can also use it to create a branded hashtag page where you can engage with your followers.


Images are very important on Twitter – or rather, on most popular social networks. Images are more likely to attract your followers’ attention, and statistics show that tweets with images get 313% more engagement. I’ve put together this list of tools that add images to your tweets, help you find images, and also allow you to create awesome designs:

Pablo Twitter tool


Pablo is a very cool tool from Buffer that, best of all, is free to use! They have a library of over 50,000 royalty-free images and different fonts and colours to choose from for text.


Canva makes it very easy to create professional looking visual content. They have thousands of layouts to choose from, stock images, filters, icons and basically anything you might need to create great images for your social media, blog, or website. My go to tool for creating all my images.


You can easily add images to your tweets with Twitshot – all you have to do is enter your tweet with the link on the website, and Twitshot will automatically extract images from the webpage you’re posting so you can choose your favourite.


Stencil is a very easy to use tool for creating great images that you can then share on your social media. You can customize images, add icons and graphics, and they even let you do 10 free images a month.

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Use Relaythat to create beautiful designs for all your marketing purposes. Images are automatically resized for every platform, so you don’t need to bother with that. It’s also a great tool to use to make sure all of your marketing visuals have the same graphics.


Designfeed is a great new tool, currently in beta, that renders beautiful images that are personalized for each user. The more you use the tool, the more it will learn what you like and what you don’t, so that it can create images that are perfectly suited to your tastes.


With this tool you can search Twitter by keyword or location to find photos shared on Twitter


Relationships on Twitter is what it's all about and managing your Twitter relationships can be a chore unless you have a good tool to assist you. Use these tools to find out who your friends and followers are, find new people to follow and find out who unfollowed you:

Followerwonk Twitter Tool


FollowerWonk is a tool from MOz that aims to tell you everything there is to know about your Twitter followers, whether it’s location, or the times they usually tweet. You can also use it search for users and browse through Twitter bios.


With, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of your Twitter friends and followers. It will help you find relevant profiles for you to follow (as well as unfollow), and help you build relationships with influencers and customers – the ones who matter the most.


Get a better audience insight with the Audiense tool. Find out who forms your audience, what they are interested in and what they talk about. Then organize your audiences, and start building relationships with all the best users.

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This tool doesn’t need much of an explanation – the name really says it all. Would you like to knwo who unfollowed you? This tool helps you track those who unfollowed you and you can also use it to see who followed you, if you’re following back or who you’ve blocked or muted.


With Friend or Follow you can track who unfollowed you and who’s not following you back on Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. You can manage multiple accounts with it, if you want as well as sort your followers.


This is a constantly updated  list of the most interesting links on Twitter from the accounts of interesting people.


Back up tweets that you can follow up later on.

Get More Followers

Getting started on Twitter can be very difficult, and even as you start growing, it is still difficult to get enough followers. Thankfully, there are a few tools out there that can help you not only to better manage your existing followers, but also to grow your follower base.

Crowdfire Twitter tool


ManageFlitter has a few different features, but my favourite thing about it is the ease with which you can manage your Twitter friends and followers. It’s also a good tool for finding people to connect with, and it has some pretty good analytics.


Check who is following you or not following you back. See your inactive followers or whitelist certain followers. You can also you Crowdfire to setup automated DM messages.


Contaxio is a free tool that helps you track your Twitter friends and followers, and finds the best people to follow back.


Refollow is an app that helps you find the people you want to have relationships with on social media. It’s also great for growing your follower base and managing your audience.


Tweepi is another tool to check for people who are not following you back.It can all be done in bulk with a few clicks.


If you want to now who is following who,just type in both Twitter handles and you will know soon enough.

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With this tool you will receive an email each time someone unfollows you.


This is a Saas company that will build your following using an algorithm based on keywords you put in the system. They have a 2 week free trial available.


Tool to grow your followers.Copy the follow list from another user and find users to follow based on keywords and device.


This actually does the same as SocialQuant but their trial only lasts one week. This company has Sujan Patel as one of the founders.


One of the ways to grow your Twitter presence, increase your credibility online, and even boost your engagement is to find influencers and build connections with them. Almost all communities and niches have their top influencers – all you have to do is find them, and start building a relationship with them.

Buzzsumo Twitter tool


BuzzSumo is a tool that allows you to search for the most relevant content and the top influencers for any topic you want. Simply enter a topic or domain in the search box, and look for key content and influencers.


Bluenod is primarily a tool for finding top influencers in your niche. The tool allows you to visualize Twitter communities that highlight influencers, and their networks. It’s a great tool for building a bigger, stronger community.


Triberr is a place for bloggers and influencers to meet and share great content. You can find great content to read, comment on, have discussions with other bloggers and influencers and post any content that you might find.

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Sign in with Klout to see what your Klout score is on Twitter or Facebook, if you’re an influencer, or still have a ways to go. Klout also suggests content that you could share with your audience, in order to increase your engagement, and Klout score.


Inkybee is a blogger outreach tool that helps you search and discover relevant blogs. You can also use it to analyse Twitter influencers among your followers, and find new users to connect with.


Klear has several great features – it allows you to monitor your social media and creates analytics reports, it allows you to find influencers and helps you build relationships with them, and allows you to take a look at the competition to find new ways to develop your social media strategy.


While Twitter is definitely a lot about talking, it’s also important to listen and measure. There are a lot of tools that allow you to measure activity, whether it’s yours, or other users’.

daily 140 Twitter tool


Brand24 is a great tool for monitoring your online presence in real time, measuring responses by sentiment, and finding influencers to connect with. It also allows you to stay on top of any comment made about your brand, so you’re always fast to respond. Brand24 also helps you figure out where to find sales opportunities online.


If you don't have the time to check your Twiiter account several times a day then Warble Alerts is a great tool for you. Sign up, and then select what keywords or hashtags you want to track and you’ll get an email once a day with all the information you need.


Recent follows and favorites of 3 tweeps of your choosing.Find three folks on Twitter, and Daily 140 emails you once-a-day with all the new people they’ve followed and tweets they’ve favorited.


Sysomos is a tool that allows you to listen and monitor social conversations and find customers, trends and top influencers. It also helps you find great content to share, and lets you publish updates. They also offer an analysis tool to help measure your social media campaigns.


BrandChirp is a brand management tool exclusively for Twitter. You can add multiple Twitter accounts and manage them from one place, whether it’s to monitor or engage. They also offer target following and stats for the people you follow so that you can see their tweeting activity and act accordingly.


Meltwater lets you discover trending topics in your industry and then use that knowledge to engage and start new conversations. You can also use Meltwater to monitor your brand and the competition, and to stay up to date with the latest news. Their detailed analytics are also quite good, and will help you track all of your social campaigns.


Social Mention lets you search for real time mentions on several social platforms. You will see top users, keywords and hashtags for any search, sentiment and reach.

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With Social Motus you can manage all of your Facebook and Twitter accounts from one place, with the possibility to add other team members. It’s a good tool for monitoring your brand’s presence as well as for engaging, and measuring your online performance. You can also use Social Motus to find more prospects, increase your sales  and start building relationships.


Keyhole will let you know whenever a particular keyword, hashtag or URL is mentioned. This tool works like setting up Google alerts. Great to monitor your company or blog.


Monitor keywords based on geotargeting. Zoom in for super fine results.


Get realtime alerts via email when your brand names, keywords or hashtags are mentioned on Twitter


With this listening tool you can keep up with all your mentions on Twitter. You can track, analyze and display all your mentions in your dashboard or via email.

Get a visual map of you and all the people you mention,and then the people they mention.


Another tool to monitor based on keywords, hashtag or username. You get a nice results page with all the relevant tweets, influencers and user accounts.


Type in any URL and check the share numbers on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and Google+ .


There are also a lot of great apps available for your smartphone so you can manage your Twitter account while on the road.Here are some of the nicer ones.

Ubersocial Twitter tool


Twitterrific is an iOS and Mac app that you can use to track all your Twitter notifications in real time, on your phone, tablet, and even on your Apple Watch. You can do everything you can do on Twitter, and more. You can muffle tweets and hashtags that you don’t want to see, save links for later and get push notifications.


MobyPicture helps you to easily share any visual content – photos, videos – and audio with your followers on several social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more.


Create 24 second audio snippets or less and share them on Twitter.


UberSocial formerly known as Twidroyd, is a Twitter app for Android users. They have a few cool extra features, like photo filters, the Inner Circle feature that helps you keep up with certain users, Facebook news feed and they let you write tweets over 140 characters.


This is the Tindr for unfollowing,swipe left to unfollow and swipe right to follow.Only available for Iphone. 

#Twitter Tools:The Complete List (180 Free and Paid Tools) via @bizwebjournal

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Discover images and curate on Twitter with this app.Turn Twitter into an endless stream of photos.


This app shows if you are compatible with a Twitter user.This way you can make new friends and learn their secrets. Introduce tells you about the person you are curious about in detail.


With the Meerkat app you can livestream video with whatever you are up to on Twitter.


Charm is a Twitter companion app for iOS.Organise tweets into collections, save articles for later, cue up your playlists of music you find and transcribe conversations.


With this app you can bookmark your favorite things on Twitter.


Many people nowadays use Twitter as a source for great content and relevant, breaking news. Here are some tools that will help you stay up to date with the top news of the day, as well as help you become a relevant content curator on Twitter.

Scoopit Twitter tool

SCOOP.IT helps you discover great content online that you can then easily share on your social accounts. makes it very easy to find content that your followers will be interested in and it only takes seconds to get it published.


Save hours finding relevant content to share with your followers. Que your Tweets with great content, works with Hootsuite and Buffer.


Hash is an app that brings you the most important talking points of the day – those that get the most attention from people, the most tweets and hashtags. It has a great interface, and you get to see what the story is about and then a list of relevant tweets.

PAPER.LI helps you curate great content suitable for your audience that you can then share on social media. What makes them stand out is their web newspaper feature, that lets you create an online newspaper regularly with all the latest news and articles related to your business. They also have an email newsletter that gets sent out regularly with the content you’ve collected.


Nuzzel helps you discover the top news stories of the day. When you sign in with your Twitter account, you will be able to go even further, and see what stories your friends and followers are talking about.


Chirp City keeps you up to date with trending people, stories, and even cities and stocks. You can also use it to search for breaking stories, trending stories, influential people and more.

#Twitter Tools:The Complete List (180 Free and Paid Tools) via @bizwebjournal

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Receive dauly emails of top Twitter links analyzed by popularity and authority by Twurly so you only receive the best.


Use Filta to search the bios of all your followers based on any keyword you want.


See all the popular hashtags on a map,you can zoom in per city or region.


Here you can check if a certain keyword has trended on Twitter in the past 14 days or not.


With this tool you can check who got a hashtag to trend on Twitter.


This is a Twitter client that let's you monitor on MAC OS X. View your incoming tweets, list and searches across multiple tabs.


This has an inbox style layout. Pick the friends you want to hear from and never miss their tweets again.


Twitter plugins can come in handy to put on your blog. It will increase your website visitor engagement. That's why I wanted to add the best and most usefull plugins in this list with Twitter tools for you. 

WP Twitter feed plugin


Simply drag the widget where you want it on your website, fill out the form and that's it. Your Twitterfeed will be displayed on your website.


With this plugin it will rotate and only one tweet at a time will show on your website. You can decide whether to just display tweets, favorites or any other search results.


This plugin will send out a tweet every time you publish a new post on your website. You can set the text and images that are send .

#Twitter Tools:The Complete List (180 Free and Paid Tools) via @bizwebjournal

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A handy plugin if you have a big archive of posts on your blog. It will send out your evergreen content, you set the time intverval and category and the plugin will do the rest.


This plugin lets you create a handy quote box with a link that visitors can use to easily tweet the quote shown to all of their followers. You can even add multiple click-to-tweet boxes to any WordPress post or page.


Twitter cards are content-rich tweets that go beyond 140 characters to include images, links, videos and product information. Simply put, users who tweet your content will have a Twitter card added to their feed that will then be seen by all their followers.


If you bring a visit to your Twitter timeline it can be addictive, that's why it's sometimes better to just stay in your browser window and watch tweets come in. Extensions can come in handy for this. Here are a few nice ones to help you keep focused on your work. 

Pullquote  Twitter extension


Install the bookmarklet and reveal any tweetable sentences from any article,140 characters or less.


With this extension you can check the credibility of any tweet based on 45 features such as properties, content and external URLs and pictures shared.


With this bookmarklet you can pull quotes from any website and share. They also have an app available .

#Twitter Tools:The Complete List (180 Free and Paid Tools) via @bizwebjournal

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This Chrome extension will notify you of new tweets, you can also see your timeline in your browser window.


With this extension you only have to type @ and Twitter handle in your search bar and it will take you directly to the Twitter profile page.


Phew, finally done! There are just so many different Twitter tools, but I hope I did a good job of highlighting some of the best ones on the market right now. Which Twitter tools do you use the most? Have you discovered any new tools you’d like to try? Let me know in the comments section (or on Twitter, of course) and if you have any other great suggestions, I would love to know!

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