625 Amazing Online Marketing Tools That Will Boost Your Results

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All The Marketing Software You Will Ever Need in One Place

If you want to stand any chance of running a succesfull blog you will need a lot of different online marketing tools to help you achieve your goal. It can be a daunting task finding the right online marketing tools that will do the job for your website. For this reason I wrote this article so you have every tool you need to build and grow your website in one place.

I used many of the tools but not all as you can imagine. This post is not about what I recommend or use but what's available for you to achieve your goals. If you want to find out which ones I use and recommend I suggest you check out the resources page.

I don't want you to try and find a needle in a haystach so I have put all the tools in relevant sections . This way it will be an easy search whenever you are in need for a new digital marketing tool.

The Best All In One Marketing Platform

For Coaching, Courses & Service Providers

  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Ready To Go Campaigns
  • Memberships
  • Video Hosting
  • Email Marketing


Don't want to wait until your SEO efforts kick in or you want to reach a new audience?  Then paid advertising is your best bet. Choose your platform below and start pushing out those ads.


Optimize your Facebook ads with this simple powerfull Facebook ads manager

Connect Audience

You can easily synchronize your autoresponder into Facebook custom audiences.

Connect Leads

With this tool you can connect your Facebook lead ads to your CRM/autoresponder.

Connect Retarget

You can run retarget campaigns on Facebook based on how people behave on your website.

Connect Explore

Find interests and take the guesswork out of interest targeting with Connect Explore. Great tool to create laser targeted Facebook ads with high conversion and low CPC.


Adwords and Facebook ads manager. They offer DIY and managed services.

Perfect Audience

Mobile, Web, and Facebook retargeting all in one dashboard


AdRoll is one of the most well-known names in the retargeting space, boasting a customer base of over 20,000 brands. Its platform grants access to over 500 ad exchanges, which includes most of the major social media networks. It offers a self-service platform, but you can also leverage its employees for additional help if you need it.


Chango is an award-winning display advertising platform with robust retargeting features. With Chango, you can combine your own retargeting information with audience intent data that Chango accumulates, which adds a second layer of targeting to your campaigns.

Conversion Logic

Conversion Logic helps advertisers track the effectiveness of their ads across devices and channels


ReTargeter is a tool that uses site retargeting, search retargeting and dynamic retargeting. You can use ReTargeter as a self-service platform, or you can pass all of your campaigns onto an account team to run your retargeting for you. You can use these search services à la carte or combine several into a custom package.


ChoiceStream’s technology is able to process a ton of audience data and discern which of it is actually useful knowledge for brands. ChoiceStream then uses that information to properly target ads to your audiences it knows will be a good fit, boosting the relevance of your ads to your targets.


Nanigans is a multichannel advertising software with an emphasis on Facebook marketing. Its software has access to the Facebook Exchange (FBX) for retargeting and a plethora of other tools that make targeting more efficient.

Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel is a popular tool with a feature called Moment Scoring. Moment Scoring uses anonymous user data to calculate how likely someone is to respond to your advertisement, then uses that information to decide when and where to serve your ads. Rocket Fuel offers both a self-service platform and managed services. differentiates itself by being able to take complete advantage of unstructured audience data. This means that–unlike some other tools on the market– doesn’t need to rely on pre-made audience segments to categorize audience data, which can be a big advantage when working with a lot of data.


Drive traffic to your site, blog or video, or monetize your site with the largest platform for content recommendation, audience acquisition, and native advertising.


Promote your content on the web's largest publisher sites, including CNN, TIME, Mashable and thousands more, with this content marketing platform.

Vibrant Media

This native advertising tool places content directly within other editorial content and all triggers are user-initiated.

Monitor your advertising spend, your sales and ROI with this dashboard

Google Adwords

This one probably needs no introduction. If you want to advertise on Google, sign up for an Adwords account.

Facebook Advertising

This is the best platform to advertise for bloggers.You can really target your audience and also great for remarketing.

Twitter Advertising

Advertise on Twitter using promoted tweets to get more eyes on your content.

Pinterest Advertising

You can advertise on Pinterest with promoted Pins, they are just like regular Pins, only you pay to have them seen by more people. They’re native ad units that perform just as well, if not better, than organic Pins, helping people discover and save ideas.

Linkedin Advertising

If you have a high-end B2B product or service for sale then this is definitely the advertising channel of your choice.

Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to start an affiliate program? Then you will need some affiliate marketing software too help you out with that. There are quite a few options available if you ask me.


If you’re an affiliate, you’re basically a traffic broker. To be a good traffic broker, you need to track all the links you create. You also need an easy way to see which links are driving the most revenue. This is what Linktrack does, and it does it specifically for affiliates.


Simple to use. Essential to measure and compare results from all your online marketing sources. With ClickMeter you can find the better performing campaigns and focus only on the most efficient.


If you’re looking for a complete management tool to track and optimize your affiliate networks, then CAKE should be given serious consideration. Underneath one convenient dashboard you can view the overall performance of your networks, manage contacts, and review analyzing results.


This white-labeled affiliate tracking software has become an industry leader thanks to being innovative and featuring a system that is reliable, scalable, and flexible. Some of the standout features include a two-way API, unlimited amount of affiliates, fraud protection, dedicated solutions option, a mail room, and the ability to convert currencies.


LinkTrust has been in operation since 2002 and claims to be “the most accurate affiliate tracking software on the market.” And, it may be difficult to argue with that statement. LinkTrust features a customizable interface that allows you to track essentially any sort of advertising online and offline – cookies, pixels, server posts, host,CPA, CPC, Pay-per-call, mobile traffic.


OmniStar has been in business for over 13 years and states on its website that it has been voted the #1 affiliate software. The company delivers a straightforward and solid tracking software that is easy to set up (it should only take you under 10 minutes to get started), integrates with every payment gateway or shopping cart, OSI Affiliate Software, and connects you with new partners and customers through social media and improved SEO.

Impact Radius

Another great affiliate tracking software program that has some great features such as tracking, reporting, payments, promo codes and ad hosting.


DevAffiliate boasts that it is the #1 selling affiliate tracking software product. Even if there’s some hyperbole there, this popular software has been offering incredible features since 1999. For example, you can design your own payment structure, promote offers through banners, lightboxes, brochures or videos, and create reports that measure daily activity and track marketing statistics. There’s also a built-in shopping integration that is compatible with most cart and checkout systems.


If you’re using WordPress for your website or blog, then you should definitely take advantage of AffiliateWP. This plugin not only promotes your products and services, it integrates with the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugins and offers real-time reporting and management of your affiliates.

Hit Path

Hit Path is one the fastest and most user-friendly affiliate tracking programs available. By using state-of-the-technology, Hit Path can offer a reliable and scalable multichannel tracking platform that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Click Inc

The intuitive interface featured within Click Inc. is perfect for those who aren’t familiar with HTML. Not only that, the Trulink format is a great assist if you want to improve your SEO since it will link directly to your sales page instead of featuring a coded link.

Post Affiliate Pro

Highly customizable with different types of commissions, promotions, link tracking and MLM marketing.


Monitoring your website performance is very important if you want to now if you are on the right path. Luckily there are many tools that you can help you with that and guess what, the best ones are free. 

Google Analytics

If you’re serious about SEO, you need to use Google Analytics. Just go to “Acquisition” –>”Search Console”–> Landing Pages. This will bring up the pages on your site that get the most impressions and clicks from Google. Look at the CTR field to see your pages that get the best click-through-rate. Finally, apply elements from those title and description tags to pages that get a bad CTR. And watch your organic traffic move on up

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a suite of helpful tools straight from Google. You can see if you have duplicate meta data, how many pages you have indexed, security issues and more. Go to “Search Traffic”—>”Search Analytics” to get a list of keywords that you currently rank for. Sort by “Position” so that your #1 rankings are at the top. Then scroll down until you find where you rank #10-#25 in Google’s search results. These are pages that you can sometimes push to page 1 with some extra SEO love (for example, pointing a few internal links to that page).

Bing Webmaster Tools

As you might expect from Bing, Bing Webmaster Tools is good…but not nearly as good as Google Search Console.But if Bing is important to you, this tool tells you everything you need to know about your site’s visibility in Bing. It has a surprisingly good keyword research tool . And it can hand you keywords that the GKP will NEVER reveal

SEO PowerSuite

A suite of quality desktop-based SEO tools that include a rank checker, backlink analysis tool, site auditor, and keyword research tool.


Track your backlinks, keywords, brand mentions and know what your competitors are doing.


Kissmetrics is a customer intelligence and website analytics platform.


Moz checks your competitor’s sites to see where they get their links from, what their top pages are, as well as their domain and page authority.

Majestic SEO

Site explorer. Backlink history checker. Search explorer. Link intelligence API.


A clean and straightforward site auditing tool. Provides info on site loading speed, HTML errors, and click depth.


Measure and improve the SEO of your site with this content performance tool

Bright Local

Bright Local is an excellent tool that does insanely comprehensive local SEO site audits. You can find duplicate or incorrect citations that are floating around online. Helpful if you recently changed address or just want to make sure your NAP citations are consistent around the web.


A nifty tool that reveals how a search engines spider sees your site. If you check out the screenshot below you’ll notice that search engine spiders get a very different view of our websites than us humans do.


A bit clunky to use, but Clusteric provides a ton of features like site audits, competitor analysis, search visiblity and more.


Monitor your website visitors in real time.It also provides heatmaps,on site analytics, uptime monitoring and much more.


Convert Experiences is an easy to use, one-code installation and feature rich a/b testing and personalization enterprise solution for conversion optimization and data driven decisions in high-traffic websites.


Clicktale is a customer experience analytics platform that offers website heatmaps, conversion funnels, session playback, and form analytics.


Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard app that helps you easily monitor all your business data from one place.


Dareboost is a robust website performance testing tool. Not only does the tool size up your site’s loading speed, but it tells you EXACTLY how you can fix issues that are slowing things down.


Business performance metrics from all your favorite applications on one beautiful free dashboard.


Deep Crawl lives up to its name. It scans every page on your site and gives you a comprehensive report that lists out you how many H1 tags you have on each page, noindexed pages, broken internal links, broken external links etc. Heck, it even tells you if your Twitter Card descriptions are too long.

Adobe Analytics

You can use this tool for applying real-time analytics and detailed segmentation across all of your marketing channels. Use it to discover high-value audiences and power customer intelligence for your business.


Forecheck crawls your site to uncover issues that may be holding you back from Google’s first page. It also color codes its reports so you know which issues to tackle first.


You can analyze, target and convert your website visitors with this analytics tool.


Gauges helps you focus on your most important web traffic stats in real time and is updated live as each view comes in. You don't even have to refresh your dashboard.


This is live TV dashboard software that improves key business metrics


Gryticss is an analytics tool for your Facebook groups instead of your website. Gain actionable insights of Groups, Posts & Members


Gauge your company’s web presence with this analysis tool, then use these insights to improve the discoverability of your brand on search and social.


Want to know if your 301 redirects are set up correctly? Or how about canonical URLs? Or maybe you’re not sure if your robots.txt files are blocking Google from indexing your pages. HeadMasterSEO lets you check these potential issues on huge lists of URLs with ease.


hotjar is a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile traffic. It comes with heatmaps, conversion funnel tracking and form analysis.

Hubspot Website Grader

How Strong is Your Website? Find out with the Hubspot website grader.


Centralize all your key metrics and it integrates with 70 services

Link Diagnosis

Examine your link competition. 

Linkio helps you pick the right anchor text to use during your link building efforts.


LinkPatrol is an interesting WordPress plugin that shows you all of your site’s external links. If you need to remove or nofollow a bunch of links on your site, LinkPatrol makes it easy. Just choose a domain you want to remove or nofollow, and LinkPatrol will take care of them.


Lipperhey analyzes your site for technical SEO issues and provides a basic SEO content analysis.


Allow MarketMuse to crawl your site and identify gaps in content, find prominent keywords and determine how your site stacks up against competitors


Mixpanel gives you the ability to easily measure in your app on iOs, Android and web.


OnCrawl is a solid site auditing tool. Like most others, this software gives you info on HTML issues…but also duplicate content, page depth and site performance.

Open SEO Stats

A nifty Chrome extension that gives you fistfuls of helpful info with the push of a button. You can see a site’s Alexa ranking, indexed pages, page speed, whois, on page SEO…the list goes on and on.

Panguin Tool

Wondering if your site got dinged by Panda, Penguin or another Google penalty? The outstanding Panguin Tool will help you get to the bottom of it. Just link up Panguin with your Google Analytics and the tool will show if your organic traffic dip happened at the same time as a major Google update.


Piwik is an open source analytics platform with a lot of features such as top keywords and search engines, websites, top page URLs, page titles, user countries, providers, operating system, browser marketshare, screen resolution, desktop VS mobile, engagement (time on site, pages per visit, repeated visits), top campaigns, custom variables, top entry/exit pages, downloaded files, and many more.

Plugin SEO

A fast and free on-page SEO analysis tool. Provides recommendations to patch up any issues your page has.


Quill Engage explains Google Analytics data in plain English and it delivers custom reports.

Raven Tools

A pro-level tools suite designed for digital marketing agencies. Raven Tools probably has the best site auditor tool I’ve ever used. And unlike most site audit tools, Raven shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to fix any SEO issues that your site has.They have a cool feature called “Thin content” which reveals content that might put you at risk for a Google Panda penalty.

Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool

Is referral “ghost spam” messing up your Google Analytics data? Well this free tool quickly filters out spam bots by creating a segment in GA that ignores traffic from spammy websites.

Screaming Frog SEO Log File Analyser

Most technical SEO tools scan a list of URLs and tell you about errors and opportunities that it found. What makes the new Screaming Frog SEO Log File Analyser different is that it analyzes your log files. That way you can see how search engine bots from Google and Bing interact with your site (and how often). Helpful if you run a huge site with tens of thousands (or millions) of pages.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is the first technical SEO tool that I ever used. And it still holds up today. Great for quickly identifying technical issues that’s holding your site back from the first page. Free version works well. But to get really down-and-dirty, you definitely want to splurge for the full paid version.

SEO & Website Analysis (WooRank)

This free Chrome extension gives you important SEO info from within your browser.

Just click a button and the SEO & Website Analysis by WooRank analyzes your page’s basic SEO metrics (like title tags that are too long). But the tool also hooks you up with other helpful info (like whether your site is mobile optimized and how fast it loads).

Yes, you can use this extension for your own site. But in experience this tool is even better for competitor analysis because it shows you the site’s Facebook and Twitter pages, what technology they’re using on their site, and traffic estimates…all from within your browser.

SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor is a one-stop dashboard for your SEO performance. SEO Monitor takes Google Analytic’s data, mashes it together with your rankings, and helps solve the “(not provided)” issue. This is SUPER helpful for discovering keywords that convert well for you. That way you can put more SEO muscle behind those keywords.

SEO Site Checkup

A very easy-to-use SEO audit tool. Also includes backlink analysis data, uptime reports and site speed recommendations. The white label reports for digital marketing agencies look really sharp.


Simple tool for seeing your site from the eyes of a search engine spider.


SEObility is a robust (yet user-friendly) site auditor.It has a feature called “Page Levels” which reveals pages that are deep down in your site’s architecture (jn other words, several clicks away from your homepage). Pages that are lots of clicks from your homepage are sometimes hard to get indexed. So this helpful feature can help you find these pages…and bring these pages closer to your homepage.


Website review and SEO audit tool


SERPmetrics answers the question: “Has everybody’s rankings changed…or is it just me?”. Just head over to this tool to see how volatile Google has been over the last 30 days.


By collecting real-time data, this tool helps track the impact of digital content and allows users to gain insight into what direction they should take their created content strategy

Site Analyzer

Site Analyzer a high-quality site audit tool. Yes, $10 for a 100 page scan is a little steep. But the tool hooks you up with a lot of helpful information, especially when it comes to page optimization.

Site Condor

A VERY in-depth site audit tool. If there’s a potential SEO issue with your site (like a broken link or a title tag that’s too long), Site Condor will identify it. The tool comes packed with a “View Recommendations” button that tells you how to fix any problems that it finds. it also has a feature called “Site Graph” which visualizes your site’s link structure. This is perfect for seeing how authority (aka PageRank) flows through your site.


Siteliner is a lightning-fast technical SEO scanner. It’s especially helpful for identifying duplicate content issues on your site.

Site Trail

All-in-One Website Analysis Tool. Social media, visitors etc.

Small SEO tools

A comprehensive range of almost 60 checker tools - from backlink and domain authority checkers to grammar and plagiarism checkers-to help with SEO.

Social Report

Social Report is an all-in-one social media management and reporting solution that allows you to track and manage your social network profiles all in one place. All features you need in one concise package.


This tool measures your social channels, websites and eCommerce to provide you with a complete look at the success of all your online initiatives.


Topvisor can be helpful if you’re in charge of technical SEO for several different websites. With a few clicks you can identify issues and opportunites across 10+ different domains. The major downside is that it has a very steep learning curve due to the confusing UI.

Traffic Travis

This is a multipurpose SEO tool, Traffic Travis will audit your site for SEO mistakes, track your search engine rankings, identify keyword difficulty levels, and more. The simple UI makes it easy for new SEO's to work with. For more advanced SEO's, a huge array of filters and advanced settings let you quickly drill down to the data you need.

Varvy SEO Tool

A clean and easy-to-use site audit tool. You just need to a URL and Varvy spits out a bunch of helpful info in seconds. Specifically, you’ll see your site’s technical SEO issues, social shares, recent Twitter and Facebook mentions, external links and more.

Webbee SEO Spider Tool

This free piece of SEO software gives you a lot of in-depth info into your site’s technical SEO health. Similar to Screaming Frog but with a few extra features (like graphs and the ability to filter results).

Website Penalty Indicator

Wondering whether or not you got slapped by a Google Penalty? Well Website Penalty Indicator can give you some much-needed insight. The tool lines up your organic traffic with dates of Google penalties…like “Mobilegeddon” and the Phantom update.

Who Links To Me

Domain Analyzer - an online service that allows you to find inbound links and keywords information about a website.


If you do local SEO for clients, you need to have Whitespark in your arsenal. You can easily find hundreds of NAP citations with a few clicks…and reverse engineer your competitor’s citations with ease.It comes with a feature called "Offline Tracking" and turns “how did you hear about us?” into online data you can use to double down on what works. Also Integrates with Google Analytics.


If you want to understand your customers from every angle and build dynamic customer segments based on behavior you should check out this analytics tool


Top-notch website analysis tool that tells you everything you need to know about your website’s SEO health.

Zadroweb SEO Auditor

A free SEO auditor that provides a high-level SEO overview of your site.


A rank tracking tool that also does page-by-page SEO analysis.


An SEO tools suite that focuses on link analysis. Also has a helpful “Unnatural Link Detection” feature that identifies risky backlinks that might have caused a penalty (or can cause a penalty down the road). Great tool to have in your arsenal.


Kerboo is an SEO tools suite for search engine marketing pros. It includes backlink analysis, link prospecting, on-site SEO audits and rank tracking. One feature called “LinkRisk” analyzes your link profile and identifies spammy/dangerous backlinks.

Monitor Backlinks

A comprehensive SEO platform that gives you info on newly acquired backlinks, keyword rankings and site speed. It even sends you alerts whenever one of your competitors gets a new link. I especially love the dashboard because its clean and gives you ONLY the essential info you need.


You can compare your social media efforts to that of your competition’s, pinpoint your competitor’s top campaigns, and identify on whom (influencers) they are relying to amplify their message.


An autoresponder is one of the most important tools that every blog needs. The choices are immense as you can see below.

Active Campaign

You can send targeted campaigns, nurture your contacts, and automate your sales & marketing processes with this autoresponder. ActiveCampaign is an intelligent platform that makes it easy to leverage marketing automation. You’ll be able to design sophisticated, automated marketing processes that save time and generate additional revenue for your company.


They put you in complete control of their system so that you can manage the autoresponder inhouse on your computer. There is simply a one-time payment and no increasing charges as your lists grow.


Aweber is an effective email marketing service for your business. It enables you to create professional looking newsletters in minutes and offers many marketing tools like easy-to-create sign-up forms, RSS to email, email analytics, and QuickStats, manage subscribers list, 700 HTML templates, subscriber segmenting, etc.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark is another effective email marketing solution with easy drag-n-drop editor to create and send email newsletters, obtain real-time reports, contacts list management, sign up forms, 400 customizable email templates, A/B testing, integrated with social media options, etc.


Campaigner is another feature-rich email marketing solution for the professional Email Marketers, agencies, and Internet Retailers. Apart from designing effective email campaigns, it offers various advanced features like email segmentation, autoresponders, email workflows, email reporting, contacts lists, email templates, elements API and much more.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing tool built for designers that make beautiful emails that are easy to create & send, lists management, track the results of your campaigns, A/B testing, etc.

Constant Contact

Constant Contacts is an email marketing service, created to strengthen email marketing practices of small businesses, associations, nonprofits organizations, etc. It offers WYSIWYG editor to create an email campaign, secure contacts list management, social stats reporting tools, images/texts import feature, real-time tracking of your email campaign, etc.


This is the autoresponder we use here at bizwebjournal. There are a lot of reasons to consider ConvertKit if you’re working online, beautiful interface, ease of use, you only pay once per subscriber and not per list. Great segmentation and tagging options.


You can build your sales funnel in drip with a visual campaign builder


Emma—also a fun abbreviation for email marketing—is a strong platform that backs up its powerful features with a notoriously hands-on customer service team. Emma has all of the tools that you need to start creating and testing your own email marketing campaigns.


With EmailSpike you can add countdown timers, animated GIF's and embedded videos into your email sequences.


GetResponse is a web-based email marketing solution enriched with many features like to build permission-based mailing lists, powerful drag-n-drop editor, built-in web forms, track email marketing, autoresponder feature, list management, social media integration, A/B testing, etc.


iContact is an email marketing service that offers hundred of well-designed templates, easy to use tools that move you seamlessly from building lists and designing emails, sending messages, tracking and reporting of email campaigns, etc. It also contains features like autoresponders, integration with third party apps and online surveying.


This is the big boy in town. A lot of the biggest names in blogging use Infusionsoft with good reason: it’s an all-in-one solution (email marketing, e-commerce tool, etc.). Infusionsoft has been around long enough that it integrates with just about every piece of relevant software and can do some pretty advanced stuff

Mad Mimi

MadMimi is an email marketing service that comes up with simplified design tools to create, send, share and track email newsletters online. It also contains many features like smart list management, robust social sharing tools, plenty of add-ons like web forms, social links, autoresponders, integrations, etc.


MailChimp is another popular email marketing service in the industry. It allows you to create and send email newsletters to your customers, manage subscriber lists, track campaign performance and much more. It also offers responsive email templates that look great on mobile devices and different screens. MailChimp automatically takes care of your sign-ups, un-subscribes, and bounce-back cleaning.


If you like to send out beautiful emails they have a lot of newsletter templates and a great rich text editor available.


Create and send all your newsletters from within WordPress with MailPoet.


MailRelay is an advanced email marketing platform with powerful features. It allows you to create, send and manage your newsletters providing complete subscriber behavior statistics.


With Ontraport you can build your website, manage your email marketing, sell your products and organize everything within your CRM. All within Ontraport.


Your first 2000 contacts and 12.000 emails per month are free with this autoresponder.


With this autoresponder, you can segment your email list based on social media data and demographics.


SendinBlue has an SMS option, a lot of newsletter templates and delivers great reports.


This free tool enables companies to send emails and newsletters that are responsive on all platforms.

Cloud File Storage

Need some extra space to store your content? if you don't want to slow down your website or your hosting plan doesn't offer much space then maybe the options below might be the solution.

Amazon Cloud Drive

You probably didn't realize it, but a big part of Amazon's business is cloud storage and 'cloud computing'. The free account offers 5GB of storage.


The free package gives you 10GB of free space . This isn’t quite as rosy as it sounds, though, due to the fact that Box limits files to 250MB. This is markedly lower than the 10GB limits of OneDrive and Dropbox, and 5TB with Google Drive. 250MB is more than adequate for most documents and spreadsheets, even hi-res photos, but it's going to be a problem for a lot of videos.


Dropbox is one of the only services to offer clients for Linux and Blackberry, alongside the usual Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS standards. There's an official Windows Phone app too. The free Basic account comes with a paltry 2GB of storage. You can gain 1GB more by setting up a mailbox account and you'll get 250MB just for taking a tour of the Dropbox basics, too. Enabling the camera to upload feature will gain you 3GB, and automatically backup your smartphone/tablet photos to the cloud.

Google Drive

In much the same way as OneDrive links into Microsoft products and iCloud to Apple, Google Drive is at the heart of the various online services that Google currently offers, and is definitely one of the best cloud storage services. You get 15GB of free space when you create a Google account - or link to an existing one. In fact, you already have a Drive account if you use Gmail, Google Calendar, or even YouTube.


The free account comes with 10GB of space, but this can quickly be expanded by various easy tasks. All in all, you can boost the free account up to a very respectable 50GB of space. There are a few signs that the basic account is free. Files are limited to 200MB, and you’ll see ads when sharing or downloading any files from friends.


Mega puts its security credentials front and center. Unlike some of its rivals, this service provides encryption in every part of the process. So anything you send to the cloud is encrypted locally, on-route, and on the destination server. The standard free package affords a whopping 50GB of space.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive uses Microsoft’s Modern UI design. Lines are clean and you can select the boxy style or a more traditional file tree. Folders and files can be created on the web, including Office and OneNote formats thanks to tight Office Online integration. new users will get 5GB of free storage. Office 365 subscribers will be limited to 1TB.


Writing great valuable content that your readers will love isn't easy. Thank god there are a lot of great tools out there that can help you with that.

Atomic Writer

Based on your audience, Atomic Writer improves such aspects of writing as word and sentence complexity, paragraph density, post length, spelling, and grammar. Developed for bloggers, it’s downloadable for browsers, as well as WordPress admin panels.


Simple and effective text editing for Mac, Iphone & Ipad

Cliche Finder

Unlike other proofreading tools, this one is designed to specifically filter through your text to determine which phrases have a weaker impact.


Contently provides a network for journalists and designers for brands, in addition to workflow tools and analytics.


This is the perfect editorial management tool if you’re focused on social media and content marketing. It seamlessly integrates a large library of external content marketing tools, such as Google Docs, WordPress, Google Analytics, and a long list of social media platforms. You have access to marketing workflow tools, a marketing calendar, and a social media content calendar to keep track of what’s getting posted, when, and across which sites.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer is the perfect tool for headline optimization, especially if you’re using the CoSchedule calendar plugin. The analyzer will give you tips on how to get the perfect headline, analyzing your word balance, type, and sentiment to let you know what you can do to make your headline better.

Divvy HQ

The dashboard gives you a snapshot of what’s due, what’s done, and what the rest of your team is working on. Like Google or Outlook, you have access to unlimited calendar shares, but Divvy allows you to customize each individual calendar to suit your content strategy. You can set up calendars based on individual departments, markets, teams, or even clients.

Edit Flow

Edit Flow provides a WP editorial calendar that gives you the option of having multi-user support, which you can also synchronize with iCal or Google Calendar to keep track of all your projects. Some features include custom comment fields and the ability to create groups of users, making communication easier between team members.

Editorial Calendar

This plugin for WordPress lets you see all your upcoming posts and when they’ll be posted. It’s a simple tool if you mostly just need to manage posts, edit post titles, publish posts.

Emotional Marketing Value Analyzer

This analyzer from the Advanced Marketing Institute returns a score based on the total number of Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) words in relation to the overall number of words that are present in your headline. From there, it determines what type of emotional impact your headline has: intellectual, empathetic, or spiritual.


Is your marketing research lacking? Find what your users are asking.


Unlike other content management tools on this list, GatherContent allows you to carry out a project in its entirety on the platform, much like WordPress. It has a minimalistic design that is uncluttered and easy to use and stores everything on a cloud, making your work accessible from any computer, no matter what stage you’re in.


Free to try online, Ginger will suggest to download it for better writing and expressing yourself. Alongside spelling and grammar checking, this software translates, listens, rephrases, and defines your writing.

Grammar Check

Grammar Check lets you fix writing for typos, grammar, and punctuation, suggesting alternatives for making your text more concise. It’s able to format your text and improve readability for online users. Available online, it doesn’t ask you to download anything.


Grammarly makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.No more mistakes in your grammar with this free tool.

An ideation and project planning tool that lets you capture abstract ideas, collaboratively brainstorm and turn them into actionable projects.

Hemmingway App

Hemingway App provides feedback for how you can improve your writing.

Hubspot's Blog Topic Generator

This allows you to input three keywords on a topic and generates several ideas for a blog post.


This is a great tool if you produce large volumes of content or have numerous team members. Kapost tracks the workflow of content marketing, starting from strategy and execution all the way through distribution.

KingSumo Headlines

This lets you A/B test headlines, showing different options to each visitor and selecting the best-performing headline over time as readers post and share your content with others

Link Bait Content Generator

If you want to come up with catchy headlines then this tool takes that to the extreme.


Mintent helps marketers optimize their entire content marketing process from start to finish with a powerful suite of software and digital services..


Newscred offers solutions in content creation, marketing management, cross-channel publishing, and measurement.

Neuro Grammar

Neuro Grammar is an advanced grammar checking software for those looking for their writing mistakes explanation, not simple demonstration. While most tools find typos, grammar fails, and punctuation fiascos, Neuro Grammar explains WHY it’s a mistake and what to do to avoid it in the future.


Use this to come up with an array of titles for your next blog post or presentation.

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid promises to improve readability of your writing and eliminate errors from your text. It’s free to use for registered members, and it stores preferences, tailoring algorithms to your writing style. You can use ProWritingAid as a plugin for MS Word, Google Docs, API, Google Chrome, or Scrivener.


Reverso lets you check between British and American spellings, suggests several corrections, provides synonyms and definitions, and shares examples of word or phrase usage. You can use it online with no downloads.


ScribbleLIVE is a marketing platform for planning, creating, and distributing content.

Slick Write

Slick Write checks your writing online. Its distraction-free interface lets you write faster and generate better ideas. As well as most checkers of this type, Slick Write corrects and explains grammar and punctuation, as well as spelling mistakes.

Title Generator

Just type in your keyword and create 700 titles with one click


While not a proper editorial calendar, Trello can help you keep track of blog-related projects with your team. It uses visual organization techniques to help organize and collaborate across teams smoothly and quickly. The design is easy to use and makes brainstorming and collaborating effortless.


Generate great titles for articles and blog posts


UberFlip is a content marketing platform that allows you to create interactive content assets.

White Smoke

As a blogger, sometimes you have to work from everywhere. Literally. This is a reason to try White Smoke, a software that works on all devices, whether it is a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. It allows you to correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

WordPress Distraction Free Writing

If you just want to focus on content (not all the distractions of the WP interface), enable this mode to keep yourself on task.


This software enables you to create an unlimited number of articles or reports using data. Upload your data, design your story structure and generate your content.


Don't have time to write new psosts on a regular basis? Did you ever consider curating some content to your visitors? Maybe you should, so check out some of the tools that can help you with that.


Addict-o-matic searches the best live sites on the Web for the latest news, blog posts, videos and images so you can keep up with trending topics.


The Clipzine is a content curation platform able to create a reusable, sharable, portable, stylish zine page in a beautiful magazine-style.


If you’re looking for inspiration to fuel your daily curation, head on over to ContentGems, a monitoring service that screens 200,000+ RSS feeds for news sites, blogs, social media accounts, and other services. If that sounds like a search engine, it’s not – it’s better.ContentGems filters results based on your specific interests, which you define through keywords, social signals, and other indicators. The service also offers one-click social buttons, so you can easily share your insights with Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and other networks.


Curata’s flagship product enables marketers to find, organize, and share content on specific issues or topics.


CurationSoft enables content curation for users and helps establish brands as an authoritative voice, as well as a go-to source of information for customers.

Curation Traffic

This WordPress plugin allows you to collect posts, articles, infographics, videos—really any type of content, and share it in a way that your market will find helpful and interesting.


EverPost is a curation tool that filters and curates the best content for you, provides suggested content, and allows you to share information with readers.


With Feedly, you choose all of the different blogs, publications, and topics that you’re interested in and Feedly aggregates all of the recent topics from those people or about those topics into a feed you can monitor.


This handy mobile app requires little introduction: with the click of a button, you can create beautifully curated magazines of any theme you choose.Unlike many other content curation methods, Flipboard requires a little time commitment for optimal results – you “flip” any article, blog post, photo or other media via a browser bookmarklet, and instantly create stunning layouts that look and feel like a professionally designed digital magazine.


This tool helps you find all your news in half the time, scan your favorite sites’ headlines in a matter of seconds, and store your favorite news sources in quick, easy to find folders.


This fully customizable platform allows publishers and brands curate and share online videos. is a content curation service that enables you to publish newspapers comprised of content from anywhere on The Web, based on topics you like to treat your readers to fresh news, daily.


There will be times when you come across a story that you want to revisit later only to forget all about it.Pocket protects against this, providing a way to discover and save any story of interest. Compatible with more than 300 apps, this tool will save any resource for you for your future use.


Post Planner is a tool that makes it easy to post like-worthy content by providing status ideas, delivering content based on users’ keywords, and helping users find blogs and experts in their niche. is a discovery, curation, and publishing platform.


Search and browse for articles and videos, share content, and track conversions using this content curation platform.


Whereas many content creation tools require daily (or at least, weekly) diligence, Zemanta is a click-it-and-forget-it kind of tool. The premise is simple: install the Zemanta extension and as you write a new blog post (WordPress, Blogger, and TypePad are currently supported), and Zemanta pulls in related content from around the web.

eLearning Platforms

You want to offer or sell a course on your website? Than you will need a memebership or LMS plugin to set it up on your own website or an external platform of your choice There are many options out there..

aMember Pro

Amember PRO also allows you to manage your users manually – without any 3rd party payment system.It also supports integration with more than 50 third-party content management services and autoresponder services. aMember is a good membership software solution if you plan to sell digital subscriptions and downloadable products such as ebooks.


Learndash is compatible with any theme, so you can customize your learning management system to your heart’s content. Easily integrate LearnDash into your existing site, create courses, and begin awarding certificates.


Lynda is a leading online learning company that helps anyone learn the business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Through individual, corporate, academic and government subscriptions, members have access to the video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts. The company also provides German, French and Spanish language content under the video2brain brand name.


MemberMouse is a WordPress membership plugin that provides all you need to manage a successful online business with ease and flexibility at a low entry point. Powerful reporting and analytics functionality and unlimited scalability keep you firmly in control of all the moving parts.


Ruzuku is another online course selling a solution that’s packed with features. To start, the course management is quick and easy, and just about any media file can be uploaded for selling to your customers. Help your students track their achievements throughout the course, and prompt them to chat with other students in the community.


The perfect everything-you-need solution for online courses in one neat package. Aimed at the Solopreneur who doesn’t (yet) have a team to back them up or the time to learn all that is needed to learn more complex membership and payment platforms.


Teachable has a stunning builder that’s more focused on branding and uniqueness. Multi-language support is a plus, and the integrated blog gives you a better chance of improving SEO. Quizzes and discussion forums help keep people around, and marketing tools are amazing, offering solutions for email marketing, coupons, landing pages, international payments and affiliate programs.


One of the best things about Thinkific is its ease of use. You can have your e-Learning website launched in just a matter of minutes, which walks you through the most basic steps of setting up an online course. You can build rich multimedia courses by using almost any type of content, and there is even a voice-over slide tool for audio narration for slide presentations


Udemy is by far the most popular solution for building and selling courses online. It’s been known to have mixed reviews online, but its network is unmatched for bringing in more students and boosting your sales. Building your course is all done in the Udemy dashboard, and when you’re done, it gives you access to the millions of potential students in the Udemy community.


WP-Courseware is a learning management system plugin which will turn any WordPress website into an online course delivery platform while giving you the ability to use a theme of your choice. Once this e-learning plugin is installed on your website, you can start creating unlimited courses, modules, and lessons, with the ability to award completion certificates to your students. Educational content can consist of multimedia lessons, quizzes, and surveys, each of which can be graded and marked to provide feedback to your students. Courses can be set to expire and you can even offer live learning events through your WordPress LMS.

Wishlist Member

is a powerful, yet intuitive and easy option for the first time user that can turn any WordPress site into a full-blown membership site. If you’re already comfortable using WordPress then WishList Member™ is a super easy way to convert your blog into a fully functioning membership site – there’s no need to purchase extra software or a different domain and have to move all of your valuable content.

Zippy Courses

A robust content scheduler allows you to go from videos for your welcome and lessons, which are easily linked according to your course schedule. You can also choose when students will have access to your amazing ebook so that they’re not unnecessarily


One of the best ways to build an email list is running a giveaway. There are some great giveaway tools out there that can help you build your list.


Gleam has become a favorite among many businesses hosting blog giveaways. It has a great look and feel and outperforms any other giveaway app in the market by far! Gleam also allows you to incentivize fans and users by downloading or engaging in your content. The free version includes data export, viral sharing features, newsletter subscription and email integration which most of their competitors do not offer without upgrading. This is one of the most sophisticated giveaway forms available today and is one to check out before you launch your next competition.

Giveaway Tools

GT (Giveaway Tools) is an simple web application that creates an embeddable entry form used for promotions & giveaways.Giveaway tools is also integrated with social media tools to Make the lives of you and your readers easier.This tool comes with a lot of features for only $9 a month.


Heyo is super easy to set up and create your campaign. Heyo is also fully mobile responsive. This is great because now there are more people entering contests from their phone than their computer. This platform has a lot of the same features as their competitors for a fraction of the cost


One of my favorite giveaway tools by Appsumo.You can find a 50% of coupon on this page.


They have a variety of plans from Basic (free), Blogs ($15/mo), Businesses ($75/mo) to Brands & Agencies ($295/mo). I believe this is the only tool integrated with Instagram.


Another popular free giveaway widget comes from Rafflecopter. users can enter via Facebook or by email, so they won’t be forced to have a Facebook account. With Rafflecopter you can choose a winner as well or have Rafflecopter choose it for you. They also provide a detailed report (in a spreadsheet format) of each user and entry methods – making it easy verify the validity of entries.


Upviral is a great tool to run viral giveaways, viral contests and viral product launches. It integrates with every autoresponder and pricing starts at $25/month.


Viralsweep is another great tool if you want to run sweepstakes and it integrates with a lot of different service providers. Plans include Basic (free), Starter ($49/mo), Professional ($99/mo) and Business ($199/mo). I like that free version includes “Refer-A-Friend” referral links, as usually those are only available in higher up plans.


Free apps include tabs for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. Paid plan prices vary by the number of fans you have, but they have some awesome options that include much more than Instant Win Games and Pin To Win contests.


A website or an article without some nice graphics won't get much attention. Make use of these tools too create some stunning graphics for your website in no time.

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite is one of the highest-regarded programs for designers, producers, and photographers. Adobe Creative Suite is an entire portfolio of programs, ranging from Photoshop and Dreamweaver to After Effects and Encore.

Animate It!

This plugin lets you add cool CSS3 animations to your content.

Awesome Screenshot

Ever find yourself drowning in 20 different programs to crop, edit, and annotate screenshots? With Awesome Screenshot, a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome, you can easily screenshot anything on the web and edit it directly within your browser.


If you love the look of cool, vintage Instagram-esque photo filters, you'll love BeFunky. This free photo editor boasts a ton of awesome features, including effects, frames, graphics, and textures.


Bittbox offers both graphic design instructions and tips, as well as quality freebie products, such as brushes, backgrounds, fonts, textures, and even web themes. Users have permission to use any products in all projects, for profit and otherwise.


For those who are interested in bitmapping, pixels, and fonts, BitFontMaker2 allows users to create bitmap fonts themselves.

Button Factory

A great tool to create buttons for your website


Whether you're looking to create an ebook, infographic, business card, or email header, Canva has a template to simplify your process. In fact, the free web design tool offers professional, easy-to-customize templates for just about any design need you can think of.


ColourGrab is a great inspirational tool for graphic designers.Users can type in URL of any online image below and the system shares what colors were used for the website and images.


If you're looking for a Creative Commons image, but are finding terrible options through its native search engine, check out Compfight. While it often surfaces similar content, Compfight has an algorithm that places the gorgeous images right at the top -- cutting my image hunting time down by a ton.


ColorZilla is a great tool for your most basic to your most advanced color-related needs. Whether you're looking to pull up the HEX code for a specific pixel on a page, analyze DOM element colors, or uncover element information such as tag name, class, id, and size, this tool can handle it all.

Creative Commons

A search engine which shows you all the images with a CC license from Google, Flickr, Youtube and many more.

Death to the Stock Photo

All it takes is an email address to start receiving Death to the Stock Photo's high-quality photography straight to your inbox every week. From office shots to drool-inducing food plates, this free stock photo service has a batch of photos to meet almost anyone's needs.

Designer First

Designer First is a collection of free design materials, including graphics, icons, templates and other web elements. Files can be downloaded and used in dozens of projects, including social media production, mobile applications, and business websites.

Design Shock

Design Shock offers free, high quality resources for design professionals and other creative careers.Downloadable items include icons, design sets, and full web themes.


Dribble is an online community where artists and designers of all stripes can get constructive feedback from other.


One of the largest online art communities, deviantART has over 200 million artist-uploaded pieces including fan art, skins, and other unique drawings and photos. Users can save, share, and shop for art as well as support other local and aspiring artists

Another great infographic designer tool

EWWW Image Optimizer

The EWWW Image Optimizer automatically optimizes your images as you upload them onto WordPress and reduces the file size in bulk for images that have already been uploaded.

FavIcon Generator

This tool creates a favorites icon for websites that appears in bookmarks and the browser be when a website is being used. This helps increase brand awareness for users and web designers.

Fontsquirrel – Webfont Generator

Font Squirrel’s Webfont Generator is great for searching a database of different fonts to tailor something to the specific project on hand. Fonts are broken down by classification, but then also by keywords, all for free.


FontCreator works with OpenType, TrueType and Web fonts, and helps in the creation and editing of any font. You can turn your handwriting into a font and test and preview any font creations before launching them on a website.


Fonstruct allows users to create their own fonts from the ground up with pixels.


Forrst is a community of developers and designed who upload their designs for feedback to make improvements.


Fotor is a fantastic online photo editor that allows you to edit images using filters, frames, text, and more. It’s quick and easy to use and offers many tools to create custom images and collages.

Free Digital Photos

Another great resource with a lot of free images


On this website they also have many free pictures you can use

gbdfed Bitmap Font Editor

gbdfed Bitmap Font is free software that lets users interactively create new bitmap font files or modify existing fonts.


Gimp provides you with tools to customize and enhance your images. The program is easy-to-use and comes with multiple tutorials to help you learn various techniques to create awesome images.


Gliffy is a program to create diagrams, flowcharts, floor plans, technical drawings and more.

Google Drawings

Say goodbye to your weird Microsoft Paint drawings and say hello to polished, professional Google Drawings. If you have a personal Gmail or your company uses Google Apps, you can use Google Drawings to create custom visual content.

Google Fonts

If you're looking for quality typography for your next design, check out Google Fonts. This directory of web fonts makes it easy for users to add a font to their website in seconds or download it to their computer to use later.


Create GIFs with this tool from the website

Icon Finder

Icon Finder is a resource allowing web designers and developers to find high quality icons in an easy and efficient way.

If you're looking to make interactive infographics -- not just plain visuals -- check out this online design tool. Easily add graphs, maps, text, and even playable videos without diving deep into a design program. It also has social sharing tools built right into the infographic, so you don't have to worry about creating a custom Pin-It button. It's a pretty nifty tool if you want to create and ship an infographic -- fast.

 Change Faces

This online image manipulation tool lets you crop and resize images, make fun faces, and easily generate memes.

JPEG Optimizer

Resize and compress your jpeg files fast


An image resizing tool by Sproutsocial


Simple animated screen captures that can capture an area of your desktop and save it directly to .GIF.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator populates a field with a set number of words or characters in order to create meaningless paragraphs to fit into designs.

Meme Generator

If you need to add a comical spin to your content, then look to add a meme from this easy to use web resource.


Great software to take and edit screenshots

Pablo by Buffer

An easy wayto create social media images.


Pexels is a great resource for free stock photos that you can use for various projects. The site contains a huge library of images and videos sorted into multiple categories.


You will find all kind of free images on this website


PicMarkr allows you to easily add a watermark to anyimage. This is useful for copyrighting and protecting original and important work featured online.


One of the most important elements of web design is your color palette -- you want to make sure your images, graphics, and font colors all help convey your message and maybe even drive conversions. But often, it's hard to find that exact shade of blue that's in a photograph you need to use -- which is where Pictaculous comes in.


Okay, let's say you don't have the budget for Photoshop and feel somewhat limited by PowerPoint's visual editing capabilities ... what are you to do? If you want to spruce up your images -- re-color them, add borders, add text, and even insert graphics on top -- all without downloading yet another program to your computer, check out PicMonkey.


Free and easy to use tool for cropping and resizing images.


A real easy to use infographic designer


Image editor for Mac


Sometimes, you need a photo of your website, blog, or Twitter profile with a little polished flair. While you can try manually customizing your screenshot to fit into a stock photo you already have, PlaceIt is an even better alternative.


A great resource with a lot of free photos


Pixlr is an online design platform, with both free and paid versions.


Create animated videos and presentations with PowToon to add a commercial quality experience to your original content.

PNG Compressor

Compress your png files in a breeze

An online image resizing tool to bring the images you’ve created or curated to the right dimensions for publishing. is a helpful resource for non-technical users to fix their images for use in their articles, e-books and PDF’s.


Design your graphics in a snap

Siege Media Embed Code Generator

My favorite infographic embed code generator. I really like how you can specify the dimensions of the embed code box.

Stat Silk

Stat Silk is the company that produces the award-winning software, StatPlanet. StatPlanet is for visualization and mapping.

Serif Font Identification Guide

The Serif Font Identification Guide is a tool for identifying different attributes of fonts,with analysis of stems, bars, bowls, and tails of different letters.


Shutterstock is a library of over 25 million stock photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos, all included in different plans and pricing.


Cool site that allows you to search & discoverfree, hi resolution photos


Spruce allows you to create social-media-ready images in seconds. Search millions of photos, add your own text, and post to the social media platform or website of your choice.

Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a tool for creating infographics and interactive data, along with publish it on the internet. There is a free version for desktops and is designed for optimal ease of use.


Tag images to make them more engaging with links to music, video, text, images, Twitter, Facebook, shops and more using Thinglink. This tool allows readers to comment on images and follow image channels of creative users. ThingLink images are also shareable, and embeddable, with a click to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and email.


Ever find yourself stuck between two fonts? With Tiff, users can select two different fonts to overlay against one another, making it easy to spot the differences. You can even choose which letters you'd like to compare -- both capitalized and lowercase.


For intelligent PNG and JPEG compression of your images. Very easy to use and will make your blog faster.


TimelineJSis an open-source tool for creating visually rich interactive timelines and is available in 40 languages.

Tutorial 9

Find all kinds of user-submitted tutorials for web design, Photoshop, photography, and illustrations. Along with these helpful how-to's are free design downloads, including font and icon packages,web themes, and other templates.


Typecast is a website with over 23,000 fonts that allows users to create better web typography in much more intuitive ways.

Type Genius

Need to find the perfect font combination for your next project? Type Genius makes it easy for users to find great combinations of fonts. It even provides real examples of font combinations being used on other websites to help you get a better sense of how it will look.


Typekit is a website that gives designers and developers a subscription based libraryof hosts, high-quality fonts to use on their websites.


Typetester allows for comparing screen type and different fonts in a fast, intuitive manner in order to determine the best font for a project.


Optimize your PDF’s to add social widgets, audio and video elements to make the content both interactive and measurable.


If you're looking for more "do whatever you want" photos with a scenery or inanimate object tilt, check out Unsplash. Just like our own stock photos, no attribution is needed. The pictures speak for themselves -- so go check out the website for more.


A quick and easy way to build infographics.


Column Five sister company Visage created this easy-to-use design tool that lets you create visual content for your site. There are a number of readymade templates at your disposal and you can create your own. Sharing with your team is simple and straightforward, letting you complete projects quickly and seamlessly.

If you don’t have the time or artistic flair to create your own pieces of content, then you can use a tool like is a platform that pairs those who need content up with those who can create it.


You can create amazing presentations, infographics and other enegaging content with this tool. They have a free plan available.

Visual CSS Tools

Visual CSS Tools is a web-based visual CSS generator with features that many other web-based gradient generators do not have.


Ever come across a font on a particular web page and think to yourself, "I need that." With WhatFont, users can quickly and easily identify the name of the fonts used on any web page in just one click


WhatTheFont! is an incredible online tool that allows text to be uploaded and analyzed to determine the font type. This is idea for those who see a particular font the yare interested in, but don’t know what it is.

WP Smush

This plugin optimizes your images so the page loads faster. Smush strips images of unnecessary information, reducing the file size without sacrificing image quality. The best part is that it performs this operation automatically when you upload a media file—and it can optimize your existing images in bulk.


Create nine different types of graphics, from infographics to flyers, with this free, online graphic design tool.


Would you like to know where to put your optin forms on your website to get the best conversion? Use a heatmap and you will figure it out in no time where your visitors scroll on you pages.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is one of the biggest names in the industry. It’s easy to use, it comes with a 30-day free trial, and there are 4 payment tiers to match every website’s demands.

Heat Map Tracker

With Heatmap tracker you can ethically spy on your visitors with real-time visitor recordings, heat maps, & conversion optimization that's guaranteed to increase engagement & sales.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange has truly made a name for themselves in the industry, and they offer a great suite of tools that help you visualize visitor behavior. Lucky Orange offers a wide range of tools to understand your user’s behavior. A 7-day free trial is offered


ClickHeat is a visual heatmap of clicks on an HTML page, showing hot and cold click zones. ClickHeat is an OpenSource software, released under GPL license, and free of charge.


ClickTale also offers what is known as “ClickTale Touch,” which is meant for mobile users. The tools that ClickTale offers are best for websites that sell a products or services. The conversion funnel is a prime example of this.


Watch individual visitors use your site as if you're looking over their shoulders.


SessionCam analyses all customer interaction on your website and automatically identifies potential conversion issues


Mouseflow lets you see visitors behaviors and fix pain points with recordings, heatmaps, funnels and form analytics.

User Replay

Discover customer experience management with this software.

Keyword Research

Woudl you like to do some research on keywords before you write your next blog post? There are many free & paid tools who can help you with that. But remember, don't do keyword stuffing in your articles. Use a lot of variatons and you will start ranking for several longtail keywords, you will need to build some backlinks ofcourse.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is the only keyword tool that gives you data straight from the horse’s mouth.The GKP tells you how likely someone searching for that keyword will buy something from you. How? Look at the “competition” and “estimated bid” columns.If the “competition” and “estimated bid” are high, you probably have a keyword that converts well.

Google Correlate

An underrated keyword research tool that comes straight from Google.Google Correlate is really simple, it shows you keywords that tend to get searched for together.

Google Trends

I always check Google Trends before pulling the trigger on a keyword because I want to know whether or not my keyword is getting more (or less) popular. If you skip this step you risk optimizing your page around a dying keyword.You can also scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out “Queries”. These are related keywords that you can pop into the GKP to see if they’re a good fit.

Google Location Changer (SERPs)

This handy little tool shows you the SERPs for a specific local area like NewYork, even if you don’t happen to live there. Helpful for sizing up the first page for local SEO campaigns.

Long Tail Pro

A very easy-to-use keyword research tool. Enter a keyword and get suggestions. Simple and effective. let's say you only want to see keywords that have a search volume between 1200-2200? How about keywords with an estimated bid of at least $3.50? Long Tail Pro’s filtering feature makes it easy to see only keywords that you actually want to see.

SEMscoop is a smart out of the box keyword research and serp analysis tool for digital marketers, bloggers, and small businesses who are interested in improving their site’s overall ranking. It can help find true ranking opportunities & low SEO difficulty terms to create smart and competitive contents.


SEMRush is one of the few SEO tools that I couldn’t live without. Unlike most keyword research tools, SEMRush works by showing you your competitor’s top keywords. So rather than grinding away in the Google Keyword Planner, just pop a competitor URL into SEMRush and you’ll see every single keyword that they rank for. Check out this great feature called “Pages”, it reveals the pages on your competitor’s site that generate the most organic search engine traffic.

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

If you’re looking for a way to discover new keywords, try mashing a bunch of words together and see what happens.Creating keyword permutations is a classic Adwords tactic that few people in SEO use. And the Dan Zambonini permutation tool is one of the best keyword combo tools available.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public combines Google Autosuggest scraping with a question scraper. So if you want to know what questions your target audience types into Google, just pop the keyword into Answer The Public and you’ll get a nice list.


FAQfox is a question scraper tool. I like it that you can choose the websites that FAQfox scrapes. So if there’s a particular site that your target audience hands out on,let's say Reddit, for example, you can ask the tool to only search that site.


FreshKey is one of the better keyword research tools I tried for this list . The tool generates lots of keyword ideas by scraping Amazon, Bing, eBay, Google Market and more. While most tools require a monthly subscription, FreshKey is a very reasonable one-time fee of only $49.


A solid, reasonably priced keyword research tool with an excellent question scraper. It's a great feature called “Divergent” shows you what time of the year certain keywords tend to spike. For example, if you want to see which snowboard keywords tend to perk up during winter, GrepWords will show it to you. The same with Halloween and keywords related to “costumes”.


HitTail does two things very well.first of all, it shows you which keywords tend to bring in the most traffic for you which helps to get around the “not provided” problem. Second, it shows your keyword suggestions. I was impressed by their keyword suggestions because they showed me keywords that I never saw in other tools before.'s Bulk Keyword Generator

If you do SEO work for local clients such as plumbers and gardeners, this tool can help you find local keywords that potential customers search for. For example, if you tell the tool that your client is an electrician in Miami, it will hand you 40-ish keywords that customers might use in Google.


ISpionage is a keyword research tool that’s similar to SEMRush. Yes, it has some SEO-focused features. But it’s definitely geared towards PPC peeps. The “Share of Voice” feature tells you the potential organic traffic a page gets across Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Jaaxy is an easy-to-use keyword research tool that specializes in spitting out lots of closely-related keywords. Very handy

Keyword Density

Calculate ideal keyword density percentage for SEO.

Keyword Combiner

Keyword Combiner is designed for Adwords. But it’s a great tool to find keywords that you can use for SEO as well. Just throw in a bunch of different keywords and the tool will mash them all together. Then upload them to the GKP to check their search volume.

Keyword Eye

A unique keyword research tool that shows you keyword suggestions as a word cloud. Bigger keywords=more search volume. It also color codes keywords based on Adwords competition, which is a good sign of a keyword’s profitability.

Keyword Revealer

Keyword Revealer is a standard keyword research tool with a great “Keyword Tree” feature. The keyword tree shows you keyword ideas as a tree. And when you click on a “branch” in the tree, a new set of branches appears.

Keyword Snatcher

This tool probably gives you more keyword ideas than any other tool on the market because it finds keywords from a bunch of different places, like Ebay, Amazon, and even Yahoo. The one downside to this tool is that it doesn’t show you how many people search for the keywords that it spits out. So you need to manually upload the keyword list into the GKP to get search volume info.

Keyword Tool Dominator

A keyword tool that scrapes auto-complete suggestions from sites like Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing and Etsy.


KeywordIn mashes up seed keywords to create hundreds of new keywords. You can pop these terms into the Google Keyword Planner to see if people actually search for them.

Keywords Everywhere

A Chrome extension which is also available for Firefox that dynamically inserts keyword research info into the sites you visit most. For example, Keywords Everywhere will insert monthly search volume CPC info into your Google Search Console reports.


Discover long tail keywords with data from 9 different API's. Find keywords taht are based on what your audience is looking for. You can filter keywords based on Questions, Buyer Intent & Product Info.


A decent keyword research tool. The tool works just like SEMRush: enter a domain name into the tool and it will show you a list of keywords that the site ranks for. But I think SEMRush is far and away the best tool for the job.

An excellent keyword research tool that scrapes Google Autocomplete results. Although Google said they would be “restricting” access to Autocomplete, seems to have found a way around it. I just tested the tool and it brought back a bunch of excellent keyword suggestions just like it always does.

A very easy to use alternative to the Google Keyword Planner. Just pop a keyword into it and you get search volume, estimated bid and first-page competition data within seconds.

Market Samurai

Market Samurai enables you to Find and Target Profitable Niches with Pinpoint Accuracy.

Power Suggest Pro

Power Suggest Pro is a desktop-based keyword research tool. Enter a keyword and it spits out ideas from a number of different search engines such as Google and Wikipedia. It has a feature called “Ideas!” which will give you a list of common terms people use in search engines (like “best X” and “how to fix Y”). A great way for coming up with new keyword ideas.


SECockpit is probably most advanced keyword research tool on the market. Yes, you enter a seed keyword and get suggestions like any other tool. But SECockpit can do so much more than list out a list of related keywords. It can also spit out low competition keywords. It can even show you keywords that get a minimum CPC in Adwords or show you keywords that have YouTube, Ebay or Amazon results on the first page. SECockpit also scrapes the “Searches similar to…” from the bottom of Google’s search results. This can often unearth keywords that you’d otherwise miss.

Seed Keywords

We all know most people enter seed keywords into the Google Keyword Planner that they pluck out of thin air. But with this free SEO tool you can find out what people actually type into search boxes.You just need to create a scenario and ask people what they would search for in that situation.

SEO Book's Free SEO Tools

SEO Book has a set of helpful SEO software tools that focus on technical SEO and keyword research. It has a gadget called “Keyword Suggestion” which is super easy to use and gives you all the info you need quickly like monthly search volume, suggested bid etc...


A decent keyword research tool. Also, I noticed that the keywords serpIQ showed me weren’t the same old keywords that I saw in most other keyword research tools. The “Competition Analyzer” feature measures how competitive a keyword will be to rank for scored between 1-100.


SerpStat is an excellent keyword brainstorming tool. Although it doesn’t give you search volume for keywords, it does hand you a huge list of unique keywords that you can upload into the Google Keyword Planner.The “Questions” feature gives you questions that people tend to ask around your topic. Very helpful.


Soovle is a free tool that pulls autocomplete suggestions from a handful of different sources like Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Wikipedia.


I hadn’t used SpyFu in a long time. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that the classic PPC tool has been upgraded with a ton of new SEO-focused features. In fact, their keyword competition feature was one of the best that I came across lately. Check out their “Keyword Kombat” feature which uncovers keywords that a few of your competitor’s rank for. If those sites have similar authority to you, then it stands to reason that you can leapfrog all of them with some amazing content and link building.

Suggestion Keyword Finder

A surprisingly helpful free keyword brainstorming tool. I don't know for sure how it works, but it spits out quite a few unique keywords when I tested it. Make sure to check “Level 3” so that you get access to the largest list of keywords.


TermExplorer provides you with thousands of keyword ideas and thorough organic competition info.


This was the first tool that scraped Google Autocomplete data. And it still gets the job done.


Webtexttool is a hybrid keyword research and content optimization tool. The “Overall” feature lets you know which keywords have the best ratio of search volume and competition.

Wordstream's Free Keyword Tools

Even though Wordstream’s free keyword tools are made for Adwords, their set of free tools are helpful for uncovering keywords for your SEO campaigns. Try out the “Keyword Niche Finder” as it mashes a bunch of keywords together. When I tested this feature I noticed a handful of keywords that weren’t in any of the other keyword research tools I tried.


WordTracker has its own internal index of keywords. Why is this important? Well, it means you can come across long tail keywords that the GKP simply won’t show you. WordTracker also provides organic first-page competition data.Use the “Search for this Keyword” gadget as it uncovers long tail variations of a given keyword. Repeat until you’ve found the long tail keyword you want to use.

Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker scout is a very cool free Chrome extension that finds keywords within a piece of content. You simply need to head over to an article, click the “W” button and the tool will scan the page for keyword ideas.


YTCockpit is the most advanced YouTube keyword research tool on the market by far. This software shows you the average video length, views, likes, comments, and subscribers of the videos that rank on YouTube’s first page.

List Building

If you want to get returning visitors or you want to monetize your website you have to build a list from day one. It's not easy to do but you will benefit in the long run if you do it right.

5 Second Test

Visitors don’t like to search and think too much. If your message and offer aren't obvious to them within 5 seconds, it’s likely not clear enough. This tool allows you to get real feedback from random users to see if they can quickly understand what your landing page is about.


Create your sales funnel with landing page software tool.

Comment Redirect

When commenters make their first comment, redirect them to a page of your choice. After they leave a comment, you can ask them to subscribe to your email list in order to receive future updates.

Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box

As your reader scrolls down the page, this plugin will appear to grab their attention, but it won’t conceal your content. You can customize the look, feel, and message of the plugin.

Exit Monitor

Exit Monitor tracks visitors’ mouse movements and when it senses that your visitors are about to exit it shows them a customized popup offer designed to keep them on-site. This could be an irresistible offer to sign up for your email list.

Feature Box Plugin

It is a form you insert at the top of your blog. The Feature Box built by Plugmatter allows you to add more information than you can put into the Hello Bar or Viper Bar


Similar to Viper Bar and Hello Bar, but it has more of a billboard feel to it. You can create scrolling text, insert multiple messages, and link to various landing pages.


This landingpage builder is specifically designed with a primary focus on listbuilding but can also be used as a sales page.

Hello Bar

Create a hello bar opt-in form with this tool. If you’re not familiar with it, the Hello Bar is a thin bar that runs along the top of your website.


Another popular landing page creator is Instapage. It offers a pretty limited free plan (instead of a free trial like others do) but has a slightly more affordable “basic” option at $29 per month. It’s probably the best option for a tight budget.


KickoffLabs positions itself as the lead generation solution. It offers both landing pages and a built-in email marketing solution so you don’t have to purchase another service provider, and it offers sign-up widgets and viral contest features designed to grow your audience.


A WordPress plugin that allows you to set up a beautiful pre-launch landing page to let users know what you’re launching and when you’re launching it.

Launcher Theme

This free theme is responsive and comes with a countdown clock. Create your "coming soon" page with this tool.


Launchrock is mainly used to create “coming soon” landing pages. These landing pages are typically used by startups that are about to launch or businesses that are trying to gauge interest in a coming product.If you’re looking for a page to quickly put up while you work on launching your business or product, Launchrock is a great tool.


With Leadgrab you can ethically “Hijack” the traffic and social proof of any website without paying $1,000's in advertising.


LeadPages was created specifically with landing page conversions in mind. With high-value features like opt-in boxes and click-to-subscribe text links, a LeadPage subscription provides owners with a formidable set of tools to build email lists or convert traffic into buyers.

List Builder

A free popup WordPress plugin from the folks over at AppSumo. List builder enables you to capture your reader’s email address when you have their attention, and it currently integrates with MailChimp and AWeber.

List Goal

Gives you a roadmap for growing your list and helps you stay focused on your goal (and it’s free)


A full platform that has a lot of features like A/B testing, personalization, surveys, and segmentation.

Newsletter Signup

This plugin allows you to add various ways for your visitors to subscribe to your email list. Newsletter Sign-Up is most known for its “Sign-up to our newsletter” checkbox at the WordPress comment form where your commenters can easily join your email list.

Ninja Popups

An inexpensive WordPress plugin that allows you to create a professionally designed popup to get readers to sign up for your newsletter, get coupons, and increase social media visibility by locking content until your readers share your blog.

Optin Architect

This tool gives you all manner of premium pop-up and form features including delays, exit intent actions, and conversion tracking.

Optin Footer

This beautiful plugin makes it easy to create a popup that appears across the entire footer of your blog or website.

Optin Lock

Optin Lock is primarily designed to help you grow your list by offering exclusive content that users have to opt-in to receive. This is a great opportunity to offer post specific bonuses which can do wonders for your conversion rates. You can use it to add regular opt-in forms too.


This tool lets you set up easy landing pages for sales, e-books, or whatever you need

Optin Monster

With customizable and easy-to-make lead capture forms, this tool helps you get more email subscribers.


Use this tool to track and analyze all conversion opportunities on your site and make appropriate improvements and changes.


Create professional-looking sign-up forms and social media buttons. OptinSkin comes complete with an analytics package that includes split testing so you can optimize your conversions.


An easy to use landing page builder


Conversation rate optimization at its best. Convert more visitors into subscribers with this tool.


Use Pippity to create pop-up subscription forms for your site, customize when these forms appear and experiment with A/B testing.

Popup Domination

One of the most popular popups on the web. It is both a WordPress plugin and standalone software that enables you to place it on any website platform you choose.

Slide In

An easy marketing tool that allows you to create messages that slide in and show themselves to your users at the exact moment you pick.


Setup a SmartBribe to give away something even more awesome on the thank you page in exchange for people telling their friends about you

Social Locker

Help increase social media presence by asking visitors "to pay" for your content with a tweet, plus one, or a like.

Subscribe to Download for WordPress

A WordPress plugin that allows you to create subscription forms, deliver your freebie and manage your subscribers directly in your WordPress admin panel.

Subscribe By Email

A WordPress plugin that allows your audience to easily subscribe to configurable, personalized, clean, regular HTML digests emails without having to purchase a third-party email provider.


This plugin gives you a ton of tools to increase conversions and optimize your site, including popups, social sharing, heatmaps, CTAs, and more


Build your opt-in forms and landing pages with this easy to use the plugin. It has a lot of great integration possibilities with other tools.

Ultimate Coming Soon Page

Simple and flexible, the Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin works with any WordPress theme you have installed on your site


Another great tool to build high converting landing pages


A plugin for lead generation that converts abandoning website visitors into subscribers.


As your reader scrolls through your article, this plugin creates a slider that appears in the lower right or left corner of your blog

Viper Bar

Similar to Hello Bar, Viper Bar appears at the top of your blog or website and allows your reader to enter their email address within the bar.

Visual Website Optimizer

A tool to track and analyze all conversion opportunities on your site and make appropriate improvements and changes to building your email list.


A nice tool to create your pop ups


A landing page builder with a starting price of $45 per month, Wishpond is one of the few services that doesn’t put a cap based on visitors or other usage metrics.


A free premium WordPress theme that is simple and has a single purpose: to provide an attractive, customizable domain parking theme for WordPress users.

Live Chat

Woudl you like to chat with your visitors so you can engage on the spot? These Live chat tools will give you a hand in doing so.


ClickDesk is less of a live chat solution and more of a well-rounded all-in-one product that anticipates the needs of potential customers far beyond what website live chat can do. For example, ClickDesk allows you to video conference or conduct live chat calls via Skype or Google Talk.


Freshdesk's live-chat solution helps you engage with users on your website proactively, and chat with them real-time so you can offer help even before they reach out to you.


Premium Live Chat and Help Desk Software for businesses. LiveChat turns support teams into customer service rockstars. Customers love answers to their questions coming within seconds.


LiveHelpNow is a full-service customer management suite that integrates live chat, ticket-based support, call management and a knowledge base. If you need live chat functionality but are looking for a little something extra, you’ll want to give LiveHelpNow a serious look.


Pure Chat is both intuitive and simple. The chat box is unobtrusive and can be customized with its own color scheme and agent photo. PureChat also works as a native app on iOS (Apple), Android and Kindle devices, letting you enjoy the freedom to be where you want and connect with customers without being tied down to your desk.


SmartSupp is a little bit more than your average live chat program, SmartSupp, based out of the Czech Republic, lets you record and track visitor mouse movements and clicks directly from your agent dashboard. Its conditional message system lets you send messages based on the conditions you specify, helping you engage with your visitor without costing you time.


Snapengage is built on the premise of integration from wherever you are. It works seamlessly with, Salesforce, Basecamp and many other popular CRM solutions. It detects and optimizes for mobile automatically, so responsive chats are as fluid and interactive as you’d expect from an enterprise-grade solution.


This one offers a variety of services of which live chat is just one part. One of its more unique offers is the ability to hire live chat agents who will engage prospects for you on a pay-for-performance scale.


Hassle-free live chat software re-imagined for business growth. Convert your website visitors into happy paying customers. Increase the ROI on your content, SEO, Adwords and email marketing efforts. Zoho has a forever free plan.


Zopim is on the smaller side of the pricing scale – making it a choice worth looking at for startups and small businesses alike. Zopim is extremely customizable in terms of letting you choose a template (seasonal designs are also available) or fine-tune the design to your liking.


Their is a lot of competition out there and if you want your content to be seen by lots of people you should start outreaching to influencers so you can spread the word faster and get noticed. the tools below can give you a hand with that.


If you do outreach at scale or with a team, you need a tool like Buzzstream.Buzzstream makes the messy job of email outreach and link building streamlined and organized. Make sure to check out there prospecting and email-finding features.


BuzzSumo’s platform serves as a resource for finding influencers and people who shared and linked to similar content

Content Marketer

An excellent tool that finds contact information (ie. emails) and helps you reach out to those people. I’ve found that the contact info it spits out is pretty darn accurate. Content Marketer provides email templates you can use for outreach. They have templates for guest post requests, LinkedIn outreach and more.


GroupHigh is advanced blogger outreach software.Despite the laundry list of features, it’s pretty darn easy to use. Just enter a few keywords to find blogs in your industry. Then filter by Domain Authority and last post date to whittle down the list to bloggers that are worth reaching out to. You can also reach out to them and track your results within the platform.

Inky Bee

A decent blogger outreach tool. Just enter a keyword and Inky Bee shows you bloggers in that industry. Inky Bee allows you to sort by Domain Authority/Page Authority. That way you focus on the big shots in your industry.

Muck Rack

If you want to get mentions and maybe a few new backlinks from sites like The New York Times and Forbes, you need to start rubbing elbows with journalists. And Muck Rack is an impressive PR tool that helps you quickly find journalists that cover your site’s industry. The “Journalist Directory” section holds a hand-curated list of journalists at over 500 media outlets. Includes their latest tweets, columns, and up-to-date contact information.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is an impressive new blogger outreach tool. Search for influential people and reach out to them all from within the tool. Includes outreach templates.


A pretty nifty content promotion tool. Enter a few keywords and Outreachr will scour the web for websites that cover those topics. Comes packed with tons of sorting features such as Domain Authority and Citation Flow so that you can focus on reaching out to the right people.


PitchBox is an all-in-one link prospecting and outreach tool. Unlike many outreach platforms that are clunky and confusing, PitchBox is a breeze to use. Just enter a few keywords and the tool scans the web for people to promote to and it also automatically grabs their contact info. Then reach out to them and track your results.

Similar Content Prospecting Tool (SkyRocket)

This useful tool gives you a list of 120 pages that have already linked out to content on your topic which makes them excellent link prospects.


This is a brand new outreach software program that comes bundled with pre-built campaigns.


Sometimes it's better to have someone else to do some of your tasks. They might take up to much of your time or you are simply not good at it. You can use the services below to outsource some of your work, sometimes even with very cheap pricing.


If you need a graphic desgin fr your website like a logo or a banner. just put your prpoject on 99Designs and the offers will start rolling in.


This is a marketplace filled with graphic designers. Get any job done on graphic design over here.


Contently allows brands to connect with freelancers in new ways to boost content creation and power the next generation of media companies.

Content Writers

Content Writers connects you with freelance writers who produce professional blog posts, website copy, press releases and social media posts for businesses.


A worldwide online marketplace offering content creation services beginning at five dollars per job performed.They also offer other services such as Business copywriting, creative writing, translation, transcription, resumes, cover letters, proofreading, editing, press releases, articles, blog posts, research, summaries, legal writing,graphic design and coding


On this website, you can find freelancers for any type of work related to website design and development such as graphics, marketing, development and mobile apps.


Provides reliable, quality content writing services to give your content marketing strategy a boost, no matter your audience.


Any freelancer you might need for your project you can find on PeoplePerHour.Need a graphic designer, web developer, writer or marketing specialist, they are all available on this platform


Textbroker authors deliver high-quality content – simply, quickly, and at competitive pricing.


An online marketplace connecting more than 50,000 professional freelance writers with clients needing different types of content. Also, features a catalog of thousands of pre-written articles


Do you need a really talented graphic designer or web developer? Make sure you check out TopTal.


A large online marketplace where businesses can hire from over two million freelance writers, designers, web developers, mobile programmers, and more from around the world.

Payment Gateways

Are you accepting payments on your website? Then you will need a payment gateway. Choose one or more from the list below and you ready to start selling.


2Checkout is a payment processor which is a combination of a merchant account and payment gateway that doesn’t require PayPal or a Merchant account. Simply register and verify your account and you can start accepting credit card payments, and even PayPal payments. The company also offers international payments, shopping cart stores, and a recurring billing feature.


Founded in 1996, Authorize.Net has come a long way to being known as one of the most sought-after payment gateways. More than 400,000 merchants worldwide use Authorize.Net payment gateway – that accepts online payments through credit cards and electronic checks. You need to pay $49 as setup fees and $29 as monthly gateway fees.


A simple, robust way to accept payments or enable buying from almost anywhere -- in your mobile app or online.


Gumroad is a platform that enables creators to sell products directly to consumers.


A fully customizable shopping cart and affiliate management software all in one. If you want to increase conversions on your shopping cart this is probably the best tool available to get the job done.


Obviously, PayPal would be included in this list – it’s only one of the world’s most widely used payment acquirers processing some 8 million payments every day. As of this writing, PayPal has over 137 million active accounts in 193 markets and 26 currencies around the world, which makes it easy to transfer and request payments. Other PayPal perks include accepting checks through a smartphone’s camera, a card swiper, and allowing customers to make a purchase without leaving your site.


If you want to optimize your checkout pages you should definitely checkout this tool. It integrates with most payment gateways.


If you’re a developer, you should already be using Stripe. Developers use Stripe to integrate a payment system into their projects through Stripe’s robust API. This prevents the need for a merchant account, and also allows you to build your own payment forms that can bypass PCI requirements.

Project Management

Would you like to monitor everything that's going on and collaborate with others. The best way to do is to use project management software. I have listed some of the most popular ones below.


nTask is a free online project management software that focuses on eliminating the need to shuffle between tools. It offers 7 modules built natively inside the tool that take care of important matters such as task management, project planning and reporting, meetings, risk management, bug and issue tracking, and more.

Key Features of nTask

  • Task & Project Management: Simple task & project creation using task checklists, updates and a beautiful project Gantt chart.
  • Risk Management: Use risk matrix to identify and assess potential risks and their frequency of occurrence.
  • Issue Management: Create and manage issues with customizable severity, priority, and status options.
  • Time Management: Beautifully designed weekly timesheets with manual hours linked to a suitable task or a project.
  • Resource Management - Manage resource allocation, budget and project cost using the Project Planner.
  • Meeting Management – Schedule multiple meetings at a time with a clear and concise agenda, discussion points and follow-up actions.


Apollo is project and contact management done right. Using Apollo, you will realize that it’s built to help you get things done, quickly and efficiently. With Apollo, you will always know where your projects, your contacts and your life are at and you will feel on top of everything — regardless of how hectic your schedule is.


An easy way for teams to track work, and get results. Do great things together.Any.Do: A really good To-do list & Task Manager for online and mobile.


Basecamp gives you a private and secure space to talk about and organize projects with team members. You can track, discuss, and act on various tasks, discussions, deadlines, and files all in one dashboard. Communication is simple and intuitive with options such as message/discussion boards, real-time chat, and automatic check-ins to ensure that tasks get done effectively.


Campfire is a web-based group chat tool that lets you set up password-protected chat rooms in just seconds. Invite a client, colleague, or vendor to chat, collaborate, and make decisions. Link to a room on your intranet for internal communications.


Conceptboard offers real time teamwork on thoughts and documents which you can share and discuss with your colleagues, customers & friends. Conceptboard is a great work space for your ideas, documents and pictures. It’s very intuitive and makes online collaboration easy as pie


Evernote is a note-taking app, with sharing capabilities.


Flow allows you to effortlessly organize teams, delegate tasks, and prioritize your to-do list to make sure that nothing gets overlooked. It’s easy to see who needs to do what, when it will be completed, and what comes after. Communication is to-the-point, meaning it will take less time to discuss the work and give you more time to do it.


Freedcamp offers unlimited user and unlimited project solution for everyone, completely free, forever. By offering an amazing web application Freedcamp believes there will finally be a standard in project management.


A solution to make your business meetings more productive and less busy.


Goplan lets you keep track of your projects and collaborate with your colleagues securely through an intuitive user interface. Goplan was developed to scratch developers own itch – they needed a better tool to manage our projects, communicate with clients, and organize our personal lives. Goplan has become a consumer-facing product ever since then.


Put the Internet to work for you by creating custom recipes that increase the productivity across all of your web applications and platforms by making them work together more effectively.


Lighthouse will simplify your workflow so you can do the job you were hired to do. Collaborate effortlessly on projects. Whether you’re a team of 5 or studio of 50, Lighthouse will help you keep track of your project development with ease


Makes sending large files online easy and has no limit on the size of file.


Onehub makes large file sharing easy. Secure, fast and easy to use file sharing for any size business. Manage projects, share files and collaborate with others. With Workspaces and Transfers products Onehub has solutions to help growing businesses work more efficiently by improving communication and information sharing.

Process Street

Process Street is a simple, free and powerful way to manage your team's recurring checklists and procedures.


Working on a Product Launch? Got a Team? Producteev is a dead simple, fast, smart Task Management platform connected to your daily communication services.


Projecturf is the Web-based project management app that helps individuals and businesses manage projects, people, and tasks. A project can be big or small, personal or business. Once a project is created, you add team members to the project who gain instant access to it via the Web. Within a project, there are tons of features and functions that can be done, such as creating and managing tasks, events on the calendar, and discussions; uploading and storing designs and documents; and analyzing project data using the Dashboard activity history and reporting.


Upload your file and share the private link.


A note taking platform that syncs across different devices.


Brings all your communication together in one place. It's real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.


Teambox is voted the best online project collaboration software for project managers, contractors, freelancers and teams. Teambox is the pioneer in joining social collaboration tools with online project management. It’s mission is to change the way people work by making it easier and more fun to get things done.


Share your screen with others.


Whether you want to brainstorm ideas for your next big project or you just want to keep track of tasks, Thoughtboxes makes it fun and easy. With a single click, you can share your thoughts with anyone, or collaborate privately with your friends, family, and co-workers.


While not a proper editorial calendar, Trello can help you keep track of blog-related projects with your team. It uses visual organization techniques to help organize and collaborate across teams smoothly and quickly. The design is easy to use and makes brainstorming and collaborating effortless.


If you need to transfer large files then this tool does exactly that. Allows you to send up to 2GB for free.


An online project management software that gives you full visibility and control over your tasks


Wunderlist is an app that allows you to create and share to-do lists.


A pretty handy tasks management tool for all Gmail users.

Push Notification

Make sure you have push notification installed on your website, it will help you get more leads from visitors who are not ready to sign up right away.

iZooto Web Push Notification Platform

iZooto is one of the most preferred push notification tools that helps marketers engage their web users on mobile and desktop. It allows them to segment their users based on interest, location and user's timezone.


What sets Batch apart from other similar platforms is the feature which allows the user to index non-specific notifications and monitor what the competition is doing. Batch can be a good choice for both low-budget start-ups and big companies, as its basic pack is free of charge.


This is the push notification we use on Bizwebjournal and it's totally free and easy to setup.They actually have a WordPress plugin that lets you setup everything in 5 minutes.

Push Crew

If you want to have a push notification on your website this is a great tool do to this.

Push Engage

Target your desktop and mobile users on Chrome and Firefox with a push notification from Push Engage. It only takes 5 minutes to setup.

Through AutoPush, users can automate both building and serve push notifications


Its most popular features include the localization option, which allows devs to send push notifications in different languages with one click, based on the language settings each receiver has on its phone, as well as the rich free plan. The free account offers support for five apps and a million devices, that can get an unlimited amount of notifications.

Urban Airship

One of the oldest and most popular push notification platforms is Urban Airship. Founded in 2009, it is usually the first place where app developers in need of mobile app optimization go. It has tens of thousands of apps using it and offers various types of pushes, including pushing to a particular platform (iOS or Android) or specifically tagged devices (tagged beforehand).

Rank Tracking

Would you like to know how your website is ranking for your keywords? Any of the tools below can deliver you the much needed data to monitor your own and your competitors keyword ranking.

Advanced Web Ranking

A rank tracking and keyword research tool hybrid. AWR takes some of the features of tools like SEMRush and Authority Labs and puts them under one roof. It also a rock solid site audit tool

Agency Analytics

A kick-butt reporting tool designed for digital marketing agencies. Helps your clients quickly understand what’s going on with SEO and social media. Integrates with Google Analytics, YouTube, Twitter and more.

AMZ Tracker

If you sell products on Amazon, AMZ Tracker is a must-have tool. Tracks your rankings on AND international Amazon websites like has a cool feature called “On Page Analyzer” evaluates your Amazon product page for important Amazon SEO metrics like positive reviews and high-res images.

Authority Labs

A reliable and easy-to-use rank tracking tool. The cheapest plan tracks 250 keywords, which is more than enough for most businesses. And for those of you that do Local SEO, Authority Labs tracks Google+ Local results also.


GeoRanker is an advanced local SEO (Google Maps) rank tracking tool. As you know, if you track local keywords like “New York plumber”, you can’t use most rank tracking tools. You need to see what people in New York see. Well, GeoRanker does exactly that. Choose your keywords and locations and get a report back that shows you your Google organic and Google local results.

Microsite Masters

Microsite Masters is a very solid rank tracking tool.With it's great feature “Scoreboard” that shows you the keywords that had the most movement positive and negative. Great for zeroing in on pages that might need attention.

Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is a quality rank tracking tool with a great user interface. If you’re tracking hundreds or even thousands of keywords, you can group keywords into categories to keep things organized.


This WordPress plugin tracks your rankings on Google while keeping a close eye on keywords to help improve your overall search engine exposure.

Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is a reliable rank tracker that comes bundled with a handful of extra features like on-page audits, keyword research, and competitor analysis.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ looks at your social media and SEO presence against your competitors. If your biggest competitor is getting more Twitter mentions than you? Are they ranking for a new keyword maybe? This excellent tool will let you know.

Search Latte

Want to see the search results for, or any of the other 150+ international Googles? Look no further than Search Latte. Just enter your keyword, pick an international version of Google, and you’ll see that country’s search results. No proxies or VPNs needed.

SEO Rank Monitor

SEO Rank Monitor tracks your keywords against your competitors. Also does YouTube Rank checking.


SerpBook is a leader in providing white label rank tracking services. SerpBook's powerful rank tracker enables you to quickly gather keyword rankings and share them with all of your clients


SERanking is a quality rank tracking tool that comes bundled with some bonus features like keyword suggestions and site auditing.


SERPFox is a no-fuss rank tracking tool that just works.


Check, track and monitor your search engine keyword ranking quickly and accurately is an enterprise-level rank tracking product with a built-in keyword research tool. The feature called “Tests” let you test how on-page-SEO changes affect your rankings. Let's say, for example, you change your title tag, wait a week, and will tell you if that change had an impact.


A very in-depth rank tracking tool. Show you not only where a page ranks, but how rankings have changed over time. The “Volatility” feature tells you if a given SERP is stable or tends to shuffle around.


Sistrix is an enterprise-level SEO platform that shows you your site’s rankings, social signals, backlinks, anchor text distribution and more. Unlike many SEO tools with a million features, Sistrix is so easy my mother could use it. The “Keyword Opportunities” will show you a list of keywords that your competitors rank for but you don’t.


WebCEO is a world-class SEO platform that gives you access to a bunch of quality tools to boost your SEO, from keyword research to technical SEO to rank tracking and even mobile optimization. The “DIY SEO Guide” gives SEO beginners explicit steps to improve their site’s SEO.


If you’re on a tight budget, Wincher is the one rank tracking tool that you should add to your arsenal. The free version is pretty nice with weekly updates and 7 tracked keywords. But when you upgrade to the $6/month paid plan you get 100 keywords and many of the same features as the big boys like email alerts for pennies on the dollar.


Wordtail is a nice rank tracking tool that has the features you’d expect from dedicated rank tracking software such as grouping keywords, in-depth reports, and competitor tracking.


Is your website optimized for the search engines? Make sure it is so you don't lose out out on all that organic traffic. The tools listed below can be really helpfull to get your website optimized for SEO.


Akismet is a spam fighting service that will protect your WordPress website from comment and contact form spam.


AuthoritySpy is designed to help you find the top influencers in your space. It discovers these movers and shakers by searching in places like AllTop, Twitter, and Followerwonk.

Check My Links

If you do Broken Link Building then you will love Check My Links. With a click of a button, this Chrome extension quickly checks any webpage for broken links.

Citation Labs' Broken Link Finder

Instead of hunting for broken links page-by-page, The Broken Link Finder proactively searches the web for them. Just search for a keyword and the tool will scour the internet for broken links…and hand them to you on a silver platter. Then you can hit up the Wayback Machine to see what the content was and create something similar/better. You can also sort your results by how many people link to the broken link.

Citation Labs' Link Prospector

An industrial-level link opportunity finder. Link Prospector scans the web for link building opportunities like resource pages, guest posts, blogs, news sites and more.


DIBZ is a cool link prospecting tool. Just enter the type of links you want to build. For example, resource page backlinks, and it will get to work finding link opportunities. turns your list of spammy URLs into a Google-ready disavow file. Great stuff.

Domain Hunter Plus

Domain Hunter Plus is similar to Check My Links. But this tool also checks to see if the broken link’s domain is available for registration. Cool, feature in theory…but I rarely find any free domain names with this tool. That’s because authoritative domains tend to get scooped up pretty quickly. Still a helpful tool for broken link building.

Free Broken Link Checker

This tool checks a website for broken links. Helpful for broken link building.

GuestPost Tracker

GuestPost Tracker is a giant database of 1000+ websites that accept guest posts. The tool also allows you to track sites that you’ve submitted to. Their sales copy emphasizes that the sites on their list are not part of a PBN. I had a look at a few of the websites in their database and they looked legit to me.

HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Want to get backlinks from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal? You can hire a pricey PR firm…or you can use HARO. HARO is a “dating service” that connects journalists with sources. If you hook a journalist up with a nice quote or stat, they’ll reward you up with a mention or link. Takes a bit of grinding to get a single mention, but the links you get can be solid gold.


LinkBird is a keyword research/rank tracking/backlink analysis/link building hybrid tool. Fires off email alerts when it finds a new backlink pointing to your site.

Linkio is a SEO management software that makes it easier to plan and deliver backlinks. It will tell you the exact anchor text to use for your link building campaigns.


Check My Links on steroids. Like many tools, LinkMiner checks for broken links on a page. But this free Chrome extension also shows you how many links the broken link has pointed to it. Very helpful for broken link building.It has a great feature called LinkMiner which shows you how many outbound links a page has…on a Google SERP. That way you can zero-in on pages with lots of outbound links and therefore, broken link building opportunities.


Linkody lets you know you when you get or lose a backlink. It also provides info on your new backlinks such as Mozrank and anchor text. Linkody will also send you an email when a competitor gets a new backlink. That way you can swoop in and try to get the same one for yourself.


Linkstant sents you an email alert every time you get a new link. Why is this helpful? Well, you can turn that one link into multiple links and maybe even a relationship with a quick “hey, thanks for linking to me” email. It also helps you identify reputation management issues quickly so you can nip them in the bud before they blow up.

Marie Haynes' Disavow Blacklist

Wondering if a link is helping or hurting your SEO efforts? Then upload the URL of the page to Marie Haynes’ blacklist tool. It will let you know if the domain is on Marie’s comprehensive list of spammy websites. If it is, you may want to add it to a disavow file. Helpful.


If you eat, sleep and breathe link building, then Ontolo is a tool I recommend checking out. It’s designed to do one thing: show you lots of link opportunities. Just enter a few keywords, tell the software what types of links you want to get, for example:”links from guest posts”, and Ontolo will hand you a list of opportunities.

Quick URL Opener

If you do a lot of link building you will need to use a tool that opens a big list of URLs at once. And the Quick URL Opener is one of the best free SEO tools out there in my opinion.


Remove’em is a pro-level link removal tool. This comes in hand if you got hit by Google Penguin or a Manual “Unnatural Links” penalty. It gives you an “R-Score” and evaluates all of your backlinks to let you know which ones are harmful. This makes sorting through thousands of links 10x easier.


Rmoov is one of the best link removal tools on the market. It comes packed with helpful features like finding a site owner’s contact info and auto-generated link removal templates.

SEO Analyzer

This free tool by Neil patel provides comprehensive website audit reports showing on page errors needed to fix and to improve optimization of a website for search engines. It also provides competitor research enabling you to dissect on your competition.

SEOJet is backlink strategy software that helps SEO's instantly build out backlink strategies that match #1 ranked competitors. Using data from Google's top ten results it shows you the best link building path to get to page one.


SEO Audit Tool - website crawler for SEO performance improving, with boatloads of technical information about your site health and useful how-to-fix tips for all found issues. SEO recommendations come from crawl analysis data and give you a detailed understanding of what kind of technical problems are affecting your project.


ScrapeBox is the self-proclaimed “Swiss army knife of SEO”. Even though this tool was built for black hat SEO, you can use ScrapeBox for white hat link building tasks like link prospecting, finding contact information and even keyword research.


SEOPressor offers a lot of impressive features to help optimize your blog posts, such as a built-in keyword research tool to find the perfect keywords related to your content. The built-in SEO analyzer provides a score and the plugin also optimizes images, manages internal linking, and optimizes your blog post for social media.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast is the #1 SEO WordPress plugin for one simple reason: it works. It’s also the SEO plugin that we use here at Bizwebjournal. We love the “Bulk Editor” which lets you edit dozens of pages with a click. Very helpful if you ever have duplicate content issues on your site.

All in One SEO Pack

An alternative to the Yoast SEO plugin. The All In One SEO Pack has a few unique features that make it different than Yoast, like auto-generated description tags, canonical tag support and a “bad bot” blocker.


EasyRidir makes redirecting traffic between different domains super easy. Just enter the URLs you want to send people from and to, and the tool gives you DNS info that you can use to manage 100% of the redirects.

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer

When you link your Google Analytics to this free spam killer tool, it will add filters to your account that remove over 100 known spammy referrer websites from your list of referring domains. That way your GA data will be squeaky clean.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google recently started to downrank sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. But how do you know if a page on your site is up to snuff? Just enter the URL into the Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool…and you’ll get a simple “yes/no” answer from Google.

Google PageSpeed Insights

You know Google uses your site’s loading speed as a ranking factor. Well, Google PageSpeed insights tells you whether or not Google sees your site as lightning-fast or very-slow. It also hands you actionable suggestions that you or your web developer can use to speed things up.


Google Page Speed Insights checks your site’s code. GTmetrix actually loads your site. When I want to judge my site’s real loading speed, I always defer to GTmetrix. It also gives you recommendations for getting your site up to speed.

Google XML Sitemaps

A WordPress plugin that creates an SEO-friendly sitemap of your site automatically. However, if you already use the Yoast SEO Plugin, you don’t need this as Yoast does the same exact thing.

Hreflang Tags Generator Tool

Want to create Hreflang tags with ease? Aleyda’s excellent tool does the job right.

Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator

A helpful free tool that makes sure you have a valid sitemap. The XML Sitemap Validator also double checks that the links in your sitemap work.

Microdata Generator

The Microdata Generator makes creating local SEO schema markup a breeze. This is perfect if you’re a local business or have local SEO clients. Just enter your basic biz info like address, phone number, opening hours etc. and you’re set.

Rel Nofollow Checkbox

This WordPress plugin lets you easily set links on your site as “nofollow”.

SEO Friendly Images

Do you have a bunch of images on your site that are missing alt text and titles? Well, you could add that info one-by-one…or you could use this helpful plugin. SEO Friendly Images grabs the file name of your image and turns it into the image’s alt text and title. For example, let’s say you have an image called “paleodiet.jpeg”. SEO Friendly Images will automatically turn that file name into “paleo diet” for image’s alt text and title.


SimilarWeb gives you a bird’s eye view of your competitor’s traffic figures, organic keywords, engagement metrics and more.The “Similar Sites” tab show you websites that are closely-related to you or a competitor. Helpful for finding new outreach opportunities.

Social Media

Being on many social media platforms can take up a lot of your time. That's why you should try to automate some of it and make time for your other projects.


Buffer makes it easy for readers to quickly share your content on social media while they are reading a blog post.


This helps you track and plan original content, optimize your posts for social media, and source new content for curation all from the dashboard. It also tracks in-depth metrics like how far your content reaches, how many retweets your content has had, and how many times your content has been clicked on


Crowdbooster’s social media analytics dashboard offers suggestions and tools for businesses to improve their online presence.


Crowdfire’s platform allows you to manage your brand’s following activity on social.

Helps publishers deliver their content to the social web, including twitter and facebook.


Flare gets you more shares, social stats and powerful and unique features that get your visitors sharing.


Hootsuite is a popular platform for managing social media.


Jarvee is great for social media scheduling and also as a follow/unfollow tool.


Curated content suggestions for social media


Use this custom URL shortener to create, brand, share, track and edit branded short links in order to improve your marketing efforts by up to 30%


ShareThis supports 120 different social channels, allowing your visitors to spread content across multiple platforms, including email, quickly and easily.


One stop solution for managing all your social networks and profiles


Socialflow is a social media publishing platform

Social mention

A social media search engine that looks at user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and much more


Everything you need to rapidly grow your traffic, leads & social presence. With SocialKickstart you can manage and scale your Facebook fanpages & groups, uncover viral content and increase your traffic.


A smart web platform that has been around for a while and used my a lot of social media users.

Sprout Social

Sprout is a social media management and engagement platform for business that makes it easy for brands to effectively engage with current customers and prospective customers.

WP Social

This free plugin works seamlessly with other WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO and All in One SEO to increase your social media traffic. It automatically implements Rich Snippet Tagging to all your content in order to optimize your social media content.


Have you run a survey to your leads? You should do so, it will give you a better insight in to what your visitors want so you can adjust your plan accordingly.

Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat is a pricier survey option starting at $25/month. Honestly, though, since the basic version only allows for 50 contacts, you’ll probably want the Gold version at $57/month.

Google Forms

You can create great surveys with Google Forms. It has a lot of features such as unlimited surveys and unlimited respondents.Survey answers and data are automatically collected in Google Spreadsheets. It has lots of theme options,you can add your own custom logo and images or videos.

Survey Gizmo

Survey Gizmo creates some snazzy looking surveys, and they’re a great choice, even with the free version, so long as you don’t plan on getting a ton of respondents.

Survey Monkey

Probably the most well-known name in the realm of online survey tools. The system is well designed, pretty easy to use, and you can embed surveys.

Survey Planet

Survey planet is very robust with unlimited surveys, questions, and respondents.


Tyepform wins the championship belt for creative survey creation.Typeform’s interface is elegant and its style is attractive.

Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is another decent free survey creator offering unlimited surveys with up to 15 questions and 150 responses.

Time Management

Great time management will improve your results. We are all very busy and there are so many things to do when running a blog. So make use of some of these tools listed here and save some time.

1-3-5 list

Make task management and prioritizing simple with the 1-3-5 List. The tool is built on 1-3-5 rule which divides tasks into 1 big, 3 medium, and 5 small things to be accomplished every day. With 1-3-5 List, you will stay focused on everyday goals rather than getting caught up in tasks which are less important. The smooth and elegant interface of the app makes it an apt choice among those who don’t like missing out on anything.

Cold Turkey

A productivity program that you can use to temporarily block yourself off of popular social media sites, addicting websites and games.

Focus Booster

Procrastination is something that we all deal with. And, an application like Focus Booster is just what procrastinators need to get rid of this unproductive habit. This utility app is based on the Pomodoro technique of time tracking, so you can see exactly where all the time went. Focus Booster will make you bid goodbye to anxiety and distractions by increasing your focus on important things.


While technology is the objective here, it can sometimes become a major distraction. Freedom helps you block distractions so that your team can become more productive. It disables networking, temporarily, to help you stay away from all kinds of distracting apps and websites while at work.

Go F*cking Do It

If you procrastinate or struggle taking action then this tool is built to help you.


The time tracking tool can help keep your content marketing efforts on schedule with accurate and effective software to help make smarter decisions for your business. Understanding where your time is spent and on what tasks will help strengthen your content creation efforts.


This is a great tool to help you work smarter. With Launchy, you can launch your files, folders, documents and bookmarks with just a few clicks. It is so easy to use that you can forget about your file manager, start menu or desktop icons, to access whatever you want. By means of a few keyboard taps, you can open various files and programs effortlessly.


Nirvana is a lot more than just another run-of-the-mill time management software. It helps users in not just making more of their time but does so by enabling them in handling what is important, when it is important, in a way that is consistently organized. There are tons of cool features in the tool, such as advanced filters, flexible tagging, powerful search option, adding due dates, sub-tasks, constant syncing, etc.


Nutcache includes features like multiple web timers that you can run on different tasks to keep an account of your day. You can use these to track time by the duration of the work, displaying on your client's invoice the exact time spent on a task. You also have a detailed calendar view to see who is working on which project, along with the time employees spend on each project.


This full workflow management tool allows you to collect ideas, schedule work, finish tasks, and review task history.

Remember That Milk

Manage all your tasks with this app that seamlessly integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, Evernote, Google Calendar and more. Think of this app as the to-do list reinvented.

Rescue Time

A personal analytics service that shows you how you spend your time and provides tools to help you be more productive.


Timely is an innovative time-tracking app that not only keeps tabs on how long projects take, but also helps you organize your workweek more efficiently.Timely lays out your workweek in advance and lets you estimate how much time you’ll need to set aside to tackle your daily tasks. As you track your time, you’ll be able to compare your predictions with how long it actually took you and plan your schedule better in the future.


If you want to look at new ways to manage your time, then Timeneye can help you do that.


Todoist allows you to share an unlimited number of tasks with family, friends, colleagues and anyone you wish to and collaborate in real time, making it a perfect tool for both individuals as well as organizations. It boosts real-time collaboration on common projects and goals. What sets this tool apart from other to-do software is its distraction free, simple, and intuitive design.


Online time tracking tool featuring 1-click time tracking and helps you see where your time goes.


Clean up your inbox with this tool that allows you unsubscribe to "stuff" quickly.

World Clock for Macs

A digital world clock with sunrise and sunset animation.


Video is the content format that wil provide you with the best engagement the coming years. Have you decided on which tools you are going to use to create your video marketing plan?

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice turns your story into a stunning animated video in minutes. The app is available only for iPad and is easy to use. Pick from a collection of 100,000 images or use your own. Touch to record your voice, one line at a time.


Animoto lets you create videos in three easy steps. First, pick a style for your video. Then select photos and video clips, add text and choose a song. Finally, produce (finalize) the video and share it on your website or social channels


Brightcove Video Cloud is an online video hosting and player platform.

Camtasia Studio

This one is available for both PC and Mac, is an advanced video recorder and editor. It allows you to smoothly record whatever part of the screen you need to show, down to the pixel. One very useful feature is SmartFocus, which allows you to zoom in and out, as well as pan.

Content Samurai

This is a new, entirely web-based tool that allows you to quickly and easily create slide-based videos.


Dailymotion seems to be the community-first site that often gets left out of the online video race, but it has a great platform that is definitely worth utilizing for video.


With EasyVSL you can create video sales letters in high quality MP4. This tool is easy and straight forward and also has speech to text video creation features. 


Explee is an another online whiteboard animation creator. It has a 14-day trial and is simple to get started with

If you want to make videos using a laptop without the need to download software, the free online video editor FlexClip is a good alternative. It is a simple and powerful video editor that allows you to add text, place a logo, or add an emoticon to any part of the video.


Fuse works with Camtasia Studio and Snagit. Capture the images and videos on your mobile device and send them to your desktop to use in your videos.


JW Player provides video professionals with powerful and flexible technology for reaching viewers, growing audiences, maximizing revenue, and perfecting your video strategy across all screens.


LapseIt is a mobile app that allows you to capture and share time-lapse videos.

Lumen 5

Easily turn your blog posts and news articles into engaging videos with this new software. Still in beta phase.


This is a free app that automatically turns your everyday videos and photos into beautifully edited movies. It’s perfect for sharing on social channels and using in video ads

iMovie for Mac

For basic editing of images into video,the tool allows you to import images and clips and edit them into videos.

Optimize Player

This is a great video hosting platform with a lot of great tools for marketers. You can even have an optin form within your video. This is like Wistia on steroids.


Twitter’s Periscope app is another live streaming service that gained a following with creators and viewers. So much so, it was named confirmed as Apple’s app of the year in 2015! Periscope has been used for 200 million broadcasts to date - 100 million in the last three months alone.


An online business presentation software tool that allows you to create free, cool, and awesome animated video explainers as an alternative to other forms of content.


With PressPlay you can add optin overlay and timed call to actions to create high converting videos for your website.


It provides free tools for everyone to create professional intros, animations, slideshows and music visualizations in minutes.


Reflector allows you to do wireless mirroring, so you can display your smartphone screen (Android or iOS) on your desktop. Connect your mobile device wirelessly to your desktop, hit Record on your screencast software and create your video.

Screencast O Matic

Record your screen or webcam for free and share


Screenflow is easy-to-use screen recording and editing software for Mac. ScreenFlow allows you to record your entire screen while also capturing your video camera, iOS device, microphone and computer audio.


A simple new way to make videos.Choose from hundreds of video designs by top motion graphic artists from around the world to make your own professional-looking video in minutes.


While Snagit has video recording and screen capture ability, it doesn’t have the extensive editing features of other software. If you’re looking for an easy, lower-cost solution, this is an excellent option. Snagit has customizable arrows, blur, colorful speech bubbles and other markup options, as well as video trimming, special effects and more.

Total Video Converter.

Total Video converter is one of the best video converter software. It is designed for Windows and Mac operating system. It is compatible with all version of Windows. We can convert the file or a part of the file from one format to another format. We can also play file before conversion. With Total Video Converter, we can mark the starting and end time of file before converting a clip of large file. We can also convert video files to audio files only. It also supports various mobile format. Total Video Converter support various video formats including AVI, MOV, MKV, MP4, WMV, ASF, MPEG, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, TIF, AVC. Various mobile formats include Nokia, Sony, Blackberry, iPhone etc.


Tubebuddy is packed with countless powerful features that will enable you to get more out of YouTube. And one of the best parts is that all of these features are available inside your normal YouTube interface.

Ultimate SEO Video Plugin

This is a must-have plugin for any video blogger. The plugin automatically generates video object markup and automatically fetches SEO details from its video hosting service. The sitemap that it generates helps Google and other search engines index pages easily, which helps your video rank higher.


If you’re reading this site, chances are you’ve heard of YouTube and use it regularly. Google took the time to build the most comprehensive site for posting videos online and it shows - YouTube is now the top video site in the world by a wide margin.


VEED is a simple online video editing platform, perfect for creating social media video content. You can use Veed to crop, trim, filter, add music to videos, automatically generate subtitles, turn podcasts into videos, and much more. VEED is perfect for anyone looking for simple and fast video editing without the need to install or setup complex software and keep all your content, fonts, logos and color palettes in one place so you are always on brand.


VideoBlocks is a subscription-based resource for downloading stock footage, video, looping motion backgrounds and more.

Video Downloader

Download videos from websites or just collect them in your video list without downloading them.

Videoscribe is one of the most popular websites out there in terms of whiteboard animation.


Vimeo is like YouTube’s artsy cousin. It has very similar features to Google's video platform but tends to be considered the go-to place to post short films and episodic content.


As YouTube moved away from short-form content, Twitter-owned Vine rose up to fill that void. Vine’s 6-second content is easy to digest, which allows it to be used for multiple purposes. It can certainly be used as a home platform, but since it has no direct way to monetize it, it lends well to starting a conversation and connecting with audiences off the platform. Vine is also a great place for well-timed content. If something is trending in social, becoming a part of that conversation is easy with a short vine.


VirtualDub is a powerful free video editing software for Windows with many amazing features, such as compression, video splitting, and the addition of audio tracks. As a free movie editing software, it has batch-processing capabilities for dealing with large numbers of files and can be extended with third-party video filters.


Wax is a high performance and flexible video editing program which is good for both home users and professionals. It can be used as a stand-alone application, or as a plug-in to other video editors.

Windows Movie Maker

Also for basic editing of images into video, Windows Movie Maker allows you to import images and clips and edit them into videos.


Great hosting platform for your videos with a lot of available marketing tools and integrations. The biggest player in the market of video hosting if you don't count Youtube ofcourse.

Wondershare Video Converter

Wondershare is another popular video converter software without any cost. It is compatible with all version of Windows. It’s fastest video converter, its speed is 30 X faster than its competitors. It can be used to download videos from many other sites. Wondershare Video Converter can convert AVI, MP4 MKV, MOV, FLV, 3GP , MPEG and many other formats. It also supports all mobile formats. We can also play video and see the scenes from which we want to clip a small video clip and also select its end point in term of time.


One of the world’s largest providers of VPN services, ExpressVPN enables users worldwide to protect their privacy and security online with just a few clicks. The company's award-winning Chrome browser secures user information and identities with best-in-class encryption and leak-proofing.

With 2,000+ servers across 94 countries and new servers added each week, ExpressVPN provides a fast connection wherever you are and offers uncensored access to sites and services from across the globe.


Webinars are by far the best way to engage with your visitors, built a relationship and ofcourse your email list. That's why a great webinar platform is of the essence to build a great marketing plan.


Less well known, though just as robust as the webinar services above, AnyMeeting offers a number of plans, most of which include the features you’d love to have. They’re also focused on small businesses which means that they may understand your challenges better.


Run interactive live webinars with features including real-time polls, downloads, question and answer, and more.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex offers unlimited meetings a month for up to 25 people is $49/month. They are one of the best-known web conferencing solutions and offer mobile access (even from an iPhone or iPad), attendee polls, and all the other cool features you hope for in a webinar.

Click Webinar

Click Webinar offers almost all the features you’ll need, Click Webinar is a robust solution with a lower price tag so be sure to check them out as an option for your small business webinars.


Great webinar platform that has a free plan up to 50 attendees.


If you want to turn your recorded webinars into a constantly available stream of content, then EverWebinar is worth a look. Not only can you automate your webinars with this tool, you can also hold “Just In Time Webinars” that kick off right after a prospect registers. They also offer a robust scheduling system that automatically assures that your webinar does not run at a weird time, such as the middle of the night.

GoTo Meeting

This online meeting platform allows users to host unlimited meetings with up to 25 attendees and is supported for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android.


A cloud-based video conferencing platform that allows up to 15 users to talk via webcams.


This online conferencing tool offers a single interface for the web, audio, and video conferencing, as well as the ability to record and share webinars and integrate with mobile conferencing.

Stealth Seminar

Stealth Seminar claims that it offers the “Only Automated Hybrid Webinar System on the Planet”. What this means is that you can automate the webinar and then go live during the Q&A session at the end. Or, you can start live, kick off an automated presentation and then comes in at the end.


Another webinar tool built around Google+ hangouts, Webinar Jam offers amazing features and functionality for a very low price. This is definitely one solution to check out.

Webinar Ninja

Webinar Ninja offers lots of powerful options for webinar presenters, including four different types of webinars.It has a lot of flexible options for webinar presenters with different pricing options

Webinar OnAir

Webinar OnAir is a suite of webinar functionality built around Google+ hangouts. In other words, the tool adds the features and functionality you want that Google+ hangouts is missing. The best part? Thanks to Google+ hangouts free price, Webinar’s OnAir is inexpensive.


One of the more robust budget webinar tools, Yugma offers plans that might fit your budget.


Thanks to their free online meeting service, Zoom has become quite popular. Not many people know that they also offer a video webinar service that can handle up to 3,000 attendees.


That's it, you made it to the end of this extensive list. I am sure this was the longest post I have ever put together but I do hope you like it and  find it valuable.

If you wish you can bookmark this post for future reference whenever you are in need for a new digital marketing tool for your website. I will keep this post updated whenever I find a new tool. 

Let me know in the comments if there are any tools I should include or simply forgot to mention. It will be my pleasure to add them to the list.

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